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On my Kindle right now is Matt Stone’s Eat for Heat.  Kendahl of Our Nourishing Roots (we’re friends ‘in real life’) has been Eat-For-Heat-mockupadvocating Matt’s stuff to me forever, I’ve been reading 180 Degree Health for a while now.  I recently started putting some of the principals that he advocates into practice.

I don’t talk about Matt’s stuff much, because unlike GAPS, which is super structured, 180 Degree Health policy seems to be the only rules is that there are no rules so it’s vastly different from what I usually talk about here. But it’s fun to read about, and try implementing some of it.

I noticed recently that I was cold all the time and less of a morning person than I used to be, so I used some of the principals in Eat for Heat for the past 2 weeks and I’m back to normal now:

  • Eat your biggest carby meals in the morning. I started making eggs and oatmeal or toast.  Previously I had fallen into the habit of skipping breakfast.  I eat until I’m full with breakfast, until I’m no longer hungry (slightly less than full) with lunch, and then I eat a pretty small dinner since I’m satisfied with the other two.
  • Eat a light dinner- this totally works for me, since I’m tired by dinner time. So we have pretty low key dinners now. Our breakfasts are awesome, though (I love breakfast food, this kind of rocks)
  • Limit fluids. I had already been doing this since we started Eastern medicine this past spring and our practitioner there advocated it.
  • Eat a variety of foods- My body seems to like being a somewhat rotation diet. I’m not strict, but I usually just rotate grains now that I’m eating grains (wheat/corn/rice/oats- on GAPS you could do different carbs; squash, apples, bananas, etc) so I’m only eating the same thing two days in a row.  I do the same with protein; sometimes eggs, sometimes chicken, sometimes dairy, sometimes beef.

I don’t do everything Matt Stone advocates at all, I more read through his ideas and see something that sparks my interest and try that a little bit. Or use the principals he talks about and apply them to foods that I’d rather eat. He talks about desserts often, and I just don’t have a sweet tooth after doing GAPS and I only make cookies or something sweet once a month.  He has a lot of interesting ideas, especially if you’re a nutrition nerd like I am ~grin~.

You can read more about Eat for Heat here.

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    • WEFA says

      I did! And though I already owned a few of the books (like Cara’s and Katie of Kitchen Stewardship’s) I found a TON of new information!

      I read through all of Eat for Heat (80 pages) so far and fully agree it is quite interesting, I find that I do usually have cold hands and feet, so am trying this. The problem I have is that I normally drink lots of water, and I get thirsty so I am not sure if it is because I am truly thirsty or just a by product of habit… It really stuck home to me because last year my father in law DID have the “water intoxication” hypothingy (Sorry not good with technical terms) but it was because he drinks too much beer and was apparently getting not enough Potassium (which contradicts what Matt Stone has to say). He is still suffering certain symptoms and working with his doctors.

      BTW to Cara: I am loving the bundle offers, and try to rotate through my favorite blog authors for kickback commissions, so the next one I can purchase will be through you! :D Hopefully there will be many new books like there were in this one!

      • Cara says

        That’s awesome! My Eastern medicine guy made me kick the water habit last spring, and it was really hard to stop! I was ‘thirsty’ all the time. I really do notice a difference with hands/feet, especially when I drink liquids before dinner time. I seem to do ok with coffee or juice or whatever after dinner.

        The bundles are really fun, I think. We’re planning another one in like 3-4 months with a different mix of authors.

  1. says

    Thanks for sharing this great break-down of Eat for Heat; I’ve seen Matt Stone’s book everywhere lately and a friend of mine recently told me how it works! I need to give this a try for myself.

    – Katie

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