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top 10 lists for 2014

2014 is coming to a close, what were your top  moments from this year? I’ll share mine below, and then do another few top 10 lists including my top 10 recipes this year, the top 10 health articles, top 10 products that my readers have loved, and what I’m working on for 2015 as well. […]

What my kids & others are getting for Christmas (Some practical, some fun)

Art supplies - holiday gift

When you order online, this week is the week to do it in order to get gifts in time for Christmas.  Even places that advertise 2-day shipping can get backed up for the holidays, and we don’t want to be doing a mad wrapping session Christmas Eve.  So, shopping now it is. These are the […]

Classic Pesto as a Nourishing Condiment from the Heal Your Gut Cookbook

Classic Pesto from the HEAL YOUR GUT - Health, Home & Happiness

Nothing brings new enjoyment to the kitchen and dinner table as much as new recipes that incorporate both delicious flavors AND the nutrition we need to stay healthy both physically and mentally.  This new book, the Heal Your Gut Cookbook, is a beautiful representation of all the delicious simple foods that we can eat on […]