Depression: It’s in Your GUT, Not Your Head {Why Your Microbiome Matters}

Depression Gut and What You Eat

As it affects about one tenth of the population, people are catching on that depression isn’t something that people can just will to go away, or snap out of. Though situational depression can be caused by a temporary situation, in general depression is something that points to an overall imbalance in the body. It’s thought […]

Amazing GAPS-Friendly Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Yogurt Cheese Frosting

carrot cake muffins with cream cheese frosting

After all the health issue posts lately, which are a little bit stressful to write, but are much needed, I found myself wanting to just talk about cake. So cake it is today. A delicious GAPS-friendly carrot cake cupcake brimming with carrots, and all the other goodies that were in my cousin Tori’s family-famous carrot […]

Autism: It’s Not Just MMR or ‘Genetics’ – take a look at how gut health is related to autism

ASD starts in the gut

When Hannah woke up on the 3rd day after removing gluten and casein (wheat and dairy) from her diet, we saw evidence of a¬†miracle. She was three, and before this miracle she had never made good eye contact, had epic meltdowns, sensory issues prevented her from being able to do something as simple as errands […]