5 Minutes to Cut Up a Whole Watermelon- check this out! (video)

Cut up a whole watermelon in just 5 minutes

How are you cutting up a watermelon? By slicing in half, then wedges, then cutting the rind off each wedge? I recently learned this super easy way to peel a watermelon, and now we’re having this summer treat WAY more often! The kids always wanted me to cut up watermelons before, but we only would […]

Your Bugs Are Screaming for Sugar (why gut microbes are making your kids PICKY)

How Picky Eating Relates to Gut Flora

He looks up at me, ‘But I don’t want chicken for dinner.  I want apples.” Um, child, what on earth gave you the idea that this was up for discussion? Do you feel like you are consistent with parenting and providing healthy food with appropriate choices to your children, only to have them back into a […]

Natural Teeth Whitening – 3 ways that won’t wreck your health

natural tooth whitening three ways

When we’re working to heal our bodies, or just keep them healthy so that we don’t fall victim to the chronic diseases that are so common in our society, we want to be careful with cosmetics as well. Like having thick hair, pink lips, and clear skin, having white teeth is not only a sign […]