Essential Home Organizational Tips to Ready Your Family for Dietary Changes

Organizational tips to implement the GAPS diet in your home

Having a family on a grain free diet takes the majority of our focus for a couple years while our bodies are healing. The mental energy it takes to learn what foods our bodies can tolerate and walking step-by-step through the process takes a lot out of us. This is a guest post by Rachel […]

70+ Skills Every Holistically-Minded Homemaker Should Know

Health Home and Happiness Family Pic

We’ve lost of art of healing through nutrition, cooking from scratch without spending all day in the kitchen, and using natural remedies or supplements before heading to the pharmacy.  These are very basic essentials that are easy for anyone to learn. Cooking Basics The heart of the home is the kitchen.  Healthy families are made where […]

Eucalyptus: Essential Oils I Use Regularly

Eucalyptus essential oil

Growing up, my best friend a couple hills over (I grew up in the country) had a giant eucalyptus grove at the bottom of the hill where her house sat. Within the grove we hid from boogie men, made play houses by stringing the loose woody eucalyptus bark over other low branches, and hid from […]

Every Bite is a Choice: How Dietary Changes Are More In Your Head, Less In Your Kitchen

  I got a text from a friend who was coming over to try my White Chicken Chili and a few other things to see if she really did like the food on GAPS after agreeing that it would be something worth trying for just a week to see how it goes.  She has been […]

12 Car Activity Gift Ideas for Families Who are Road Tripping for the Holidays

Gift ideas for families who take road trips

Road trips build family memories like no other vacation.  While adults enjoy the quickness of travel by air, many families with young children don’t want to navigate connecting flights, airport delays, missing flights due to unforeseen circumstances, and renting a car once they get to their destination.  I’ve found it is usually easier to just […]

How does Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) compare to the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Diet?

As healing through dietary intervention has been gaining popularity, new versions of similar diets are popping up.  This isn’t a new thing – GAPS is based on the specific carbohydrate diet, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the specific carbohydrate diet made improvements on some already existing dietary protocol as well. Especially with the help […]

How to use Fat to Stretch your Grain-Free Grocery Budget (Plus 3 more money saving tips)

Coconut oil to save money on a grain free diet

    Every couple weeks I get an email from a reader about how much money they’re saving by using my meal plans. But for every family who emails me to say that they’re saving money by having a plan, there is another emailing me to ask how they can save money on eating the […]

Tea Tree Oil: Essential Oils that I Use Regularly

Tea tree essential oil health home and happiness

Tea Tree Oil (melaleuca oil) is the first oil that we’re looking at in this short series of essential oils that I keep on hand for use in my family. In addition to being the most useful in our family, it’s also inexpensive as far as essential oils go. A $10 bottle lasts for years. […]

The Joint-Gut Connection: How Rheumatoid Arthritis Originates in the Digestive Tract

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Leaky Gut Connection

  In the US, over 1.5 million people are affected by rheumatoid arthritis.  Doctor-diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is one of the leading causes of disability in the US, and has been for years. What is rheumatoid arthritis? Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition where the immune system, which normally should combat foreign substances like germs […]

Reduction Sauce: Easy Broth-Based Topping for Meats and Veggies

GAPS Paleo Reduction Sauce

“Everyone loves meatballs and this reduction sauce! If I feel like my kids haven’t been eating enough protein lately, this is what I always feed them.”  I explained to my friend as her family joined us for dinner one night.  Well, they proved me wrong, and their kids did not like the sauce ;) But, […]