When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking- Traditional Foods in a Hurry


Would it shock you if I said that I don’t always feel like cooking? What if I told you that I ordered a dozen packages of hot dogs last month? This fall I’ve been having such a good time playing outdoors with my kids, trying out herbal remedies, organizing/cleaning out my home, and getting a […]

Croissant Topped with Spinach, Parmesan, and Sundried Tomatoes

Simple summer food.  These are store bought croissants (I have made croissants before though!) but they are made with real butter.  Topped with sundried tomatoes that were packed in olive oil with herbs, spinach, and grated parmesan cheese then baked at 375 for 15 minutes, until the cheese melted and spinach wilted.  A quick dinner […]

A Moment of Materialism

It makes me feel like a complete consumerist but I love buying my children little things, and do so often enough that we have a spot in our Dave Ramsey inspired montly budget for it. The picture is a gathering of things I’ve purchased them in the past couple weeks; a little mechanical toy car that goes on […]