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Health, Home, and Happiness, written by Cara, is a blog about incorporating traditional food, natural remedies, and healthy habits into real life.

Cara lives in Montana with her three young children. They enjoy the sunshine, swimming, fun day trips (with food packed to bring along!) and hanging out with family.

She uses background in the medical industry (working as a nurse’s aide, medical transcriptionist, and getting an associate’s of science degree with a focus on nursing) to decipher what is nutritional propaganda and what are ‘statistically significant’ studies. She believes that natural, sustainably produced and traditionally prepared food is designed by God to be best for the earth and people alike and enjoys learning more about this all the time.

The goal of Health, Home, and Happiness is to encourage the average family that eating real wholesome foods is something that is a priority in our lives and can realistically be done in any family.

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  1. says

    Hello fellow Montanan! I just found your website through Food Renegade. I am looking forward to looking through your pages here. I too am interested in healthy living through healing foods and culturing, ferments and dehydrating, reducing gluten.

    Glad I found this information and hope to learn lots about local available food sources.
    Much Metta,

  2. Andrea Hall says

    I too just found your website and am excited to look through what you have.
    Awesome to find recipes that are almond and coconut flour based! Both of my daughters and myself are gluten free and have to watch our blood sugar so we will be trying them out!
    Wow, nice to see someone from MT on here as that is where I grew up!!
    Excited to check out your blog!!
    Thanks again!

  3. says

    Cara, I heard you on Smart Passive Income this morning on my way to work. Wonderful what you are coins and I came away encouraged and refreshed by your testimony. I could not wait to get home and check out your site. I had never heard of s grain free diet for people which is funny as I share with dog owners about grain free food for Pet’s, to funny. I will be sure to check this out often.


  4. Amy says

    Hi Cara….I have recently begun the trek of moving my family into eating whole foods. I love your website! We also live in Arizona!

  5. says

    Wow! I just found your website while doing an internet search for grain-free recipes and you popped up! Your recipes sound fantastic and I can’t wait to try them.

    Thank you,

  6. Lorie says

    We have been investigating the GAPS and grain free diet by eating whole foods. Looking forward to learning more about eating this way from your website.


  7. Traci says

    I’m attempting to start the GAPS diet but find I react negatively, it seems, to the broth. By that I mean that 15 – 20 minutes following a cup of meat broth, I feel discomfort. My first attempt at the GAPS diet was to experiment with chicken broth that I simmered for 10 – 12 hours. At first it was just fine, great even, but after a couple of weeks, I started to react to it, my lower stomach became swollen/distended for a few days Then I read that GAPS actually begins with meat broth in the first phase, and that bone broth comes later. I also heard that the longer you cook the bones, you pull glutamates from the bones which some people can’t handle in phase one, thus the reason for the shorter cooking time for meat broth. So I made meat broth with pastured beef bones, only cooking them three hours, removed bones immediately, and I’m getting a bloated feeling with it. I can’t find any reference to others experiencing this. Perhaps you have heard of this? Any help greatly appreciated!

    • Karen says

      Hi Traci & Angela,
      Look into SIBO, bone broth feeds the bacteria in the small intestine, which meat broth doesn’t. SIBOinfo.com educate me on SIBO.

  8. Hope says

    Cara, I am so thankful to have found your blog again! There are so many. I too have a child with Autism. He will be 12 in a few days. We have been on the food/health journey for about 6 years now.
    I remember you lived in Montana. Now I see Arizona and California? You weren’t a single parent when you started this blog correct? None of my business. I was just curious. Thank you for all you do on your blog.
    And I wish you all the best being a single Mom. I was raised by a single Mom, so I know how tough it can be, let alone when you have a child with Autism. Many blessings~ Hope in Spokane.

  9. H Jóhanns says

    Dear Cara, I am so facinated to realize there is a name over the diet I have been following for one and half year. I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondyliities (mild form) in spring 2012 and I started my investigation. I found clues pointing to polysaccharades as being responsible for that syndrome and I could instantly related to that because even I consumed it a lot I knew it was a kracker for my and my gut, but I had never done anything about it. Almost instantly I found a relief (but I started as you call full-GAPS diet) and half year after I started my psoriasis (on front of my legs) disappeard (that was at wintertime here in Iceland, where the sun hardly get any change to shine… at least not for a long time :) ). I am still getting strong, I have tried to take P-saccaharades in again but my body acne instantly in so many was if I do. Your recipies are veru good and they gives my ideas :) thank you!

  10. Stephani Greenway says

    Hi Cara
    I am so thankful I found your site! You have a lot of great/ helpful info here. Good for you for being so passionate about your childrens health and wellbeing…you can see you’ve done a lot of research. I am a registered nutritionist and I am using your site as one of my resources :) I believe God gives us just what we need to build a healthy family and I enjoy reading all the info you have here. thanks!
    from Canada

  11. says

    Hello! I bought your eBook and never got around to downloading it, then when I finally was going to the link on my receipt link said it had expired! Please resend me the link so I can begin reading your book. Thank you!

  12. Tia Wiblin says

    Hi Cara
    Thanks for all your great work. Your books have been an amazing source of guidance, support and inspiration for my Gaps journey. I have been following the program for 14 months now but have not been able to shake my allergy reaction to dairy or more frustratingly honey and too much sweetness (from fruit). I recall you mentioning you had a similar problem with your daughter which was eventually resolved with the help of traditional Chinese medicine? Could you please tell me what this was & perhaps I can find something like it here in Durban, South Africa.
    Many thanks!
    Tia Wiblin

  13. says

    Hello Cara,

    I have a lot of digestive issues and now I have burning mouth syndrome from it. A dr told me to follow the gaps diet. But it is confusing to me. Making the broth then adding the probiotics etc. I just came across your book. Is this what I should buy to help me follow the gaps diet to start healing my gut? Your help would be so much appreciated.


  14. says

    Hey Cara,
    Thanks for the information you share. Love to see someone using everyday food. Excited to try the southern biscuit recipe looks delicious! I also believe that God has provided everything we need for healing our bodies in this vast earth he created. I am also a blogger and mom of 4 boys, and I love connecting with like minded individuals. I have not done a lot with gluten free and one of my best friends is suffering and we have been searching for answers so I will be sharing with her. God bless and keep up your great work!

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