Black Friday Sale! 40% off Healthy Living Classes, E-Books, Meal Plans, and MORE!


You guys are going to love this! The Village Green Network bloggers all put together a huge sale for you this weekend, the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY gets you 40% off the following products!  Been wanting to learn more about real food, healthy babies, plan grain free meals, or take an online cooking class? Now is your chance!

The code BLACKFRIDAY gives you 40% off the following from Friday November 23rd to Monday November 26th!

What Can I Eat Now?  by Cara : of Health, Home, and Happiness, is an e-book to walk you through 30 days on the Gut and Psychology Syndrome introduction diet, the diet that can help reverse food allergies, heal digestive disorders, and heal mental illness, and get you ready for the full GAPS diet.

Retail: $20

Sale: $12

Grain Free Meal Plans help you plan breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month in seasonal menus. Order the yearly collection and get a full color paperback cookbook with some favorite recipes (US only), or order as you wish monthly. GAPS and SCD Friendly, most dairy is optional.

Retail: 16-160

Sale: $9.60-$96 {If you purchase yearly, you get all your meals planned all year for just 26 cents a day! Totally worth it to never wonder what’s for dinner again!}

Grain Free Meal Plans Freezer Cooking Guide guides you through stocking your freezer in 5 shorter cooking blocks with 22 Breakfasts, 10 lunches, 16 Dinners, 28 Snacks and Sides, and 8 desserts (each serves 4). Great for working or homeschooling families, when you’re expecting a baby, or are just busy with sports and activities for a season! GAPS and SCD friendly, most dairy is optional.

Retail: $18

Sale: $10.80

Real Food for Rookies online class from Kelly the Kitchen Kop — 12 weeks of lessons are included, but you can login whenever you have time to go through the material as it’s completely self-paced. If you are overwhelmed with all you’ve heard from the “experts” about what you should be eating, you can learn the basics here, including how to fit Real Food into your busy schedule and into your budget. Come into my kitchen, to my favorite farms, and to the store, where I’ll teach you what it took me years to learn!

Real Food Ingredient Guide from Kelly the Kitchen Kop: Do you want to use more nutritious ingredients in your kitchen, but feel confused about which ones to choose? Do you need help deciphering food labels at the store, or knowing which foods to buy at your local farm?

Real Food Party Planning Guide from Kelly the Kitchen Kop: Does having people over stress you out? I’ve made it easier for you with the tips I’ve learned about planning ahead for a shindig. Maybe you’re a “natural” host or hostess and entertaining is no big deal, but if you’re someone that would like help organizing whatever event is in your future, this guide will be just the thing. This will help you de-stress the whole experience, so you can enjoy yourself as much as your guests are sure to!

The code BLACKFRIDAY gives you 40% off the following from Friday November 23rd to Monday November 26th!

REAL FOOD 101 E-Book, Vol. 1: Traditional Foods, Traditionally Prepared: A visual companion to Nourishing Traditions-style foods, these step-by-step tutorials in full color photos teach you how to implement real food into your kitchen, easily and confidently!

go grain-free by Dr. Jill of Real Food Forager, is an e-course that shares over 80 video and over 150 recipes for baking, cooking, condiments, staples, meals and more — all without using any grains or starches. Appropriate for SCD, GAPS, Paleo, Primal eaters. The recipes are also dairy, soy, additive, and refined sugar-free. This is a powerful food plan that allows healing from many health conditions.

Pain Free: 60 Exercises for pain free living. Help your chronic pain, improve your posture, and enhance your coordination naturally with these tested somatic-based exercises.

Real Food Nutrition & Health E-Course Plus E-Book

An online course specifically geared to teaching Nutrition from a Real Food perspective. Sick of the sub-par standards of the USDA’s food pyramid? Now you and your teenagers can learn about REAL nutrition. This e-course is appropriate for those aged 12 and up. Retail Price: $115 Black Friday Blowout Price: $69

Beautiful Babies E-Course

Want to get pregnant? Already pregnant and want to have a smooth birth and raise a happy, healthy baby? In this e-course, learn the ins and outs of proper nutrition for fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, & baby’s first foods. Retail Price: $199 Black Friday Blowout Price: $119.40

Real Food Nutrition & Health FOR KIDS! E-Book

Teach your elementary aged child about Real Food. Each lesson includes a short reading, a fun activity or game, and a coloring page. Retail Price: $19.95 Black Friday Blowout Price: $11.97

Natural Cocktails E-Book : Homemade alcoholic drinks for the real foodie, without dyes, artificial colors, or fake flavors. Shake up your favorite mixed drinks at home, from classic Martinis to contemporary Cosmopolitans.

The code BLACKFRIDAY gives you 40% off the following from Friday November 23rd to Monday November 26th!

E-Book: GAPS Legal Lunches 5 weeks of GAPS legal lunch menus with shopping lists and recipes.

The Eczema Cure: Emily of Holistic Squid will teach you a 4-step action plan to end your suffering, and heal your eczema from the inside out with Real food.

Get Cultured! is a comprehensive multimedia cooking class devoted to all things fermented. The self-paced online course guides you through 13 workshops on preparing fermented foods safely at home. The class features 50+ recipes and 100+ recipes for fermented foods, plus articles, tips and more.

Real Food for the Holidays is a multimedia cooking class that helps to guide you through preparing healthy, natural holiday dishes based on whole foods. The class features 10 workshops, 30 videos, 30 preplanned menus and 175 recipes.

Online Class: Reversing Food Allergies Got food allergies? It doesn’t have to be a life sentence! You can actually reverse food allergies. If you’re planning to do GAPS Diet in the new year, now’s the time to sign up and save! (NOTE: $5 from every sale will be donated to the Weston A. Price Foundation and $5 will be donated to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.) Regular Price: $149 Black Friday Price: $89.40 (40% off)

Make your favorite condiments at home – without sacrificing the store-bought flavor you love! With 55+ recipes, you will save money, nourish your family, and impress your friends. “Restocking the Pantry” features simple, delicious versions of most common pantry staples, including ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, Worcestershire sauce, classic salsa, hot sauce, popular Asian dipping sauces, steak sauce, teriyaki sauce, popular salad dressings, pickles, and so much more (including a few holiday-inspired favorites)!

Nourished Baby e-book

Did you know that feeding our children certain foods often prevents the need for braces? That it can also increase intellectual capacity and improve their moods?

It’s true, and Nourished Baby offers the insights you need to make the healthiest decisions for your baby. You’ll learn how to decode your cravings while nursing, why you should skip rice cereal and what the latest research says about introducing peanuts, eggs and other “allergenic” foods. Plus, enjoy over thirty nutrient rich recipes that are specifically designed for the little tummies, but also meant for the whole family to share and enjoy!

Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund! Share Food Freedom and Support Local Food! The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit organization defending the rights and protects the freedoms of family farms and artisan food producers and expanding consumer access to the foods of your choice. Check out our 100% Organic Cotton Tees regularly $25, now just $15!

The code BLACKFRIDAY gives you 40% off the following from Friday November 23rd to Monday November 26th!

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    I ordered the freezer ebook, but I have not recieved anything. Can you please advise on where I suppose to get.
    Thank you,

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    3 billion over-weight people within the world, which 700 million will likely be obese.

    Toady everyone is interested in joining weight reduction programs camp or fitness camps to reduce their weight.

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