Always have broth on hand with Easy Homemade Broth Gelatin Cubes in your freezer

Broth cubes (6)

Do you, like me, love the idea of drinking and using tons of broth in your cooking, both for flavor and increased nutrition and gut-building amino acids? But you don’t have room to store gallons of chicken stock at a time in your fridge, so you end up just making a few quarts, using that […]

Easy Beef Stuffed Kobacha Squash with Veggies and Parmesan (grain free)

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Stuffed winter squash is a delicious meal that’s simple to put together, yet dressy enough for company. Each person gets an individual serving in a squash bowl, which the kids love! I made this beef stuffed kobacha squash topped with Parmesan cheese on a cold weekend afternoon, pup enjoying the view of the wind in […]

5 Things I Learned About Special Needs That Also Apply To My Typically-Developing Children

Lessons from Occupational Therapy

When you have a child with special needs, you look at the world through the eyes of an occupational therapist, speech therapist, and developmental screening practitioner.  We notice developmental appropriateness the way the football enthusiast understands exactly what’s going on in a 2-minute game clip on Sports Center, the auto mechanic can identify whether the […]

Who Else Needs Easy GAPS/Paleo Packed Lunch Ideas for Tomorrow Morning?

GAPS and Paleo Packed Lunch Ideas

  For the many families who started GAPS or Paleo eating after the first, Monday is the day that many children head back to school. Even if you don’t plan on being strict while at school (it’s hard – we had to homeschool while we did strict GAPS), it would be hard on the system […]

How to Explain the GAPS Diet to Your Children

How to explain the GAPS diet to children

It’s intimidating to put young children on a restricted diet. The GAPS diet is a highly nutrient-dense diet so they will be well nourished, so that isn’t the concern. But we live in abundance and our children are accustomed to eating things like pizza (even paleo pizza), crackers, sweetened desserts (even when sweetened with natural […]

The Health Home and Happiness Top 10: Top health articles, products readers love, recipes, and more!

top 10 lists for 2014

2014 is coming to a close, what were your top  moments from this year? I’ll share mine below, and then do another few top 10 lists including my top 10 recipes this year, the top 10 health articles, top 10 products that my readers have loved, and what I’m working on for 2015 as well. […]

What my kids & others are getting for Christmas (Some practical, some fun)

Art supplies - holiday gift

When you order online, this week is the week to do it in order to get gifts in time for Christmas.  Even places that advertise 2-day shipping can get backed up for the holidays, and we don’t want to be doing a mad wrapping session Christmas Eve.  So, shopping now it is. These are the […]

Folate vs Folic Acid, MTHFR, and Why I Regret Taking My Prenatal Vitamin

mthfr and folate

The day after my little guy was born, I was sitting on the couch trying to improve his latch and in my oxytocin-induced la la land thought, ‘hmm I ate well with him, took a food-derived prenatal, and had good nutrition prior to conception. Why does he seem to have a slight tongue tie (midline […]

3 Decisions Made During Labor that Affect Your Baby’s Health and Your Recovery Time

Skin to Skin Contact after Birth

The environment you labor in and the interventions that you have during labor can not only affect your baby’s health, but can also affect your recovery time.  Thinking about these early on and making a decision about what you would do in different scenarios can ensure that you understand the risks and benefits of different […]

3 Causes of Diaper Rash that Most Parents Don’t Know About

3 causes of diaper rash most parents don't know about

As parents, we know that changing our baby’s diaper often is important. We know that they’re prone to getting a little red as teeth erupt.  And we know that cleaning well after each bowel movement is necessary to keep the rashes away. What if you’re changing promptly, even giving baby soothing soaks in the tub […]