People from all over the world have enjoyed going grain free with the help of Health, Home, and Happiness’ Grain Free Meal Plans.  Now the best of the menu planning service is available in a helpful full color cookbook!
Cara of Health, Home, and Happiness started her daughter on a grain free diet to help with developmental delays at the end of 2008.  She found the transition overwhelming, but knew that she had to keep going as her daughter was thriving on a grain free diet.
Cara’s goal with the Best of the Grain Free Meal Plans cookbook is to help share her knowledge with other families who are trying to go grain free, or who already are successfully grain free but are looking for recipe inspiration.
All of the 70+ recipes in this book are not only tested to be child friendly, but they also offer clear instructions for beginning cooks, use ingredients and preparation tecniques that can realistically fit into a busy household, and have color photographs that make the reader excited to try grain free meals!
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  1. Patsy says

    Hi Cara,
    Just a question about Bio-kult probiotics which are recommended to take alongside the Gaps Diet.
    I was just wondering how many capsules per day you have taken while on the diet?

    Best wishes,

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