Dehydrated Pears


Nature’s candy. I’m borrowing a friend’s dehydrator right now, she had tipped me off that dehydrated pears were just like candy. They are! So yummy.   They were still chewy when I took them out of the dehydrator, the apples that I’ve done before were crisp, like chips.  I like chewy because we don’t go through them quite as fast.

I keep mine in the fridge because I’ve had food I thought was adequately dehydrated go bad in the pantry.

Dehydrated fruit is great for teething babies. And it’s not nearly as messy as fresh or cooked.  I cut across, then cut out the seeds only, leaving the rest of the soft core.  I wish I had thought to borrow the dehydrator when I got all these pears last summer!

Do you have a dehydrator?

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  1. Gale Astrup says:

    Can you tell me about how long you dehydrated the pears?
    Thank you

    • Overnight- but it depends a lot on how thick they are cut.

    • When I have #10 Cans Of Pears and Peaches that have reached their shelf life I dehydrate them It took me up to three days to dehydrate the pears & peaches. The peaches are excellent as well. The more trays of dehydrated food the longer it takes

  2. Hello,
    I was wondering why my dried fruit is super dry and not chewy? My aim is to make dried apricot, pears and apple just like the store bought stuff, but it comes out hard and not chewy? Do I have to cook them in a syrup first before I have to dehydrate them????

  3. dawn protheroe says:

    hi, i have just bought a dehydrator and i would like to do some peaches, bananas and strawberries, but i dont know what temp to put the dehydrator on and i dont know how long to leave them in, can u help please

  4. Elaine, BASW, BSN, Certified Raw Chef says:

    If you go to the Excalibur website, you may be able to get a re-conditioned dehydrator for abut 1/2 price of brand new ones.
    I bought three, and they work just fine.
    Go to Amazon to buy the dehydrator sheets, as the price is much less.


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