What my kids & others are getting for Christmas (Some practical, some fun)

Art supplies - holiday gift

Interested in grain or gluten free eating for the new year? I’ve got a special surprise for you! Click Here to Get a Free Month of the Grain-Free Meal Plan! When you order online, this week is the week to do it in order to get gifts in time for Christmas.  Even places that advertise […]

Folate vs Folic Acid, MTHFR, and Why I Regret Taking My Prenatal Vitamin

mthfr and folate

The day after my little guy was born, I was sitting on the couch trying to improve his latch and in my oxytocin-induced la la land thought, ‘hmm I ate well with him, took a food-derived prenatal, and had good nutrition prior to conception. Why does he seem to have a slight tongue tie (midline […]

3 Decisions Made During Labor that Affect Your Baby’s Health and Your Recovery Time

Skin to Skin Contact after Birth

The environment you labor in and the interventions that you have during labor can not only affect your baby’s health, but can also affect your recovery time.  Thinking about these early on and making a decision about what you would do in different scenarios can ensure that you understand the risks and benefits of different […]

3 Causes of Diaper Rash that Most Parents Don’t Know About

3 causes of diaper rash most parents don't know about

As parents, we know that changing our baby’s diaper often is important. We know that they’re prone to getting a little red as teeth erupt.  And we know that cleaning well after each bowel movement is necessary to keep the rashes away. What if you’re changing promptly, even giving baby soothing soaks in the tub […]

What Everybody Ought to Know About Changing Uncircumcised Boys’ Diapers

how to change an intact baby boy

The rate of intact boys in America is rising, with about half of newborn boys not being circumcised now.   As parents who have chosen to keep their son intact (uncircumcised), or as a care provider that changes diapers, it’s important to understand how to change uncircumcised boys’ diapers. Sadly, some parents choose to circumcise […]

Classic Pesto as a Nourishing Condiment from the Heal Your Gut Cookbook

Classic Pesto from the HEAL YOUR GUT - Health, Home & Happiness

Nothing brings new enjoyment to the kitchen and dinner table as much as new recipes that incorporate both delicious flavors AND the nutrition we need to stay healthy both physically and mentally.  This new book, the Heal Your Gut Cookbook, is a beautiful representation of all the delicious simple foods that we can eat on […]

Holiday Grain-Free Package by Health Home and Happiness – 50% off!

Holiday meal plan package

The holidays are coming and everyone is gathering their recipes with anticipation. For those on the GAPS diet, the holiday meal may take a detour from what it was in the past. There are lots of great recipes on the internet, but many recipes that are grain free aren’t GAPS friendly. The paleo baked goods contain […]

Memory Game, great gift and fun to play! – Product Review -

Matching Game Product Review - great game

Children’s games are important for teaching turn taking, how to have good sportsmanship, simple counting, and other necessarily lifelong skills. But some games, like Chutes and Ladders and Candyland, that involve no brainpower on my part bore me to tears, and therefore, they’re usually only played with a babysitter or grandparent. Everyone enjoys interacting with […]

Quick Start – Clean Burn: A Hot Breakfast Shake to Get Those Fats In

Bulletproof Coffee

I was resistant to try blended hot coffee- getting out the blender seemed like too much work before I had consumed my coffee in the morning. But a friend was over, and she insisted we try it, and now you can find me firing up the blender with a baby on my hip each morning. […]

Savory Cupcakes made with Meatloaf and Guac ‘frosting’ – Suitable for the GAPS Intro

GAPS Intro cupcakes guac or squash frosting - fun colors

“We’re on GAPS Intro, what can I do for his birthday?” – This is a question I get from time to time.  The question to ask back, is, ‘Are birthdays about celebration and fun? Or are they always about sweets?’.  Eating sweets and nut products on the GAPS Introduction diet will set you back in […]