Simple Sensory Solutions: No, it’s not a discipline issue

Simple Sensory Solutions: The Beach can be sensory overload for tactile avoiding kids

  While trying to get on top of meltdowns that happened every time we had errand day, I was thrust into the sensory integration dysfunction world.  Sensory issues are real and they are not caused by poor parenting, a rebellious heart, or lack of exposure to the world. Sensory issues mean that normal every-day sensations are […]

Do you just need to get through the next 2 weeks? (time management on the GAPS diet)

Bulk cooking and paleo - gaps - shortcuts

  I wasn’t intending to post this… A friend who needed to try GAPS for her newly-diagnosed daughter asked for some help with the time management portion of the GAPS diet.  I do cover time management in my Grain-Free Meal Plans by prepping multiple things at once, sprucing up leftovers for lunch the next day, […]

You are the Parent. You Can Say Politely and Firmly Decline Unwanted Medical Treatment

moms you can say no

“Oh, yeah, I refused that.  And I’d let them weigh them, but with their clothes on, it’s cold in Montana.”  I was talking with a friend about WIC appointments that we went to when my older kids were toddlers.  WIC is food assistance for families with young children that are in a lower income bracket, in […]

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