Cookware Controversy: Are Your Pots and Pans Safe?

The Health Home and Happiness Kitchen - what to buy

Anyone who loves to cook but has been forced to use cheap cookware will assure you, paying for a few good-quality pots and pans is worth the expense.  Forget all the fancy gadgets: The grilled cheese maker, countertop grill, and specialty strawberry slicer – if you’re serious about cooking, stick to the basics and buy […]

‘Get-Well-Soon’ Gluten-Free Chicken Noodle Soup

Get Well Soon Gluten Free Chicken Noodle Soup

  “What? No. Not that soup.” I often recommend that people eat soup when they’re starting to get sick, and it catches me off guard when they tell me the kind of canned soup that they like and ask for confirmation that it will help them get over their cold, flu, or other seasonal illness. […]

Coconut Macaroons Sweetened with Honey

coconut macaroons

  Simply sweetened with honey, these coconut macaroons are quick to whip up with ingredients you most likely have on hand already in your kitchen.  They travel well in lunchboxes, and are gluten and grain-free, also GAPS compliant, for those who need allergen-friendly treats. Best of all, they are delicious! If you like coconut, you’ll […]

70+ Skills Every Holistically-Minded Homemaker Should Know

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We’ve lost of art of healing through nutrition, cooking from scratch without spending all day in the kitchen, and using natural remedies or supplements before heading to the pharmacy.  These are very basic essentials that are easy for anyone to learn. Cooking Basics The heart of the home is the kitchen.  Healthy families are made where […]