Depression: It’s in Your GUT, Not Your Head {Why Your Microbiome Matters}

Depression Gut and What You Eat

As it affects about one tenth of the population, people are catching on that depression isn’t something that people can just will to go away, or snap out of. Though situational depression can be caused by a temporary situation, in general depression is something that points to an overall imbalance in the body. It’s thought […]

Amazing GAPS-Friendly Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Yogurt Cheese Frosting

carrot cake muffins with cream cheese frosting

After all the health issue posts lately, which are a little bit stressful to write, but are much needed, I found myself wanting to just talk about cake. So cake it is today. A delicious GAPS-friendly carrot cake cupcake brimming with carrots, and all the other goodies that were in my cousin Tori’s family-famous carrot […]

Autism: MMR, Antibiotics, Gluten, Gut Health and MORE- we need to stop the rising rate of autism

ASD starts in the gut

When Hannah woke up on the 3rd day after removing gluten and casein (wheat and dairy) from her diet, we saw evidence of a miracle. She was three, and before this miracle she had never made good eye contact, had epic meltdowns, sensory issues prevented her from being able to do something as simple as errands […]

Things You Need to Know About High Quality Probiotics (read this before taking Biokult)

5 Things to Know Before You Take Biokult Probiotic

“Yeah, Aaron’s dad gave us kefir that he made, it tasted really good but then we were all sick the next day.”  A friend explains his first experience with probiotic-rich naturally fermented water kefir to me.  Some people take probiotics, or probiotic-rich fermented food, and then assume that they’re allergic to it, or it isn’t […]

5 Packaged Foods I Buy Every Week {with only a little shame}

Packaged food doesn't ALWAYS mean a huge compromise.

I know how to cook from scratch. I know the benefits of cooking from scratch.  I know it’s better for the environment, my bank account, and my family when I cook from scratch. But there are some things I’ve settled on for convenience, sacrificing as little health as I can in the process. Be careful, […]

ADHD: It’s More Than Just Too Much Sugar and Screen Time (the root is in the gut)

adhd add gut connection

ADHD is one of the more polarizing health topics.  Hyperactivity or inattention (ADD) have been blamed on too many electronics, lack of consistency in parenting, just boys being boys, too much structured time in the classroom, not enough structure at home, food additives, or just a normal part of childhood. I do think that all […]

Starting Paleo or GAPS? Tip 1: Don’t Start With Baked Goods

Banana Nut Muffins made with coconut flour

“I’ve been trying to eat more paleo recipes, but everything I try is just bland and dry. “ When I follow up to ask what recipes they’ve tried, they’ve tried baked goods that they saw on Pinterest. Yeah. So. Grain-free baking doesn’t taste AT ALL like wheat baking.  Almond flour and coconut flour are both […]

Anxiety: Why It’s All In Your Gut, Not Your Head

The anxiety gut connection - its not all in your head

  “Oh, yeah, and when I start pacing the house over and over, checking on all the kids every 20 minutes at night after they go to bed, and I think about natural disasters happening and what I’d do daily, I know it’s time to clean up my diet.”  I’m explaining what I affectionately call my crazy […]

5 Minutes to Cut Up a Whole Watermelon- check this out! (video)

Cut up a whole watermelon in just 5 minutes

How are you cutting up a watermelon? By slicing in half, then wedges, then cutting the rind off each wedge? I recently learned this super easy way to peel a watermelon, and now we’re having this summer treat WAY more often! The kids always wanted me to cut up watermelons before, but we only would […]

Your Bugs Are Screaming for Sugar (why gut microbes are making your kids PICKY)

How Picky Eating Relates to Gut Flora

He looks up at me, ‘But I don’t want chicken for dinner.  I want apples.” Um, child, what on earth gave you the idea that this was up for discussion? Do you feel like you are consistent with parenting and providing healthy food with appropriate choices to your children, only to have them back into a […]