Natural Teeth Whitening – 3 ways that won’t wreck your health

natural tooth whitening three ways

When we’re working to heal our bodies, or just keep them healthy so that we don’t fall victim to the chronic diseases that are so common in our society, we want to be careful with cosmetics as well. Like having thick hair, pink lips, and clear skin, having white teeth is not only a sign […]

Want to Treat My Children? Here are 12 Non-Food Treats That Won’t Harm Their Health

12 Non-Food Treats to give my kids without Harming Their Health

There is nothing more heart-warming than seeing someone interacting with love, care, and joy with your offspring.  When friends and family want to take my kids to the park, spend time showing them the details of changing the oil filter in their old truck, or come along for a hike or trip to the beach, […]

Eczema: It’s the Gut-Skin Connection, You Need to Heal From the Inside Out

Eczema Starts in the Gut

Until the boy above was a born, I had only heard of eczema, I hadn’t had any experience with it.  But a few months into his little life, and some rough patches developed over the smooth baby skin on his abdomen, back, and thighs.  A young mom, thinking that maybe it was just dry skin, […]

Creamy Dairy-Free Paleo Spinach-Artichoke Dip made with Avocado Mayo

dairy free spinach artichoke dip

  We’ve enjoyed spinach-artichoke-parmesan dip for years now, but I wanted to work on a dairy-free alternative so that those not eating dairy can enjoy this treat on top of meat, vegetables, or with grain-free crackers. I’m working on re-doing the meal plans right now – I hope to have new ones ready in time […]

Behavioral Problems? Skin Conditions? Low Immune System? It’s What We’re Feeding Them!

Health Home and Happiness Kids

When I compare myself to other health bloggers, I think that we’re actually pretty lax about the whole healthy living thing.  We choose toothpaste without fluoride, but we don’t make it ourselves.  Shampoo… let’s not even go there. While we did GAPS I was careful and we used only Dr Bronner’s for everything. But now I […]

10 Reasons to do a Grain-Free Trial as the Weather Warms Up

Guacamole, mushrooms, fresh tomato, and bacon - who misses the bun? Not me!

Have you had some chronic health problems like allergies, attention deficits, skin issues, digestive upset, or depression and thought going grain free (GAPS, SCD, etc) would help but are too overwhelmed to start? Did you know you don’t have to do a GAPS protocol for an entire two year period to see results? You can do […]

Grain-Free Southern-Style Biscuits made with Honey

Every Day Grain Free Baking Southern Biscuit Recipe

I just got the new book Everyday Grain-Free Baking in the mail a few weeks ago, and ever since it’s been the cookbook I hand to my kids to choose a recipe on our Saturday baking day tradition.  Most recipes are GAPS-legal, and if they’re not, there are simple substitutes or omissions that can be made. I […]

Fudgy Flourless Black Bean Brownie Bites – Grain and Refined-Sugar Free

GAPS Legal Black Bean Brownies Grain and Refined Sugar Free

No joke, these brownie bites taste as good as they look.  I’m forever trying to find recipes like this; recipes that taste great, are simple to make, pack easily in lunchboxes, can be served to guests because they don’t taste weird, and that are grain and refined-sugar free. Though both black beans and cocoa technically are […]

Lamb Kebabs with Dill-Coconut Dipping Sauce (Paleo, GAPS, low carb)

Lamb kebabs- GAPS PALEO

Lamb kebabs are loved by everyone, but are especially fun for children.  Meat on a stick is so much more exciting than meat on a fork!  We snip the pointy ends off with wire clippers to make this a safe meal for everyone.  This is also a great go-to for potlucks or barbecues where you’re […]

Why do the GAPS Diet? (free for 3 days only!)

Dietary Intervention Webinar free 3 days only

  The second free Health Issues Affecting Families Today webinar is up for free – you can watch it by clicking here before Saturday evening! Sign up now and get 1 week of GAPS-legal meal plans emailed to you immediately!   In these webinars I use easy-to-understand explanations about how dietary intervention works for children […]