Almond Flour Berry Cobbler (SCD, GAPS, gluten free)


I don’t do a whole lot of healthy desserts on here, do I?

I was making almond flour and thought it would be a great topping for cobbler, and we had frozen berries in the freezer, so this is what it became! It was great, and easy to put together.  The almonds were already soaked and dehydrated, so no soaking was needed.  I’d imagine this would be fine with whole wheat flour, though I’ll admit I still use unbleached GMO-free white in my pastries.  Even Nourishing Traditions says unbleached is okay in pie dough… Just not to eat tons of every day. 

Almond flour became more the texture of cornmeal in a friend’s Vitamix.  Some of the almonds became almond butter too. Mmm.  To make the almond flour we found it worked better to do one cup or so at a time, and process it on high speed.  And what didn’t work for flour we used for butter ;)

I added palm kernel oil and an egg to the almond flour and mixed with a fork.  Added a little honey to the berries (didn’t even mix it, just put it right on top.  Baked at 350 uncovered for about 30 minutes.  I love how easy cobblers are!

I just have this palm kernel oil on hand, and I’m trying it in different things.  Any solid fat would work, I’d guess.


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  1. do you buy “raw” almonds? Or do you buy truly raw almonds and soak them?

  2. Where’s the recipe? I’d love to make this…. :)

    • I’d like to know the recipe, as well. I noticed that your comment was almost 3 years ago – still no recipe?

  3. Hi there, this looks yummy, I tested sensitive to almonds, is there a alternative nut to use for flour?

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