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  1. Hi,

    Sorry, just remembered that I had another question….I tried making sauerkraut last week, but the liquid in it has gone brown? It doesnt look mouldy or anything and it smells sour (havent be brave enough to try it yet). Just wondering if that could be because I put a metallic lid on the container (which I think I’m not supposed to do?)? Or have a done something wrong with it?



  2. Hi, I’m wondering what kind/brand of almond or coconut milks do you recommend. I’m sure some must be better than others…
    thank you much for all your good work!

    • Hi Sarah, I use either Natural Forest (I think- it’s the bpa free one but has gaur gum) or Natural Value Natural (no guar gum but bpa). I’ve heard there is a BPA free gum free one in tetra packs (the waxy cardboard juice box type stuff) but I haven’t seen it locally and haven’t had time to research it online yet. Hope that helps :)

  3. The coconut milk in the cardboard package (no gums or BPA) is ‘Let’s Do Organic.’ My local health food store didn’t carry it on the shelves but they ordered me a case. Yum!

  4. Hi

    Is maple syrup allowed with the gaps diet??? I thought it would be only honey! How come some recipes contain maple syrup, what makes it different to white sugar????


    • Hi Gabi,

      Raw Honey and Organic Maple syrup are different from sugar because they do not need to rob nutrients from your body to digest themselves. Sugar on the other hand does. It has no nutritional value and therefore has to rob you of nutrients to be digested. That is why your immune system is compromised every time you eat processed sugar. Raw Honey and Maple Syrup(grade B, if possible, less processed) have minerals and enzymes that are beneficial to you let alone taste wonderful!


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