Lamb Kebabs with Dill-Coconut Dipping Sauce (Paleo, GAPS, low carb)

Lamb kebabs- GAPS PALEO

Lamb kebabs are loved by everyone, but are especially fun for children.  Meat on a stick is so much more exciting than meat on a fork!  We snip the pointy ends off with wire clippers to make this a safe meal for everyone.  This is also a great go-to for potlucks or barbecues where you’re […]

Why do the GAPS Diet? (free for 3 days only!)

Dietary Intervention Webinar free 3 days only

  The second free Health Issues Affecting Families Today webinar is up for free – you can watch it by clicking here before Saturday evening! Sign up now and get 1 week of GAPS-legal meal plans emailed to you immediately!   In these webinars I use easy-to-understand explanations about how dietary intervention works for children […]

Sensory Webinar: So THAT’S Why They’re Melting Down, free for 3 days only

72 hours

The first free Health Issues Affecting Families Today Webinar is up and running! Today’s webinar is Simple Sensory Solutions, where we talk about sensory avoidant behaviors, sensory seeking behaviors, give examples about how this can present in your children, and then we talk about how to give these children what they need to feel ‘sensory […]