For Parents Wondering if Their Baby Has Special Needs and Not Knowing Where to Start

Parents Questioning if Baby Has Special Needs or Disability

This is taken from an appendix at the end of The Empowered Mother (which still hopefully will be done by the end of the month – my designer has had bronchitis so we’re a bit behind schedule). As a mom who has a child with special needs, I frequently find parents wondering out loud whether […]

Essential Oils and Special Needs {and how we’re grasping at straws}

Thank you!

I’ve fairly stubbornly avoided most of the recent essential oil trend. I feel like they are over recommended, people are pressured ┬áto buy what they don’t need, can’t afford, and something less concentrated and expensive would work as well. I didn’t want to get caught up in the hype, and the absolute last thing I […]

Minimalism and Parenting Children With Special Needs

Hannah ergo 4yo

(picture: She pretty much lived in the Ergo – it provided sensory input that she craved, and kept her from getting into things or running) Having a toddler on the spectrum made me change our home to be efficient, minimal, and child proof in ways that most people never think of. Children with special needs […]