Media Free One Day A Week Challenge!

Media Free Challenge

Who else feels a little too caught up with electronics, screens, Facebook, Pinterest, online shopping, and yes, even blogs?   I am, and I’m going to resume a tradition we had in our family last year.  On Sundays, media is off, unplugged, and put away if possible.    One day of screen free time recharges our […]

10 Reasons to do a Grain Free Trial This Summer!

Have you had some chronic health problems like allergies, attention deficits, skin issues, digestive upset, or depression and thought going grain free (GAPS, SCD, etc) would help but are too overwhelmed to start? Did you know you don’t have to full-on GAPS protocol for an entire two year period to see results? You can do a […]

What’s Wrong With Sugar?

Refined sugar, corn syrup, and yes, agave ‘nectar’ are all over refined, low nutrition, and high markup foods.  They do more harm than good for your body, so it is best to keep them out of your grocery cart, cupboards, and off your plate.  I believe that the consumption of nutrient-depleted refined foods are responsible […]