Amber Jewelry For Pain Relief, Help with Chronic Inflammation, and more!


Amber Necklaces
After a rough couple weeks this summer with my son working on his 2-year-old molars, I looked into purchasing an amber necklace for him to wear to see if it would help with the last two. As I was buying them, I added another amber necklace for my 4-year-old daughter, partly because they are really cute, partly because I will randomly try things like this to see if it helps with some aspect of her autism, and partly because whatever her brother has, she wants.
Amber necklace on preschooler

I put the necklaces on the children right away, and because of the amber necklaces were small enough that they couldn’t see them when they looked down, and light enough that they barely felt them, they had no problem keeping them on. I didn’t notice a drastic difference with either child right away, but a couple weeks later I realized that my son had cut in his two remaining teeth without me noticing, which meant that we didn’t have any fussy evenings or all night nursing sessions.

For my daughter who has autism, I didn’t notice a difference until I took the necklace off a few weeks later. With the necklace off she gets more fussy, more picky, and has more meltdowns. So we keep the necklace on!  Another completely anecdotal observation: My children recently had chicken pox (an article here talks more about chicken pox- a must read before making vaccination decisions), and they didn’t seem to itch at all! They had the necklaces on the entire time, and didn’t seem bothered by the pox one bit.

For us, these changes have been slight, but noticeable. As with most natural remedies, your mileage may vary.

How do amber necklaces work?

toddler wearing amber necklace for teething
Amber, a natural solidified tree resin, releases small amounts of succinic acid when warmed by the body’s natural heat.  This acid gets absorbed by the body and is thought to releive pain, reduce inflammation, and provide a general sense of well being.  This is also a good reminder of how important it is that what we put on our skin is made with ingredients that we do not mind ingesting- it gets absorbed straight into our bloodstream and distributed throughout our bodies!

Where to buy amber necklaces

Our amber necklaces are all from Inspired By Finn.  The amber beads are knotted on individually, so if the chain breaks, no more than than one bead will be lost.  These necklaces are very well made, and close with a simple screw clasp that the children don’t notice. My children have had theirs on 24 hours a day for months now, and they are still going strong!  Inspired by Finn recommends removing the necklaces at night and nap time, or moving them to the child’s ankle wrapped with a sock, but we had our children leave theirs on at night since they caused absolutely no problems during the day.  Remember, though these are called ‘teething necklaces’ they are not to chew on! They are to be worn against the skin so the oils relieve the baby’s pain.

Some of my favorites, that my family or friends own:

Butter, toddler/baby: This color of amber contains the must succinic acid.

Unpolished raw, adult: The unpolished is still smooth and comfortable, just not shiny. I wear this one most often.

Multicolored, adult: A little more colorful, but still subtle and classic!  I’m wearing this in the picture at the top.

Honey, toddler/baby: This is what my children have, I personally like the darker color for a boy. And I got my daughter the same because at this stage, it’s just easier to get them the exact.same.thing.


Inspired by Finn is offering one reader a piece of amber jewelry of their choice, 16 inches or less!  Giveaway ends one week from today, winner will be chosen by a random number generator and will be notified by email.

The winner is:
Author: Julie Badiou
I have a Inspired by Finn necklace and would love to have one for my little one on the way!

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  1. Courtney says

    My 15 month old has an amber necklace and it has helped him so much through teething. We are expecting a new little one at the end of December and would love to have a necklace for him/her!

  2. Sarah Ericson says

    I love amber teething necklaces! All three o fmine have used them. Originally i bought the chip ones but have found the rounded bead ones to be better. I had a chip necklace break and need a replacement for my 3 year old twins!

  3. says

    I would love an amber necklace- I just talked my mom into getting one for my sister and I think these will be Christmas presents for my kids!

  4. Emily says

    I would love to try the necklace with my son, who is 5 months old and teething, and having a hard time with it too!

  5. christina says

    I just ordered my first set of amber today! I’m giving most away for Christmas because of arthritis. I cant wait to find out if my family finds relief and to get my baby girl her own :)

  6. Rachel says

    Our 1-year-old has been wearing her amber necklace for about a month. Teething is still painful, but she seems to be sleeping a little better at night. Now her big sister really wants one! :)

  7. Jessica says

    I would love to try the amber for my 7 month old daughter. She is just starting to teeth and we’ve have a rough week or so. I hear wonderful things about amber helping with teething pain and would like to see if amber will help her.

  8. Staci Street says

    My grandchildren wear their Inspired by Finn amber necklaces all the time now, and my daughter swears by them. I’d like to try one myself for a few different medical issues I have.

  9. Krystal Fare says

    I love amber necklaces! My little girl was able to cut her first tooth without me even noticing! I’ve got one of my own, which has elimintated my headaches.

    Now I have one on the way for my husband and one for my cousin as well :)

  10. Carrie Cowles Assam says

    I’ve never heard of using amber for chickenpox, but now I know! That’s great that it has worked well for your daughter too. I would love to explore amber more for other things than teething!

  11. Anna says

    I have heard about them from local people and I would love to try them to see if they make a difference. My youngest is about to cut those 2 year molars. :o

  12. Dina says

    This is all fascinating to me. I am sad I didn’t know about it when my kids were teething, but I look forward to telling others about this cool remedy. Also, I love hearing about other uses than teething. Very nice!

  13. Shanna says

    I already have an amber necklace from Inspired by Finn for my 7 month old. I would like to try one for my 4 year old. He has chronically swollen, inflamed tonsils. This often leads to strep. The doc says we need to take his tonsils out. I will do anything medically necessary for my kids, but I would like to explore all gentle, natural avenues first. Based on what I’ve learned about amber, it seems logical to think that it might reduce the inflammation, which could lead to less sickness. I could be wrong, but I’d love to have a chance to find out!

    • says

      Have you checked his tonsils for tonsil stones? My brothers and I used to get strep all the time as did my oldest and all three of us, on our own, figured out that we had tonsil stones and if we take steps to remove them (usually knocking them off or pushing gently around the bump with a Qtip dipped in peroxide does the trick) the swelling goes down, breathing gets easier, and congestion goes away. My oldest had huge tonsils until we started checking once or twice a week and knocking them out (I have a blunt edged dental tool that works perfectly). Her doctor insisted that her tonsils come out but since we started checking weekly there is no problem. Also a neti pot seems to keep them at bay.

  14. Jessica says

    My 10 month old just received his teething necklace and now after reading this I really want one for my daughter too…I think she has a bit of ADHD and I’m hoping it will help calm her down. Thank you in advance

  15. Kallyn says

    I just found out about Amber necklaces yesterday and I am super impressed with the improvements people are seeing in their health! We’ve been trying everything to help our little boy combat reflux. I’ve tried different nursing approaches, elimination diets, chiropractic care, elevation, and nothing has helped more than a day or two. At 2 1/2 months old, it can be quite taxing to watch him go through this without any relief.

  16. says

    I would love to win this for my middle daughter. She has pretty bad eczema and I’m hoping this could give some relief for the itchiness.

  17. sandi says

    my youngest is 17 months and we still only have 4 teeth! needless to say, teething for him has been a bear! i’d like to try an amber necklace and see if it eases any of his discomfort, as i’ve heard lots of good things about them.

  18. Lettie Barnes says

    I have RA and have heard that the amber can help alleviate my pain to a large degree and would love to try it. My daughter swears by the teething necklaces she got for her children & the amber she got for her ankles/wrists.

  19. Nancy says

    I have 13 month old daughter. when her teeth come in, they always have come in, in groups. Last time, 3 at the same time. I wonder if this would really help relieve the pain?

  20. Melissa says

    My 3 month old has started teething and has two buds popping through. My nipples can’t take much more. lol

  21. Veronica says

    I have two babies that are teething and would love to try the amber and see if it works, although from the previous commenters who already own one it sounds like they do! Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Tanae says

    i just ordered my 4month old a necklace last nite, but couldn’t afford to get one for myself at this time. i would love to have one for myself because i battle with migraines :(

  23. Julia says

    My son has an Inspired by Finn necklace that we absolutely love! Good thing to know about the chicken pox, thanks!

  24. Ingrid says

    I really love the looks of the amber teething necklaces. I have an 8 month old and her teeth are coming in. She has her two bottom front ones, but the other ones are not far behind and she is hurting miserably.

  25. Amber says

    I would like to try a necklace for my one year old son. Giving him Tylenol for ailments doesn’t seem to agree very well with him. And of course then I’m sure his big sister will want a matching one.

  26. Nicole Norton says

    I would love to win an amber necklace. I have two boys, a five year old and an 18 month old. I have done a lot of research on the amber. Both boys suffer from seasonal allergies and the younger one is cutting teeth( moalrs at the moment). Unfortunally it is not in our family budget to purchase one for each of the boys. Today I tried to order a 13-13.5 inch, from Inspired by Finn so they could share one. Unfortunatly they were out that size in the semi polished lemoande. PLease consider us for a win!

    • Cara says

      Nicole, Just wanted to let you know, we’ve had really good results with homemade kefir for seasonal allergies.

  27. Kristen says

    I love amber necklaces! We’ve worn ours for about 8 months now, all of the kids. I would love to get one for my baby niece, who has started teething!

  28. says

    We’re getting luckier by the day! Got free baby boy clothes for LO due in March by trading my daughter’s clothes, and also fitted diapers (something I was fretting over having to buy more of even though Dh is umemployed and we’re trying to save money).
    I wanted to buy Amber for DD but Gum-o-mile was effective enough. I really want one for the LO due in March…and hopefully avoid the initial teething meltdowns that we had with DD and didn’t figure out until we have officialy turned into zombies!

  29. Jessy S. says

    I’ve been hearing great things about baltic amber for teething and I have a 3 month old who will start teething soon! I’d love to get one for her =)

  30. Tammara Hoskins says

    I would love to try it because when i was younger i have always had troubles with my lower back and right foot after a horseriding accident. I would love some relief from it aside or pain killers. I hate taking them :(

  31. says

    I want to try them for all my kiddos. We have a 2 year old getting molars, 5 year old twins and an 7 year old boy who all have some mild sensory issues and night time “growing pains”. My husband has knee pain and my Grandma has arthritis. I feel like I could have everyone in my family wearing them and I haven’t even tried them yet!
    Thanks for the testimonial!

  32. brighthope says

    So excited to read about the amber and look fwd to learning more. I have had debilitating Lyme disease for years; my husband and son have it, too (but lighter), so I would love to see if the amber would be an ally for us in our fight to get rid of it. I know several (too many) people with Lyme disease for whom this might be helpful. Also, a very dear friend has RA with very painful flare-ups and a child on the autism spectrum. We could all try it!!!

  33. says

    I would like to see if Amber would help with allergies and the inflammation response that goes with them. (especially sinuses)

  34. lisa marie says

    Oh! I have never heard of this, though I love amber. Off to look at the adult necklace as a Christmas present to me!

  35. Susan Hall says

    I am looking forward to trying an amber necklace. I have a 4yr old that has chronic strider and I just know this will help him to avoid attacks. I also have twins that are cutting teeth and we all know how amber helps here. I am looking into having my father (a cancer survivor of 2 cancers) try amber as well. I just know this will help in his many ailments.

  36. Teresa Z says

    I would love to win a necklace… my friend has been boasting of the benefits for months and I would love to see how it helps my rather rambunctious and distractible 3 year old!

  37. Aleana says

    I’ve heard soooo many inspiring stories about baltic amber, thanx for sharing another positive experience with amber!!! I want one really bad for my teething 13 month old, but as a SAHM and money being tight, we have to wait a bit… : (
    It is reassuring to hear soo many great reviews an i hope to share my story too, soon!!

  38. Jaimee Morris says

    I’ve been wanting to try an amber necklace for my 6 month old for a while now to help with teething pains. I would also like to try it for myself as I have Rheumatiod Artritis.

  39. Meghan D says

    I’m expecting a baby in March and have had several mommy friends recommend amber to me. I’ve done some research and I really like the various styles carried by Inspired by Finn. Would love to have a neclace for my baby girl :) Thanks!

  40. Margaret Keithley says

    My son and daughter have these necklaces and I love them – as you said, my son teethed without us even knowing! My daughter is sleeping much better with them and actually has slept all night the past 2 nights (for the first time – she’s 6mo). I want to try one for myself because I’ve heard that it helps adults feel less tired during the day.

  41. June says

    My 2 yr old wears amber for teething. I wear it for migraines. I never thought to try it with my autistic son. So, I need one for HIM!!!!

  42. Betty L says

    I would love to try the amber beads for pain in my hands and also in my neck and shoulder area. Hope to win!! Thanks

  43. Emily says

    After the night we had last night with my teething 11-month old, I’d love to try an amber necklace on him!

  44. Amy M says

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’d like to try a necklace because I deal with chronic pain. I would love to help eliminate even some of it with these necklaces. I have never heard of this before today- it intrigues me! :)

  45. Chris B says

    I had never heard about this – maybe because I don’t have any kids, but I love amber and I have inflammation issues of my own, so I’m going to give it a try.

  46. Amanda Johnson says

    I would love to see if the amber could help with my chronic neck pain. I love the idea of natural products that we can wear to help heal us!

  47. Karen says

    I have never heard of these necklaces so thanks for sharing this information. I would love to win to help with neck pain and would like to purchase one for my friend. Thanks for the giveaway and telling us about this product!

  48. Christy says

    I am the mom of 6 gymnasts. I would love to get an amber necklace for each of them to help with inflamation of bumps & bruises. I also just ordered one for myself…

  49. Teresa says

    I would love to see if this would help with monthly menstrual pain due to endometriosis. They look really beautiful, too! Thanks for the give-away….

  50. Hilarie says

    I can’t wait to try the Amber necklace for my 6 month old baby. I know she is starting to teethe and she is in pain. I do not believe in just giving Tylenol whenever something is wrong. I would rather try something natural first. We ordered our necklace a couple weeks ago and are impatiently waiting!!! We check the mailbox every night when we get home to see if it has arrived yet. I also bought one for my mother. She was in a bad car accident years ago and is in chronic pain. She takes Vicodin daily and I would love to see if the necklace helps her pain as well.

  51. Gleenda says

    I’ve never heard of this before and am curious to try it. Would be great if I won since my daughter is getting her back molars. Thanks for the giveaway offer.

  52. Kelly says

    I would love to have one for my not quite 2 yr old. We’re still a few months off from getting his 2 yr molars in, and my hubby will be deployed during that time, so it would be great if this helps!

  53. Denise says

    I would love to try this sounds fascinating…..I have chronic pain in my back and legs and with the cold weather it is getting worse….

  54. Samantha Trimm says

    HI there. I would love to try the amber necklace for my 6 month daughter who’s been teething for months and she gets really upset. there are many days she is just flat out miserable. I’ve tried many things teething tablets, cold washcloth, frozen teethers, orajel and the homeopathic brand as well and Tylenol.. nothing really seems to help that much. I have been debating buying an amber necklace for her but honestly im skeptical that it works.. I’d love it to help her and if it worked for her i’d be SO pleased! and i would most def spread the word! :) Hoping to get the opportunity to try it!

  55. Jennifer Saleem says

    My toddler needs one of these in the worst way! Her second year molars are in the works and it is awful! Pick me! Pick Me!

  56. says

    I would like to try it for myself. I have problems with my neck (causing some vertigo for me recently) and would like to try this. Maybe I would share it with my son with dev. delays too.

  57. Jesse says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a baltic amber necklace for myself. I bought one for my son from inspired by finn months ago and i swear by it. i tell everyone i know how amazing it is and how my son cut 3 molars and an incisor without me knowing after months of teething pain from his other teeth!! i had a car accident years ago and still have pain in my neck and back and i would love to see if i can get relief the way my son does!! thanks :)

  58. Shannon says

    I would love to try the amber necklace for my toddler. She will be getting her molars in soon and she LOVES necklaces. =)

  59. Julie Badiou says

    I have a Inspired by Finn necklace and would love to have one for my little one on the way!

  60. Julie A. says

    My son currently wears a amber teething necklace and I will be ordering another one for my baby girl very soon as I have seen amazing results with my little guy. I would love to try one out on myself as I know it can only benefit me and I could use it. Thank you for this great opportunity.

  61. Erica says

    My 14 month old is working on her molars. One is about to surface, but it would be great to have the amber for the other 3 that will come in next!

  62. Katie says

    I would love to win one to try for my chronic hip pain. I’ve never heard of using amber for chronic pain. Thanks for sharing.

  63. Jen says

    I would absolutely love to see if these help my little one with teething and improving his bad sleep patterns
    Thank you for offering

  64. Amber Maslonkowski says

    I’ve never known that amber could be used as a pain reliever like that. I’ve always wanted an amber strand because I think amber is pretty and I think it would be neat to have jewelry that has the same name as me!

  65. erica says

    I would love to try one for my 8 year old. She has some behavioral issues and sensitivites and I would like to see if this could help her.


  66. says

    I’ve always loved amber just because it’s amber and beautiful. I do suffer from joint pain though, so it would be great if amber helped out a bit. I’m too young to feel so old!

  67. says

    Huband served in Iraq. He came back with injuries you can’t see but they are there. PTSD: Post Tramatic Stress Disorder and TBI: Tramatic Brain Injury. I would like to see what kind of relief he would get from using this product. He always in pain, and taking medication that don’t seam to help. Thanks for the information regarding this product.


    Mrs. Debi Bowers

  68. Lori says

    I would love to try a piece of amber jewelry. My husband suffers from constant pain on his left side from a stroke 8 years ago. He also has knee pain which knee replacements have not helped. My daughter also suffers from terrible cramps once a month. I have joint pains and neck pain most days. I also have a son with behavioral problems. From what I read sounds like we could all benefit from wearing amber. Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. Susan R says

    I had no idea about amber! I’d love to have one to help me through radiation after I finish my chemo next week.

  70. says

    I would like to try amber because I have Asperger syndrome, anxiety and depression and this sounds intriguing. I loved the story of your kids!

  71. Sarah Smith says

    We recently received a baltic amber necklace for our 9-month old as a gift. I’ve been amazed that his napping has gotten much better (he naps longer and needs less resettling than without the necklace). It’s amazing! We would love to have another necklace for his big sister who is 3 and 1/2. She’s not teething, but what 3 year old couldn’t use a calming boost?

  72. Melissa says

    My husband has Rheumatoid Arthritis and it is very bad. Maybe he would wear one and it would help.

  73. says

    Really cool to hear about; never have heard this before. I have spinal degeneration and sometimes have difficulty walking. I’m on the Autism spectrum as well. Would be cool to find something that would help with either/both. Would be great to win one! Thanks. :)

  74. Sam says

    I would love to have an amber necklace for our new baby when he/she starts teething. I used Orajel and teething tablets with the other 2 and I can’t really say it helped a thing. I just ordered 2 (thanks to the 30% off sale today) necklaces. My partner and I have a lot of headaches and back pain and we are eager to try the amber in hopes it will give us some relief without medication.

  75. says

    My daughter who is four months old is teething right now :-( She’s nursing as I type and just has the saddest little whimper. It’s giving her an eye infection and she gets a fever. The ND said this could go on for another month or two… Ahhhh!

  76. says

    I am always looking for something to recommend to my patients! I have a nephew who is currently teething, and he’d make an excellent guinea pig to get some anecdotal evidence of my own!

  77. says

    I have twin 1 year old girls. One of them has a terrible time sleeping and is extremely sensitive. I’d like to try this for her. AND she’s cutting 3 teeth at the same time and her teeth take FOREVER to come through the gums. Poor baby.

  78. Andrea says

    I wonder if these would help my daughter with her chronic ear infections. On GAPS, she does better, but she still gets them occasionally and cries all night.

  79. Marsh says

    Wow! Never heard of amber before. Would love to try it for chronic neck pain. Thanks for the info.

  80. Jenny says

    I would think that these necklaces would work as a natural way to heal us in one or more ways because I believe that everything we need to be healthy was created by God for us to use in the way He would have us to.

  81. says

    I am dealing with chronic hip pain & I am wanting to try this out & see if there is any difference. How interesting it helped both your kids!

  82. says

    Holy cow! I was pretty sure my 19mo daughter’s necklace has helped her with teething, but now I want one for myself! I can only imagine how much more awesome my periods would be…

  83. says

    seeing how much it has helped my 6 month old boy in just a day , I would love to have one for myself. I suffer from a whole list of issues in my back and knees , I babywear even through all the issues. I would love to see what amber could do for me.

  84. says

    I have never, ever heard of using Amber for anything until I saw this blog post, and I will say that my interest is definitely piqued! My daughter is 18 months old, and every tooth that has broken through her poor little gums has been a terrible ordeal. No sleeping, and we basically live on ibuprofen, which sucks because I really don’t like to give it to her!

    I’m so glad you posted this. I’ll definitely be researching it more now.

  85. says

    My youngest is teething and I would love to end the all-night nursing sessions. He’s just been so fussy! I wonder if it would help to calm my oldest, who is very, very hyper? I’d love to try it.

  86. says

    I would love to try one for my 14yo who suffers from chronic back and neck pain from an auto accident she was in about 5 years ago. Never heard of this before and will be looking into it. Thanks for posting and the offer.

  87. Karis says

    Oh man, I would love to try this. My two year old spent four days with a fever while the bottom two molars came in. Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to the next two … not to mention her younger sister.

  88. Rajae says

    My daughter used to love her amber necklace, but then one of the beads broke and she hasn’t wanted to wear it since because of the broken bead (a perfectionist on hand, hey?). I’d love for her to wear one again, to see if it would help lessen the itch of her eczema.

  89. Linda Shay says

    I would like to try your amber necklace because I have chronic joint pain after undergoing chemo & radiation for cancer a few years ago.
    Thank you!

  90. says

    After reading your post, I realized that I NEED one of those necklaces for my 13 month old who is having HORRIBLE teething pain. What a great giveaway!

  91. Kaeti Manning says

    I have had chronic inflammation in my SI joints for years. Having my children made the condition much worse. I am in constant pain all day, every day. It’s very hard because I have two toddlers to chase around (Reagan 3, & Eliot 21 mo.) and I always feel like I’m not doing enough with them. Going to the park is such a struggle. I’m not fast enough to catch them when they run off. Inevitably, each one goes in a different direction. After years of regular medical treatments, including numerous steroid injections and even RFA therapy (nerve burning), I am looking into natural alternatives. I would love to try the amber necklaces. With all of the positive comments/stories I’ve read I’m excited to see if they would provide me with some relief. My kids need their mom back & I need my LIFE back. I feel like a spectator in my own life; not participating in the things I would love to be doing.

  92. Michelle says

    I have to admit I’m pretty skeptical about things, but am willing to be made into a believer!

  93. rachel albert says

    I have never heard of amber for pain relief. I’m skeptical, but curious. I’ve had chronic back and neck pain for years and tried many things to get relief. If I win the necklace and it helps, I will tell other people!

  94. Sarah says

    i would love to try an amber necklace for both of my children who seem to be aggitated all the time and have lots of trouble sleeping.

  95. Emily says

    I would love to try a necklace for myself. I was born with a vascular disease in my left leg called Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome. I have chronic swelling and pain in the leg caused by venous insufficieny and I wear a compression stocking every day. I’d also love one for my 3 month old daughter who will soon be teething :)

  96. Lindsay says

    I think the necklaces are beautiful, and if they help with pain relief, so much the better! I would like to try it to see if it will help my baby when it comes time for teething.

  97. Maredith says

    I recently bought the butter necklace for my son who is 5 months, but now my older girls want one (teething or not :) and I am curious if it would help with some chronic inflammation/autoimmune that I still have. I would love to win one :)

  98. Amy says

    I have never heard of these, but you caught my attention when you said that they are a natural anti-inflamatory. I have an autoimmune disease and I would be curious to see if this amber necklace could lessen the symptoms that I suffer. I also have frequent headaches. Please enter me in your contest giveaway! :) Thanks!

  99. April J says

    We already have tried the amber, but now my three older kids want a necklace like their little sister :) I have been loving her necklace & I’m actually waiting on my own necklace to come in the mailbox for my wisdom tooth pain

  100. Monica Carson says

    My son has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis as well as constipation issues. I would love to try this out to see if it could help his pain and boost his immune system.

  101. Corinne says

    Wow! I have never heard of this before. Very interesting. My family members have various chronic health issues and I am always on the lookout for ways to help them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. Melody says

    My daughter suffers from migraines, so I’d love for her to try one. I have pain and inflammation from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome…it would be wonderful if this helped!

  103. Debbie Hitzler says

    This is the first I have heard of this, and I would love to try one out for my neck/shoulder pain.

  104. says

    I have never heard of this either. What a wild idea — I love it. I’m going shopping now. Who doesn’t need a little help with inflammation now and then??? Thank you, Cara!

  105. susan says

    thanks for all your work on this website; i read it as often as possible. it saves me a lot of research, because i’ve read your writings enough to know that what you are wanting for your family is what i want for mine. i would love a necklace for all types of problems we have in our family. god bless and merry christmas!!!

  106. vermontmommy says

    I would love to give this to my sister. She is suffering from Lyme Disease and goodness how wonderful would it be if this helped her in any sort of way? I think it is worth a try.

  107. says

    Both my oldest (13) and myself have RA and she also has multiple other health issues that make using any otc or prescription pain killer dangerous for her so we are always watching for new ways to help her deal with pain (especially joint and teething as her molars cause a great deal of trouble for her.) I have never heard of this but anything that helps naturally is good for her.

  108. Sarah O. says

    Isn’t mother nature wise? She always seems to know exactly how to fix things. I have been reading about amber neclaces but have not tried one due to financial constraints. My husband and I opened our own store together which is wonderful, except for the long hours and never-ending hard work. I have wondered if amber would help me better deal with the physical strain. Thank you for offering this.

  109. emily says

    these necklaces are so beautiful! my daughter is just getting in her 2 year molars and maybe these would help.

  110. elizabeth says

    I have looked at these off and on, trying to decide whether to spend the money, whether they work… it would be terrific to try one on our 7-month-old teether!

  111. Monica says

    My daughter has chronic tendonitis in her wrists, hands, and arms. She is an award winning pianist and this limits her playing somewhat. She is also getting better from an immune system problem that causes her to react to latex, bananas and related food by losing much of her muscle control for days. She hasn’t had a reaction/collapsed for awhile but I am wondering if this would help prevent it in the future. We would love to try it.

  112. Kristen says

    With a baby on the way and an 11 month old baby still night-nursing and waking often, I’d love to try the amber necklace as a soother…and maybe next year at this time I will just be night-nursing one baby. :-) Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  113. Jane says

    I am TOTALLY inspired by the story of how it helped your children. How wonderful is your story!I have had chronic migraine for 35 years, and more recently have started to have allergies and sinusitus. I am also suffering from Fibromyalgia. I am a teacher and like to feel 100% every day to do my best at work for the children. Hoping that this could help me…. :)
    Good luck to all in the contest. Namaste.

  114. jill says

    Wow, I think we all need one of these.
    I’m glad I don’t have to decide.
    I’ve heard of these before but didn’t really think it was anything. I really think it would help my grandson. He is so sensitive to so many things. Then he had a seizure which really frightened me, I am still feeling a bit traumatized. So, probably a necklace for me too for calming me. He lives with me, and I’m not quite as calm with a baby as I was raising my four. Seems that these stones would be great for most everyone, I’ll certainly be checking this out.

  115. says

    I would love to try this because i’ve been having joint pain in the mornings, as a 25 yr old, this shouldn’t be going on- but I’d like to see if the amber helps. Also, my daughter has lots of whiny times, so Maybe it could cut down on those!

  116. Heather says

    I have a 6 year old that stuggles with Sensory Processing. He so often still seems uncomfortable in his own skin. We have done therepy, but I have never heard of using amber beads. I would love to try this for Elijah. Quite honestly I am going to look into this more for our whole family:)

  117. Ruth says

    I would love to try one of these for my (almost) 2 year old. Since our vacation in Sept., he has become such a grumpy little thing. We used to be able to pray with him, put him in bed & he would be asleep in minutes. Now naptime & bedtime are hard! He always has to be rocked or layed down with to go to sleep, naptime he doesn’t sleep very long & bedtime he is very restless & wakes often. He used to be a WONDERFUL sleeper…also, after he wakes up, he is VERY grumpy for an hour or so then he will finally decide to play happily. I would LOVE to see if this would help him!

  118. says

    I have read a lot about the benefits of the amber necklaces, and I would love a chance to wear one and see if it helps me out!

  119. amy says

    I have a lot of neck and shoulder pain accompanied by tension headaches. I am in the Chiropractor every other week. So, this sounds like a wonderful to try. I also have autoimmune thyroid disease; wonder if that would help with some of the symptoms…

  120. Rozanna S says

    Oh I have one for my DS and it works wonders. I would love to try one for myself because I have headaches almost everyday.

  121. says

    I would love to try this product on my 2yr old (who is cutting his molars). I am very interesting in purchasing this product, it sounds amazing. This would be an awesome gift for my friend who will be delivering triplets on the 20th of this month!!

  122. Joan says

    I have heard of Amber necklaces before, just not a testimony of their effects. They sound AWESOME!! Perhaps this will help calm down my 4 yr old when she’s playing with her 2 yr old brother?!

  123. Melinda says

    I would like an amber necklace for my 5dd. She has misc, come and go aches and pains that we can’t link to anything. I would like to see if the amber can help.

  124. Shari says

    I would love to win this giveaway! I currently experience alot of joint pain and achiness and I’m hoping this might be a natural solution.

  125. Zsofia says

    This sounds like such a great thing. I hope I win the amber necklace. I would like to try it out first hand.