Grain Free Freezer Cooking Guide

freezer cooking guide


Bulk cooking saves time, energy, and sanity.  Multiple batches of one dish are made with different variations, which saves time grocery shopping, getting out ingredients, organizing the recipes, and washing dishes.  Having a full freezer means that you only need to pull out a dish in the morning, glance at the reheating instructions, and not think about dinner again until that evening.

Having a freezer stocked with nourishing foods will help you to include more wholesome foods in your diet since all the work has been done beforehand.  Freezer cooking is perfect for singles, couples, young families, work at home parents, stay at home parents, work outside the home parents, etc.  Really, anyone can benefit from having a freezer stocked and ready to go.

The e-book gives immediate delivery so you can start right away (once the finished draft is up, that is)! And its printable format is perfect for re-use; check off the recipes as you do them to stay on track.

See a sample HERE (PDF)

If you found my 30 Days on the GAPS Into e-book helpful for getting through intro, you will love this Freezer Cooking book for full GAPS!  It takes the same step-by-step hold-your-hand method to guide you through filling your freezer with nourishing grain free food.

Special features to work with your family

  • Rather than requiring one long 10-12 hour cooking day, there are 5 sections that take 2-3 hours each so bulk cooking can be spread out over a weekend, a week of nap times, evenings, or however fits in your schedule.  I know as a mother with young children, one with special needs, I do not have 10 hours to dedicate to the kitchen in a single swoop!
  • Small kitchen friendly.  We have done GAPS in small apartment kitchens, so I take space limitations into account with these instructions.
  • Clean up tips! I love to cook, but cleaning up notsomuch.  Tips to save dishes are scattered throughout the book.
  • Print-out re-heating instructions easily attach to your frozen meals to remind anyone how to reheat the meal.
  • Serving instructions and side dish suggestions are printed on the heating instructions.
  • Dairy free options for all meals.
  • Index of recipes included
  • Shopping list included
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Table of Contents:

Cooking block: Meat
Chicken, roasted or crockpot
Chicken, Stock
Ground beef
Taco salad
Tritip for soup
Chicken Pepper Poppers
Dehydrating and Condiments
Crispy nuts
Dried fruit
Herbed olive oil
Ranch Dressing
Blueberry syrup
Grain free granola
Carmelized onions
Squash fries
Roasted Veggies
Shepard’s Pie
Brussels Sprouts Slaw
Broccoli Beef Soup
Quick Mushroom Soup
Butternut Squash Soup
Cold Beet Soup
Baking 1
Sesame Seed Crackers
Baking 2
Zucchini Muffins
Pumpkin Pie Muffins
Loaded Breakfast Muffins
Nutbutter Brownies
Cowboy Cookies
Grocery Lists
Reheating Instruction Cards
* Bulk Cooking Tips and Dishes Saving Tips noted throughout


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30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Not sure if this is for you? I offer a no-questions-asked money back guarantee for the Freezer Cooking Guide! If this doesn’t work out, simply email me within 30 days of purchase and receive your full refund!


  1. Mrs. Mom of 6 says


    Just wanted to leave a note. We implemented the Baking 1 Block today… I forgot to make the pudding! And I changed the crepes to GAPS almond flour pancakes… but it went SO well. We were a little confused by the doubled recipe for the almond-berry scones… they took much longer to cook enough to separate than the Cinnamon Scones. Next time I will probably double the Cinnamon Scones too, and be sure to cook twice as long. Everything looks so yummy! Can’t wait to get eating!

    The time estimate was pretty accurate, though I didn’t do this alone, I had two helpers 9, and 6. The 9 year old actually mixed all of the GAPS recipes without my help, while I mixed up similar recipes for non-GAPS family members, so we actually made at least DOUBLE the amount of foods (between GAPS and non-GAPS) in the same time estimate. Took us 2.5 hours, including set up and clean up. Thanks so much for the book! Its a life saver.

    Mrs. Mom of 6 (p.s. did I mention I’m a full 9 months pregnant?? this is baby 6)

    • Mrs. Mom of 6 says

      Oh yeah, one more thing…. you were right in the beginning of the book when you state that this will take longer for people who are not familiar with cooking GAPS style recipes, etc. I hacked up some of the Meat Block for a volunteer helper, a mother of 1 infant. She took that part home, and it took her SUBSTANTIALLY longer than anticipated, even though I didn’t even have her make everything in the plan. What a help she was! I don’t think she knew what she was getting into!

  2. Steff says

    I’m intrigued by the Chicken Pepper Poppers, the Brussels Sprouts Slaw, and the Squash Fries… Everything sounds really good!

  3. Holli Anne Smith says

    Something went wrong. After I paid $10.80 for the ebook, I tried to download it but it won’t download. Is there some other way to get it to me through email? Otherwise I will be needing a refund….. Please let me know.

    • Cara says

      I emailed you! It’s best to email me about these kinds of questions, I don’t always see all the comments cara at

  4. Jill says

    I ordered this book last night and finally got through reading it. It’s a TON of recipes! I’m excited and nervous to try it out. I have a couple of questions:
    1) In the crepes recipe, what does “½ cup tablespoons coconut flour” mean? Is the tablespoons just an error and it is supposed to just read 1/2 cup? Or do you need extra tablespoons based on how it comes together?

    2) I’m new to cooking and so pardon me if this is a no-brainer question…For each of the blocks, do you work through them and when you have a few minutes between stirs or baking or whatever, do you start on the next recipe?

    3) For the meat block…roasted chicken says to pick chicken off bones, but then in the stock it says to pick off the meat after you strain the stock. Do you only pick off the big pieces originally and then do the remaining after the stock?

    I’m excited to try these out! We are new to grain free and are trying to be dairy free as well. May end up doing GAPS, but can’t convince hubby to go there yet. Baby steps…

    Thank you for putting this together!!!!

    • Cara says

      Sorry- that’s a typo- 1/2 cup coconut flour
      Yes, keep moving through the block as you have a minute when things are cooking, this is how freezer cooking becomes really efficient we use every minute :)
      Meat block- I need to go look, that may be a miss print, but I usually pick the meat off, then make stock, then pick even more meat off after making stock since it kind of loosens the stuck on stuff.

      So glad I could help!

      • Jill says

        Thank you so much for such a quick response! I appreciate it greatly! I’ll let you know how it goes when I get around to trying it all out. We are currently using what is on hand to clear out the house as much as possible.

  5. Jill says

    One more thing…remember that I’m a newbie so I may be asking questions that seem obvious, but I’m missing it. :-)
    What do you do with the soups? Do you blend them or leave them in chunks? Do you add them to stock or water? How long do you cook them for?

    • Cara says

      You place the whole ‘pack’ in the crockpot for 6-8 hours on low, or heat until veggies are tender on the stovetop. I didn’t think about that- I’ll add in directions for the soups too :)

      • Jill says

        Leave it to me to help guide you on what is missing for the novice! :-) Will it be possible to download the updated file when you add that piece in?

        • Cara says

          Haha, I welcome feedback! Yes, email me to check in after the holidays- I’m having some trouble with the automatic updates, but always can send by email :)

  6. joni says

    How does the freezer guide fit with the menu plans? Do they correspond with the menus or are they just extra. Sorry, I just don’t understand how if I get started on the menu plans will the freezer guide help me prepare for them?

    • Nichole says

      I was coming to ask the SAME exact thing!! Is this just going to be one weekly menu plan, or does it not correspond at all?


      • Vee says

        To Joni, Nichole, or Cara:
        Joni asked, “How does the freezer guide fit with the menu plans? Do they correspond with the menus or are they just extra. Sorry, I just don’t understand how if I get started on the menu plans will the freezer guide help me prepare for them?”
        Nichole asked as well.

        I’m hoping one of you ladies will post Cara’s reply so all others may read it. Thanks. : )

        • Cara says

          Hi guys, sorry, I was emailing those people back rather than responding here (why, I don’t know, sorry!) it doesn’t correspond with the meal plans, it’s a stand alone book. The meal plans more have you do a couple tasks to ‘prep’ the next day, this one does all the prep in one swoop.

  7. Kristi says

    Hi Cara,
    I just purchased the 30 days of the intro diet….I just finished day 4…I am hanging in there….I have a tree nut allergy….when it says I can introduce walnuts, can I introduce peanuts Instead or should I wait on legumes….?

  8. says

    Hello, I am very interested int his book, it looks like it would really help me and my family out with meal planning which is my great downfall but I was wondering if you could tell me some more aout the recipes. I am grain free but also can’t have dairy, egg, potato, sesame, almond, cane sugar, banana, onion… those are the major ones. Will I still be able to use most of these recipes? Thanks for your help! :)

  9. Moonablaze says

    I purchased this book a while back as part of an ebook bundle and it’s the only one of dozens of books I actually cook from regularly!

  10. says

    Hi Cara, I follow the body ecology plan… I know it’s pretty similar to GAPS … but I was wondering if the book about planning meals ahead of time, if I could take your info and easily adapt it to add in other recipes that you do not include?
    Thank you…

  11. Amanda Nerone says

    I bought the freezer meal book as part of a pack some time ago. Is there a shopping list in the book? I’m not seeing it.

    • Cara says

      Hi William, I don’t – some people opt to have a place like Staples print it and bind it for them, or print from their home computer and hole punch it to put in a binder.

  12. Carolyn says

    hi cara, I bought the grain free freezer guide a couple of months ago, printed some of it out, then ran out of ink. I haven’t needed since then as we’ve all been doing the introduction, unfortunately now I want to print it out properly, I cant seem to locate it on my computer. Would it be possible for you to send it to me again? thank you so much, Carolyn, P.S. you probably sent it to my husbands email address as we would have paid for it via his PayPal account.

  13. Larry says

    Hi Cara,

    I am very interested in your grain free freezer guide. I just looked at the sample pdf and see a couple of challenges for me. I am dairy free and sugar free and I have noticed that you have some recipe’s that call for dairy. I have discovered that even honey is being targeted as sugar and should only be used for medicinal purposes. Apparently only pure Stevia and Xylitol are safe for me. Do you have any recipe’s that are non dairy/sugar? I just noticed Coco’s post on July 31st of 2013 which was never replied to. I look forward to your thoughts.

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