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I went into Costco on Saturday, list in hand. The list had 6 things on it, I came out with 15. Still kept it under $100, which before we started Dave Ramsey was unheard of. This was also helped by not buying meat this week, I bought a couple whole chickens, 3 packages of organic ground beef, and chicken thighs at last week’s trip. We use a lot of beans and eggs to make up more inexpensive protein, so we can stretch the meat out.

On my receipt:

Yellow Onions 3.29 (10 lbs I think)
I’ll show you later how I slice these up in my Cuisinart, freeze in a gallon ziplock, and then have easy economical onions without tears for months to come.

Lemons 4.99 A big bag
I use the lemon juice to soak the wheat flour for making bread, since I’m mostly dairy free and don’t keep yogurt on hand.

Rice Milk 15.99 for a case of 12

Organic Tortilla Chips 4.49
These are on my receipt just about every trip. A GMO free hubby friendly snack? Sounds good to me.

Mini Cukes 3.99
I made traditionally prepared pickles last summer, I’ll do them again. I’ll need to buy some organic milk to make yogurt with so I can have the whey to lactoferment them. I’ll give the yogurt to a friend since everyone but hubby is dairy free (mostly. The whey doesn’t seem to bother us) and he doesn’t eat yogurt. I’ll show you when I do the pickles, they’re super easy.

Tillamook Cheddar 7.55
For hubby’s sandwiches. Hormone and antibiotic free.

Organic spinach 3.59
Toddler and I love cooked spinach, spinach quiche sounds good right now.

Turkey Sausage 7.99
Thursdays are breakfast nights. This is a pork free alternative. I still need to find a chemical free version, I’m pretty sure these have nitrates in them.

White bread 4.59
GMO free Montana-made white bread. By request.

Hotdog buns 4.19
See above. They go with all beef Hebrew National hotdogs that usually go on sale around this time.

French Roast, 3# 11.69
Coffee. I’m going to continue pretending that there’s nothing wrong with coffee. In all fairness, when I did start reacting to it (with low blood sugar) when I was pregnant, I did stop drinking it. But I really like coffee.

Black licorice 5.45
Hubby has more of a sweet tooth than I do, but we both like black licorice. Made in the USA, no corn syrup or artificial ingredients. A good-enough compromise for me.

Bananas 1.32

Gala Apples. 6.99
They didn’t have organic this time.

Total: 86.11
Cash 86.25
Change .14

We pay for groceries in cash

Another (perhaps over analyzed) Costco trip

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