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  1. Hi,

    Sorry, just remembered that I had another question….I tried making sauerkraut last week, but the liquid in it has gone brown? It doesnt look mouldy or anything and it smells sour (havent be brave enough to try it yet). Just wondering if that could be because I put a metallic lid on the container (which I think I’m not supposed to do?)? Or have a done something wrong with it?



  2. Hi, I’m wondering what kind/brand of almond or coconut milks do you recommend. I’m sure some must be better than others…
    thank you much for all your good work!

    • Hi Sarah, I use either Natural Forest (I think- it’s the bpa free one but has gaur gum) or Natural Value Natural (no guar gum but bpa). I’ve heard there is a BPA free gum free one in tetra packs (the waxy cardboard juice box type stuff) but I haven’t seen it locally and haven’t had time to research it online yet. Hope that helps :)

  3. The coconut milk in the cardboard package (no gums or BPA) is ‘Let’s Do Organic.’ My local health food store didn’t carry it on the shelves but they ordered me a case. Yum!

  4. Hi

    Is maple syrup allowed with the gaps diet??? I thought it would be only honey! How come some recipes contain maple syrup, what makes it different to white sugar????


    • Hi Gabi,

      Raw Honey and Organic Maple syrup are different from sugar because they do not need to rob nutrients from your body to digest themselves. Sugar on the other hand does. It has no nutritional value and therefore has to rob you of nutrients to be digested. That is why your immune system is compromised every time you eat processed sugar. Raw Honey and Maple Syrup(grade B, if possible, less processed) have minerals and enzymes that are beneficial to you let alone taste wonderful!


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  6. Dear Cara,

    I recently read your post regarding B12 as folate and being tongue-tied, which both of my girls were. I’m pregnant again and want to try your recommended brand from Amazon for myself and my girls. However, the links in your post are to the exact same product, same dosages. I think this must be an error. Would you be so kind as to send the correct links to my email?

    Thank you.

  7. Cara,
    First of all, thank you so much for your work on this site!!! It has helped me countless times in my efforts to help my son. I am curious if you have come across the idea in the autistic community that autism is a biological difference and the whole of the person, so much a part of their identity that you cannot cure it. An autistic person told me that he wouldn’t want to be cured because then he wouldn’t be the same person. As a parent, especially after reading the GAPS book, I am of a completely different approach and opinion. My son has a gene deletion for autism. He shares some of the basic personality traits of an autistic person. For example, he excels in music, loves repetition, can be somewhat fixated on an object (but he is 2 1/2), and can avoid eye contact initially when told to say goodbye to someone. If he initiates it, then he loves eye contact. Anyway, all that to say, I am wondering if you have encountered this idea that parents and autistic people are being told? How would you respond to someone like that? He was all for helping someone with negative symptoms. But he didn’t like the idea of changing who he is.

  8. Kristin Robertson says:

    Hi, I ordered your book What Can I Eat Now but never received the download file.

  9. Colleen Jackson says:

    Hi, I was looking at your sample of the 30 days on the GAPS intro, and I didn’t always see 3 meals a day. Is that just something I would supplement in?

  10. I would like to buy the books in the beautiful binders. Is that an option? If so, I can’t find it.

  11. Hi Cara

    I am about to buy your book to begin the GAPS intro.
    Just so I am prepared after the 30 days do you have recommendations or a book to take the diet to the next step?

  12. I have a LO allergic to nuts and we are beginning the GAPS diet. There are so many wonderful baking recipes that call for almond flour. Do you recommend another flour in replace? possibly oats? Can you even have oat flour on GAPS diet? I know coconut flour absorbs a lot of moisture and would require more eggs.

  13. Hi Cara,I purchased your ‘What Can I eat Now’ yesterday while on my ipad and cannot find the download email for my computer anywhere. Can you help me.

  14. Hi Cara
    I just purchased “What Can I Eat Now?” PDF and noticed the table of contents doesn’t fully match the contents. I’m missing “Transferring to the Full GAPS Diet” and “FAQs” sections. Is my book incomplete?

  15. Hi, i was hoping to sign up for the newsletter but can’t figure out how to. thanks!

  16. Candace says:

    Hi Cara,
    I’m interested in getting your ebook “The Empowered Mother”. I would like to research various issues during my pregnancy, plus I need to decide whether to do a home birth or go to the hospital. I am 18 weeks along in my pregnancy. I noticed that the ebook comes in weekly portions to our email, if I’m understanding that correctly. I am concerned that I wouldn’t have access to all the information that I need to make my decision soon enough. Can I read through the book at my own pace? Thanks.

  17. Hi Cara!

    I have a 13 year old son with Autism. He has been gluten/Casein/soy free since he was 5. The diet was helpful, but he is in grade 7, reading at a grade 1 level. I know that diet is everything and I can reverse his autism. I recently took him to a naturopath who tested his nervous system to see what foods were bothering him. He told me to feed him like people used to eat 100 years ago…chicken. turkey, beef (with no additives), lots of dark green veggies, noodles, potatoes and rice. Today I came across the GAP cookbook while visiting with a friend. I am pretty sure that my son has a leaky gut and would love to try this, but now I am confused. If I start this diet can he eat dairy again, wheat? The naturopath said he could have noodles and rice, but the GAP diet says no to this. Do you have any advice for me? I don’t want to waste any more time as he is already 13.

  18. I found your article on folic acid, and then found this:
    It says the exact opposite of what you said and it’s from the grand ol government.
    Interested in working in Washington? Millions are being mislead.
    How do I know what to believe?
    Thanks, Holly.

    • It’s not exactly the opposite of what I said, they do say that folic acid is the man made form of folate, which is true. If people don’t absorb folic acid well, they absorb folate better. If they absorb folic acid fine, they also will absorb folate. I would go with folate for this reason, but it’s your choice.

  19. Christina Mattson says:

    Hi Cara, you had replied to an e-mail I sent you about my 9 year old son with Sensory Seeking visual issues. I had told you that it affected him in a negative way such as making his eyes cross and causing him to forget and even refuse to use the bathroom when he does it.
    I tried to open your comment on facebook but it only took me to your video again. I can’t find you comment here either. Could you please send your comment to my email address? I would greatly appreciate it.

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