Autism: It’s Not Just MMR or ‘Genetics’ – take a look at how gut health is related to autism

ASD starts in the gut

When Hannah woke up on the 3rd day after removing gluten and casein (wheat and dairy) from her diet, we saw evidence of a¬†miracle. She was three, and before this miracle she had never made good eye contact, had epic meltdowns, sensory issues prevented her from being able to do something as simple as errands […]

Starting Paleo or GAPS? Tip 1: Don’t Start With Baked Goods

Banana Nut Muffins made with coconut flour

“I’ve been trying to eat more paleo recipes, but everything I try is just bland and dry. “ When I follow up to ask what recipes they’ve tried, they’ve tried baked goods that they saw on Pinterest. Yeah. So. Grain-free baking doesn’t taste AT ALL like wheat baking. ¬†Almond flour and coconut flour are both […]

5 Minutes to Cut Up a Whole Watermelon- check this out! (video)

Cut up a whole watermelon in just 5 minutes

How are you cutting up a watermelon? By slicing in half, then wedges, then cutting the rind off each wedge? I recently learned this super easy way to peel a watermelon, and now we’re having this summer treat WAY more often! The kids always wanted me to cut up watermelons before, but we only would […]