4-Ingredient Chia Blueberry Jam (Paleo and GAPS- refined sugar free)

chia seed jam gaps paleo recipe

“But I just want peanutbutter and jelly,” She whined. Now, I normally am not a fan of giving into whining, but sometimes when you’re 8, and you eat differently than your friends at school, and it’s the end of the school year and life is chaotic, you just need some peanut butter and jelly. Wanting […]

Easy Homemade Jerky From Ground Beef

jerky from ground beef

Beef jerky is an easy portable way to get needed protein in either as a quick snack, or even a meal replacement in a pinch. I love to bring this camping and when we do errands or otherwise are out and about. ┬áLess chewy than beef jerky from a roast, this beef jerky from ground […]

Depression: It’s in Your GUT, Not Your Head {Why Your Microbiome Matters}

Depression Gut and What You Eat

As it affects about one tenth of the population, people are catching on that depression isn’t something that people can just will to go away, or snap out of. Though situational depression can be caused by a temporary situation, in general depression is something that points to an overall imbalance in the body. It’s thought […]