70+ Skills Every Holistically-Minded Homemaker Should Know

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We’ve lost of art of healing through nutrition, cooking from scratch without spending all day in the kitchen, and using natural remedies or supplements before heading to the pharmacy.  These are very basic essentials that are easy for anyone to learn. Cooking Basics The heart of the home is the kitchen.  Healthy families are made where […]

Eucalyptus: Essential Oils I Use Regularly

Eucalyptus essential oil

Growing up, my best friend a couple hills over (I grew up in the country) had a giant eucalyptus grove at the bottom of the hill where her house sat. Within the grove we hid from boogie men, made play houses by stringing the loose woody eucalyptus bark over other low branches, and hid from […]

Every Bite is a Choice: How Dietary Changes Are More In Your Head, Less In Your Kitchen

  I got a text from a friend who was coming over to try my White Chicken Chili and a few other things to see if she really did like the food on GAPS after agreeing that it would be something worth trying for just a week to see how it goes.  She has been […]