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The month of October is a great month to start the GAPS intro! Sign up now, and receive 6 weeks of information and motivational emails, get a discount for the What Can I Eat Now, 30 Days on the GAPS Introduction Diet e-book, and get ready to heal and seal that gut!

We’ll start our 30-day GAPS Intro Challenge on October 1st.

Why October? It’s cooling off, so soups that are such a big part of the GAPS intro diet are fantastic. School routine is well under way, and there aren’t any major holidays (well, I know the one at the end of the month, but GAPS people really shouldn’t be eating commercial candy at all- we’ll talk about how to make GAPS legal candy if needed)

“Intro,” as GAPSters like to call it, is a great way to rest and restore the gut lining, which can help with food allergies, skin rashes, digestive trouble, behavior issues, yeast, and mroe. Read more about the GAPS Intro Diet here.  Pregnant or breastfeeding? Check out the GAPS Diet while Pregnant or Breastfeeding post.  Looking for recipes? See my ever expanding GAPS Recipes page.

Why do you want to start the GAPS Intro?

Comment on this post and two winners will win the intro e-book for free (I’ll choose randomly from the comments a week from today)


*extra entry: Give us your favorite GAPS Intro tip if you’re a pro!

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Author: Kelly
After 8 years of misdiagnosis by drs with little empahy for me and my issues because I refused the cocktails of meds they wanted me on and I knew were not the real isse, I’ve found some hope for healing with gaps. I’ve got many food allergies as well as skin allergies, I need to do the gaps challenge but just haven’t been able to Alone. I have seen some start to healing after going primal for 8 months so I know I would benefit greatly from this challenge and the ebook. I’m up for it, but need all the help I can get!!

Your Winner

Author: Margaret

I just bought your ebook a few weeks ago with the intention to start in October! I have fibromyalgia/pcos/hypothyroidism and my youngest daughter has an egg white allergy and has skin sensitivity. So, the whole family is going GAPS for awhile. It will be great to be doing the intro with others! It is a little bit intimidating, but I have already starting prepping veggies/broth and freezing them so that it is as easy as possible when we start. Thanks for this challenge! It comes at the right time!

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About Cara

Cara is the main author here at Health Home and Happiness. She loves the health and energy that eating well and playing well provides and has a goal to share what she's learned with as many families interested in making healthy changes as possible.

She helps other families achieve health in simple steps with the GAPS Starter Package, The Empowered Mother Pregnancy Resource, and helps them stock their freezer for busy days with Grain-Free Freezer Cooking Guide.


  1. Why do I want to start this diet? My 8 year old daughter has been complaining of her stomach hurting for years now. The dr put her on such strong meds that the insurance refused to cover it stating that there was no medical reason necessary for such strength. Since being on the medication she complains more than ever and most nights she ends up in my room crying. :( She is very skinny and the medical bills are taking up so much money. :( I would love the encouragement to do this diet with her and see if it helps her at all.

  2. This would be a wonderful opportunity for me and my kids. My oldest is on the Autistic Spectrum with sensory disorders and muscular issues. My youngest seems very susceptible to skin rashes and ailments. Then there are things I need to address for myself as well, such as repeated kidney stones, extreme fatigue, etc. I am surmising this is gut related and keep adding small pieces, hoping that I am helping. It is all very confusing and quite overwhelming. Too, revamping everything at once seems hard on such a tight budget. A guide, some hand holding, would be a gift beyond measure!!!!

  3. I want to start the diet to hopefully end the joint pain I’ve experienced for 16 years now. Conventional medicine can’t explain it, and can only attempt to treat symptoms…and I want healing! And if I also find relief from my allergies and asthma, that will be a bonus :)

  4. I would like to do this- to help with me face rash, and for my son- unfortunately I tried the intro with him, and he just wouldn’t do it- but the goat yogurt Popsicles have been very healing to his gut.

  5. Cheryl Rector says:

    I think I am finally ready to do this. I have had so many problems, none of them really serious, but all of them adding up are just too much, and they seem to be getting worse. I refuse to become decrepit! Also, my daughter complains every single day of pains in her body, and I WILL NOT allow her to become like me. I’m ready for some healing, that seemingly medicine can’t provide.

  6. Heather Brandt says:

    I’d love to win because my son needs gut healing & we don’t have spare cash for purchasing the intro e-book or any GAPs books right now.

  7. I would like to win to have access to all of your experience and knowledge. I have been toying with GAPS for months now due to issues with chronic pain that doctors can not explain. Currently, I have been gluten free (omitted, not substituted with all the crazy gluten free foods out there) for almost 3 months and have eliminated beans for 2 months. I have cut almost all other grains, though I still have an occasional tortilla chip. I really want to complete the intro in its entirety and see what it brings. These past few months I have had some relief and I suspect that the Intro might be just what I need.

  8. Although I am reluctant to call myself a pro, I have been successful at cutting nearly all grains and legumes for the 3 last months from my diet. My number one tip that has helped me succeed is to transform your kitchen into a GAPS kitchen. Put away all those things that might tempt and tease you into cheating. My bread machine and pizza baking stone are neatly put away so I don’t have to look at them and long for what they make while I’m eating. I realize that eventually I will be able to make GAPS foods with them, but it’s such a fine line between cheating and not for me, that for now, I’ve kept meals simple and haven’t tried making GAPS breads or pizza crust. Now I stare at gorgeous ferments, my dehydrator, and a bubbling crockpot and still find myself excited about my next meal. Instead of feeling like I’m missing out on that sourdough toast, I can’t wait to try my next batch of LF veggies.

  9. Charity Sauve says:

    I would LOVE to win a copy of your Intro book! I did a week on Intro in April of this year, and have been doing GAPS off and on since then. I am finishing up a healing alternative treatment for Lupus, and just got totally off the steroids I had been on for years! October would be a great time to do the Intro again and hopefully see greater healing in my gut and overall health!
    Thanks for hosting this!

  10. Perfect! I’ve been waiting for the fall to really dive into this. I read the book, tried intro for a couple of days, and then stopped. I’m readying to really heal myself.

  11. Mary Behrens says:

    I would love to finally start the GAPS intro diet. We have known about it for months and it’s time to begin! My daughter has serious candida issues and is getting married in a few months, so we need to get her gut healed so she can enjoy her life and new journey!

  12. I just bought your ebook a few weeks ago with the intention to start in October! I have fibromyalgia/pcos/hypothyroidism and my youngest daughter has an egg white allergy and has skin sensitivity. So, the whole family is going GAPS for awhile. It will be great to be doing the intro with others! It is a little bit intimidating, but I have already starting prepping veggies/broth and freezing them so that it is as easy as possible when we start. Thanks for this challenge! It comes at the right time!

  13. My husband & I are both overweight. We have a 2 yr old & a 2 month old. I want to do this for them, and for ourselves. My baby & my toddler both have extremely sensitive tummies. I can’t eat eggs, dairy, broccoli, cauliflower, beans or onions while nursing my baby or he SCREAMS! :( We need to get healthy & shed this weight so we can be there for them!

  14. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a couple months now. I need to put my entire family on this diet. My husband, who refused to try it before, has now gotten to the point where he’s willing to try anything in order to feel better. My 3yo complains of tummyaches nearly every day despite my care to avoid her allergens of wheat, dairy, and dyes. I think there’s more to her issues, and I’m pretty certain that GAPS will allow her to feel her best. All of us need this to varying degrees, but I’ve been resistant to start because I buy things in bulk, and I’ve still got quite a lot of oatmeal, cornmeal, and rice on hand. I think October is a great time to do it for the reasons you mentioned. My family would have balked at eating so many soups in hot weather!

  15. I have been working on reclaiming my health for 4 years. I eat a paleo diet – mostly quality organic/pastured meats, meat fats, coconut oil and organic fruits/veggies. However my digestion has continued to be a challenge. I am sure I must have a leaky gut and even though I am eating quality foods, I suspect I have developed some food allergies that are hindering my progress. This seems like a logical way to try and heal my gut. I am also a wellness coach and have found that the best way to lead others is to have walked the talk. I look forward to learning how to incorporate the gaps diet into my wellness toolbox.

  16. I would like to do the GAPS Intro to hopefully heal my gluten intolerance.

  17. I’ve been dealing with digestive issues the past year or so, and I’d really like to see if this would help.

  18. I actually just started on GAPS Intro 4 days ago, with the help of your ebook. I am very proud of myself for taking this step to improve my help. I want to address the excema that I have had my entire life and to improve my gut health before we try to conceive another baby (my first is 20 months old). I look forward to following along with the people who will be starting in October! I would also love to win another copy of the ebook, which I would give to my brother and his wife. He has severe food intolerances and he and his wife are always sick, but I know they want to have healthy babies some day. Thanks for all your work to support the GAPS community!

  19. I’m really interested in this challenge! I did an elimination diet about 2 months ago because my son had eczema and I knew I was the culprit (I have digestive issues due to my c section – antibiotics, and pain meds). Within a week his face began to clear up and now he doesn’t scratch anymore. Thank God! I cooked with coconut oil, raw butter, If I was craving sweets I ate raw cream with strawberries and bananas. I just want to be healthy for my son since I plan on breastfeeding until he is 2 years old. This Challenge would encourage me & educate me on GAPS.

  20. Despite being wheat & dairy free (mostly gluten free), my food sensitivities seem to be getting worse and moving from GI issues to rashes and joint pain. October is indeed a great month for soup and I’m eager to move forward in my healing journey.

  21. I have suffered from digestive complications for several years now and have only recently realized that the probable cause was a 3-year-long antibiotics regimen for acne when I was in high school. I need some major gut repair and I know this diet would do it, but I have been to intimidated to start. A challenge like this is just what I need!

  22. Katie Wyatt says:

    This is just what I needed as a jumpstart. We have read the book and wanted to do it, but found it difficult to implement. Having meal plans and shopping lists will be immeasurably helpful for us.

  23. I want to start the GAPS because I have psoriasis and my son has severe cystic acne and my daughter has dry scalp and tiny bumps on her arms. I think it would bless our family to give it a try.

  24. This is perfect! I had thought about starting it this month, but it didn’t pan out. (Though we do have a birthday to navigate in October…how long is the intro?) But it would be awesome to do it w/others as a group to have the support. I’m fairly certain I have gut issues, and my 4 year old had multiple food allergies and pretty intense dog/cat allergies (confirmed by blood test). My almost two year old daughter has a milk allergy (and I suspect others, but only milk came up on the blood test). I really look forward to finding healing for everyone’s issues. :-)

  25. I would love the e-book and challenge. We started on Gaps a year ago in October and could use a refresher. I have been thinking for a while about doing the intro. We did not do that the first time and it seemed impossible for a while with three kids and a picky husband. Now we are ready for some more healing.

  26. My husband and I have been hoping to give this a try and doing it with a group of people would be perfect!

  27. You rock! This is just the kind of accountability I needed!!!!! Plenty of time to prepare!

  28. I want to see if it will help me heal from anxiety, depression, migraines, and high blood pressure.

  29. I want to start this diet because my oldest son has ADHD and possibly Asperger, is underweights, has multiple food allergies and bladder control issues. My youngest son has OCD, Tourette’s syndrome, adhd, has struggled with lactose intolerance, has frequent stomach aches, is slightly overweight and has serious seasonal allergies. I am really hoping to see some improvement in both my boys’ symptoms.

  30. I would love to win the ebook to have hope to regain my health. I’m paleo right now (hubby is primal as he does some dairy) but am sure both hubby and I have leaky gut with all of the adult onset allergies we’ve developed. To heal our many food allergies, asthma, his chronic sinus issues, my chronic pain issues and see if it could get us off all of our meds! You are so right, fall is the perfect time for this and we are both ready for the challenge that will reap many benefits to our health! With my working full time and him in school full time we can’t afford this any other way right now. The hope of his clinicals and eventually job being easier due to better health and never ending up on a ventilator again and the hope of my being able to continue working full time and not going on FMLA due my health would be amazing!

  31. I have been wanting to try GAPS for a long time, mainly for help with my rosacea, which is so severe I’ve been on antibiotics for the last year (I know, I know … bad news).

  32. I want to start this diet to help my Aspie hubby with anxiety, and other issues related to ASD. I also want to start this diet to help my brother with Crohn’s disease, and my mom’s overall mood issues. We were talking about starting in January, but maybe October is a better idea!

    Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  33. I want to start the Intro because I know GAPS is so helpful and good for my family. Between my roommate who has aspergers, my husband whom has gluten/grian intolerance, and my tendancy towards moodiness, I really want something to help. Your meal plans are wonderful (wish I didn’t have money constraints!) and I know you would write an excellent guide for Intro, which we haven’t done yet.

  34. This would be wonderful. I had major jaw surgery six months ago and since then have discovered I have quite a few food allergies. I have suffered from painful tummy issues for years but never knew what to do. I have recently gone off of gluten, dairy and eggs but I am still in pain. I know the Gaps diet would help me, but I am scared to jump in. Plus, I just don’t know where to start. And, how do I keep my husband and 2 year old daughter happy too?

  35. halleluja! i’ve been praying for an opportunity like this!! our whole family needs healing. thanks!!

  36. Oh wow!! This is so sweet of you :). Yes I would definitely like to win the intro book as I need as much help as possible figuring out what to cook and money is tightening around here.

  37. I have been doing GAPS for nearly a year now for ezcema and allergies and have done intro once but my ezcema has gotten really bad again and I know I should do intro again and probably stay off fruit and honey for a while too, but it is so hard to consider going back there, I have no motivation to do it and would love some help

  38. We’ve been doing full GAPS for a while now, but never did intro because we were breastfeeding. I want to do the challenge next month because my daughter is finally weaned and willing to eat sauerkraut!

  39. I have never really considered doing GAPS before- but recently I have been struggling with pain in my stomach in the morning. For no good reason except I have started to really listen to my body. And it says it wants to get fixed. I would love to win the book and learn more about it.

  40. Have been planning on doing the intro diet in October when kids are all back in school. Need at address the leaky gut issues I have. Would love the e-book!

  41. I’ve been on full Gaps since January but still have allergies and IBS that I want to heal and know intro is the way to do that.

    Advice, get lots of ferments going early. For my that is pickled veg and kimchii and ginger carrots, all delicious.

  42. Hi Cara!

    I’m looking forward to starting the GAPS Intro and am grateful to be able to participate in this challenge! The timing is right about when I was planning to start anyhow!

    My reasons for starting are MANY! First, I am not afraid to start on a new diet protocol, having experienced the Raw Food Diet (completely raw/vegan, which was quite a switch for us!) on my own (for my husband and myself) from Oct ’09 – Jan ’10 and loved the experience! That was another part of my continuous health and wellness journey.

    I discovered the GAPS Diet just a little over one month ago (Dr. Mercola’s article with video of NCM) and soon found your website. I knew this was the diet protocol that would help with many issues for myself (hypothyroid, hormonal imbalance, candida), my husband (digestive issues), and for multiple family members who suffer from a variety of issues, including possible dyspraxia in my 28-month old grandson.

    In addition to experiencing the diet myself for my own healing, I hope to be prepared to recommend the protocol to future clients, as well as provide support for those already on the GAPS Diet here locally. I intend to partner with newly GAPS Diet Certified practitioners in my area. I realize this is quite a challenging diet protocol to follow and hope to be a great resource for people.

    INTRO TIP: Be careful not to reintroduce too many foods at once as you advance through the stages — take things gradually. I’ve often seen families have to go back to the beginning of the Intro Diet because of reactions that could not be tied to a specific food since too many new ones were added at once.

    Thank you so much for offering this challenge!! I’m going to be starting my very first batches of sauerkraut and kimchee tomorrow!! They should be just about ready by the time we start the diet. :)

    Warm regards,

  43. I’ve been looking for something like this ever since a chronic asthma attack sent my respiratory haywire. I would love to see how something like this could help and also how it works on a college budget. Thanks for what you’ve done so far!

  44. Rachael Shaw says:

    I have wanted to try GAPS for a while. I was grain free for about three weeks hoping it would help my food intolerance’s, but i am still having some problems. I’m always suspicious that my boys are struggling with intolerance’s and i would love to just get them all wiped out!

  45. Rachael Shaw says:

    Not a pro, but my tip is to have lots of produce on hand when you are grain free! I can’t believe how much more fruit and veggies I ate! A favorite meal for me was fried sweet potatoes. This hit the spot when I was sick of salad and my family was having something warm like grilled cheese.

  46. We’re taking the challenge! My youngest is allergic to grain and, though not diagnosed, I see a myriad of behaviors in the autism/ADHD range (he would be my 3 rd child with an ADHD diagnosis). My older child, 17, has a diagnosed dairy allergy. I am thrilled you were healed in 6 weeks as this will cause her to jump in and do this. I have a wheat allergy (not diagnosed), am hypoglycemic (as are the two above). I needef to see this as for quite

  47. Whoops – don’t turn your head and hit buttons at the same time! I have been trying different things to make life work, but the only thing, I have come to realize, is doing the Intro and there’s no way I can do this alone! My two kiddos will be fussing and fuming, my husband will be poo-pooing it. So I will need your support! I KNOW GAPS IS THE ANSWER…..thanks for doing this!

  48. I would like to receive the free info because I have two kids with very leaky gut as well as myself. We are sensitive to most everything, and I personally suffer from depression and beginning aches and pains. My eldest has Down Syndrome and Autism combined, and my youngest has sensory, anxiety and obsession issues. We need help, and we need it now. Thank you so much for doing this:)

  49. I would like to do the intro diet to get rid of my seasonal allergies and heal the lining of my gut, so that I can digest food better and put on muscle mass. Being a broke college student, getting the e-book for free would be a huge help. Thanks for this opportunity.

  50. What?! How did I miss this. I planned on starting another round of intro around the end of the month, so I’ll rearrange for Oct. 1. Perfect! Thanks Cara. :) It’s always better to have a support group to do it with. I’ll link this post on my blog and make the announcement!!

  51. I would like to try this with a support group – I would like to get my daughter and grandkids to try it more!

  52. I’ve been wanting to try GAPS for some time and a challenge with support sounds like a super way to go about it! I’ve been working towards wheat free for almost a year and actually have managed the last three months gluten free. I think my gut, and the guts of my family could use a good healing touch.

  53. I’m trying to become healthier by eliminating grains, dairy and sugar from my diet, but could use some accountability and motivation. I’ve made a lot of progress, but then if I haven’t planned, things can get off track rather quickly. Thanks for doing this.

  54. I’m on board for the GAPS 30 day intro challenge. I tried it a while back and felt great the 10 days I lasted on it :-) so I could definitely use the support and motivation to stay the 30 day course. Thanks Cara

  55. I would be interested in your e-book because I have gluten intolerance, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and eczema. My toddler son had eczema on his cheeks that has resolved into tiny bumps, perhaps keratis pilaris (not itchy). I’d like to get rid of those. My 4 yr. old daughter struggles with constipation and for the last month has complained about how her tummy hurts “all the time”. Thanks for your helpful site.

  56. I found your website last year when I first began the diet for my young sons chronic respiratory ailments. It had a profound effect for the better and my other kids responded positively as well. I have been marshalling my resources to prepare for a larger re-commitment for the diet to assist in my own healing efforts and saw the challenge. Just the thing I needed to push me off the fence! Intro was challenging last time and we left too I’m intrigued by the ebook. However, my additional tip is to have lots of what you can eat on the intro frozen and ready to go. Apples, squash, sausage, etc. all frozen and ready to grab. Clean out all the other non-GAPS stuff so it’s not a temptation too!

    • That’s wonderful, I can’t think of much that would be more scary than watching a child struggle to breathe (respiratory), I hope he is healed quickly!

  57. I would love to start the 30 day GAPS challenge. I have been battling some liver issues, which is also affecting my gallbladder for over a year now. I am in constant pain and am ready for healing. I have always needed help with learning what is good for my body, and which foods work better for me. Thanks for offering this solution. My whole family will benefit from it as well. Some of my children and my husband have attention disorders.

  58. I signed up for the 30 day challenge. I would love to win your book. Chronic tiredness and aches and pains are leading me to try the GAPs diet. I’m not sure it I can get the rest of the family onboard though.

  59. I keep coming across information regarding the GAPS diet. It is very intriguing to me and it seems as though the Lord keeps purposefully putting it in front of me. My family doesn’t have any major digestive issues that we are aware of, but my oldest daughter, who was born before I was so aware of the plethora of food issues, was not started out on a whole foods diet. My oldest is the most likely to get sick, while the younger two have never had a bacterial infection of any kind and seem to have hardier immune systems. My youngest is by far the healthiest of my three kiddos, as she has benefited from the knowledge I have gained over the years. I think my oldest might have some minor repair work needed on her gut to help her immune system. While our eating habits might be better than most, I am just really beginning to read about soaking grains and fermenting foods. These are new concepts for me. I would love to receive a copy of the intro book to get started, as it seems overwhelming and such a large change from the way we currently eat. Thanks!

    • I know, I kept trying to avoid GAPS (it’s overwhelming to start!) and God kept sticking it everywhere that I was looking!

      • Like me Cara :) And despite of that in Slovakia isn´t konwn this diet, one people said me about it and told me, that it would help me, I began to search. And thanks to Your help,website and cookbooks, I´ll able to start with You in october – and I believe, that it will help me to heal :) And it gives a lot of hope also to my husband!

      • Jen and Cara, same here. My 2nd daughter (I have 4) was given the diagnosis of ASD in May. My husband and I are not the type of people to mamange an issue – we like to eradicate them! When I stumbled across the GAPS science (who am I kidding, there is no such word as “coincidence” in Hebrew), I knew it was a God moment. He is good and I look forward to having my daughter healed as a testament of His goodness. :)

  60. We’re in! I’ve been primal for a while now (6 months? I’m not sure) but still struggle with some symptoms. Now I’m seeing behaviours and symptoms in my little girl that just should not be there and I know this has to happen. My husband is pretending not to hear what I’m saying but Oct 1 should be enough time to bang it into his head (I won’t even hope for enthusiastic support!). I’ll be getting the meal plan too. Thanks for these resources; you are helping a lot of people!

    • Lauren, you can forward him the emails, I’ve set up a little series for the challenge that you’ll get every 3-5 days between now and Oct 1st that goes over the basics of GAPS :)

  61. I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing the GAPS intro diet for about a month now – ever since I found out about it thru several websites. This 30 day challenge will be a great way to be part of a group healing and its just what I need to stick it out! What a great idea, I am looking forward to learning lots of great tips, recipes, etc. Thank you.

  62. Mary Cay McMullen says:

    I’m dealing (not very successfully) with an autoimmune rheumatic disease called spondylarthritis. I’m supposed to be taking methotrexate but refuse. The arthritis is wreaking havok on my intestines now despite being grain, legume and mostly dairy free for the past 3 years. Spondylitis and bowel disease are closely related, so I’ve been wanting to do GAPS, just a little overwhelmed by it all. Thanks.

  63. Hi Cara,
    I have tried it for awhile. I think I felt better, but now I think I needed it plus lots of encouragement :)
    Thank you!

  64. I would love to win! We keep putting GAPS off because it seems too much. I just told my husband last week that we NEED to start it soon so we are trying to come up with a meal plan so we don’t get overwhelmed and quit again. Mostly for our kids but we have a few issues too I’m curious to see what will happen with. Thanks for this giveaway!

  65. I have recently been diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases. I have been ill for a year now and I am not the person I once was. I used to be an avid outdoors woman who hiked, kayaked, fished, and worked in the garden for hours. Now, all I can do is sit and watch others. Most days, the fatigue is horrible and I can’t lift my arms.
    Thank you for making this transition easier. I put off buying the GAPS book because of the price, but it should arrive this week.
    I am expecting a miracle. I am hoping to be the poster woman for this diet!

  66. My husband and I are always looking for ways to improve our health and ways to solve different ailments.

  67. I really need to start GAPS but it feels so overwhelming I’ve really been putting it off longer than needed. I decided after my son’s bday at the end of the month I will start it. This is perfect timing! I really need the extra help and support. I’ve been avoiding spending any more money on GAPS material since it all adds up so fast. I would love to win the book!

  68. My husband, 13 yo daughter, and I have been doing GAPS for about 8 weeks now. I would say we are still mostly just on the intro diet. Wow, I feel like I could write lots and lots about our experience, but I’ll just say two things. One, it is well worth all the effort. Two, don’t get discouraged by set-backs. You may need to go back a stage or two every once in awhile. This is a long term cure, not a quick fix. Also, I recommend Cara’s intro book. While I didn’t implement it exactly as she has it planned, it really helped me not feel completely overwhelmed. Thank you, Cara, for the great resource!

  69. Please enter me to win! Excited about the challenge!

  70. I’d love to win this to help my daughter with her allergies. She has numerous allergies and food intolerences and I am starting to suspect both myself and my husband would benefit as well.

  71. I have been eating in a very nourishing way for nearly a year, but lately I’ve been cheating a bit and my body has really felt and exhibited the consequences! My husband has many issues that I believe would be cleared up by going on the GAPS diet (headaches, hives, bumps on upper arms, etc). I’m excited about this challenge!!

    P.S. Is the book necessary for the challenge, or will the emails provide sufficient information for the 30 days?


  72. After 8 years of misdiagnosis by drs with little empahy for me and my issues because I refused the cocktails of meds they wanted me on and I knew were not the real isse, I’ve found some hope for healing with gaps. I’ve got many food allergies as well as skin allergies, I need to do the gaps challenge but just haven’t been able to Alone. I have seen some start to healing after going primal for 8 months so I know I would benefit greatly from this challenge and the ebook. I’m up for it, but need all the help I can get!!

  73. I want to do this because I’m desperate for something to work. I’m in my 30s with fibromyalgia and several digestive problems, and I have two special needs kids (my oldest has autism and ADD, my youngest has severe ADHD and bipolar). Even on meds, life was a rollercoaster. Since going gluten-free, my oldest and I have gotten off meds and my youngest has lowered his dosage on ADHD meds, but it’s still tough around here. I’ve read a bit on GAPS and it seems very difficult and complicated, but I’m willing to try it to heal my family!

  74. I have been plagued with health problems for three years and in His mercy, God led me to a functional neurologist who connected the dots of my symptoms and diagnosed me with an autoimmune disorder. This is the root of my thyroid/hormone imbalance issues. I also have leaky gut syndrome, which some many autoimmune people have. I would love to have this GAPS intro to help heal my gut–which is my vital first step!

  75. I would love to win your Intro ebook. I have been working my family towards a GAPS diet slowly this summer and had really hoped to start this fall. My husband is finally starting to get on board with it. Also my habits are getting into place for preparing everything. Great idea to do it as a group!

  76. I am so glad you are doing this. I have bought your GAPS intro book and love it. I have been working all summer stocking up on meat and freezing vegetables. I still am pretty far behind on the vegetables and I still have a lot of prep work to do. I work 10 hour days, so cooking when I get home is tough. It will be nice to have things prepared ahead of time.

    I did start the intro earlier this year with my husband and we did not make it very far because I was not prepared for all that needed to be done.

    I am a diabetic too, so I will be doing things slowly, so I do not have a lot fo low blood sugars. I am on full GAPS right now and have lowered my insulin levels quite a bit, so the intro should not be to much of a difference.

    My husband and Dad will be joining me. My Dad has a form of dimentia and I am hoping this diet will help him. My husband has migrains and I am hoping this will get rid of those and his allergies.

    Last but not least we want to get pregnant and have had no success in the past. Just being on full GAPs has helped me with my ovulation, so now we need to work on my husband.

    I am sure sometime this winter we will have no problem getting pregnant. Let’s hope and pray my husband makes it more than 3 days this time. :)

    He seems a bit more committed this time. I have been e-mailing him stories of peoples successes, so I think he sees this will benefit him. He says he is willing to see it through.

    I am really looking forward to going through the introduction with so many people.

    Thank you Cara for your book and your site, so we can start this all together.

  77. I have been praying for healing for a long time- for my 3 boys (5,4,2.5), my DH and myself. We have a mix of issues but the most immediate health challenge this time of year is extreme seasonal allergies. Our eating habits have been evolving over the course of several years but I feel that GAPS is the last big step in healing the root issues.

  78. Very excited for this!~ Had been following paleo eating plan for a while- and for the most part still am, but need to explore this as a supplement to that as well. Beans included on GAPS?

  79. I’d love to win your ebook. My friend has been telling me I should try GAPS for my kids allergies.

  80. I have been thinking of trying gaps to heal my gut, and this challenge may be just the push I need. Thanks!

  81. I would love the ebook. I need some guidance on each step.

  82. My best tip for the GAPS diet is to meal plan and make things ahead to put in the freezer. It’s easiest to cave and fall off the diet when you don’t have a plan, the day has been long, and you need to buy and cook food.

  83. I would love to win this. I have multiple food and environmental allergies, Ankylosing Spondylitis, asthma, and migraines. My oldest has Aspergers and Hashimotos Encephalopathy, and my youngest has ADHD. I have read the GAPS book, but have been too intimidated to try the intro diet. Hopefully, the guide will help with that!

  84. well… I had my first bought of bronchitus last year which left me with what the doctors diagnosed as asthma. Never had any ailments before this. But as I began my own research I am convinced I do not have asthma but some kind of digestive ailment.. maybe Gerd causing asthma like symptoms. After changing my diet I came off ALL asthma meds (there were quite a few) But I still deal with digestive issues and it effects my throat pretty bad. I’m pretty sure I have some food sensitivites but it’s hard to pin point what they are. I’m hopeing the gaps diet will help with that!! Also, my 6 yr old daughter complains of stomache pain so I have a feeling she also has some food sensitivites. We eat pretty healthy (following WAPF way of eating)… but I think we need more. =) Thank you for this oppurtunity!

  85. We have been doing GAPS for three months and were looking to start the Intro in October because it will be cooler and then my husband will join us. I have many of the same issues others have mentioned here – aches and pains, digestive issues, miscarriages, adrenal fatigue and sub-clinical hypothyroidism. I’ve tried many things – gluten- free, raw, the Maker’s Diet and while I had some relief I knew I wasn’t reaching the core problem. My family has issues too like acne, food allergies and learning disabilities. GAPS has been an answer to prayer and having others committed at the same time will be so encouraging and helpful! I pray you all will be dedicated and faithful. I’d have to agree with those above that planning ahead is a big key to success. We’ve been working toward this end all summer so little at a time is a good tip also. Start now adding in broth, cultured veggies and other new foods you may not be used to (not just eating but also cooking). Getting used to the time and cost factor takes time too. It is tougher when not everyone in the family is participating. If you can, get everyone on it together and have them help you prepare meals (if they can). Cara’s monthly receipe guides are the best! All my best to all of you! Thanks for putting this together Cara!

  86. I went gluten free 5 years ago when I learned I had Celiac Disease. While I’ve had many improvements, there are some lingering issues (low energy, depression, hypothyroidism, foggy brain) that I hope the GAPS diet will eliminate. I had been thinking of doing the Intro when the weather cooled down and was excited to learn about the 30 Day Challenge. Thank you.

  87. Thank you for doing this! I am wanting to do this GAPS challenge for more knowledge, wisdom and, support on my journey to better health. I have both IBS and Endometriosis, as well as multiple food allergies and chemical sensitivities and depression/anxiety. I have been avoiding Gluten and Dairy for almost 6 months now. I have noticed some difference for the better, but know I need to do more. I am hoping that GAPS will help me in getting even healthier and eventually become symptom free.

  88. I would love to try this challenge to heal my leaky gut, my candidasis symptoms and to help with aches and pains as well as chemical sensitivities, allergies,major gluten/grain sensitivities and hopefully remove all the inflammation in my body.I am not looking for help with the serotonin syndrome but who knows!!Am I asking for a lot? I hope so and I am very optimistic!!We are also on a very limited budget.I have been too sick to work for the last five years. No assistance available and 1 1/2 years fighting social security.I want to get well!!Thank you so much for this challenge!!

  89. We’re going to do Intro in October with our 8yo. He and I have been on full GAPS for almost a year. He enjoys cooking and baking, and has begun gathering his very own binder of recipes. He’d be so excited to win this set of special recipes to guide him through the stages.

  90. Suffering from digestive issues, I’ve been wanting to start the GAPS Intro diet for some time now. However, I’ve been finding excuses not to do it and instead I started the Paleo diet, hoping it would be enough. Unfortunately the digestive issues didn’t go away. I think I really need to do the GAPS diet to heal my gut. I’m also planning to get pregnant soon and I want to give my child the best possible start in life. When I read about your challenge starting in October, I knew that this would be a great opportunity to get started and stay motivated.

  91. Yay! We were planning to start intro in a few weeks, so this is perfect. Autumn does seem a great time to do it. All those soups and stews didn’t seem quite so appealing in the summer, but ideal food as we move into cooler weather.

  92. It is time to start GAPS diet I think. DD has gut issues, DS1 has autism, DS2 has lactose intolerance and I have gluten intolerance. I have read the book and started us all on probiotics + cod liver oil and seen an improvement already….. so it will be great to go on this journey with others for some encouragement. Great starting time as the weather gets cooler and we are all in routine :-)

  93. I had planned to do intro in October anyway, so this is perfect! I’ve been on full GAPS and dairy free GAPS for a while now. Time to take the plunge. Just have to be careful b/c I am breastfeeding (son is 4 months old).

  94. One tip – don’t go overboard on nuts. I sometimes fall into that trap. They are easy…but too many can cause problems…and be expensive!

  95. In our house we deal with food allergies, eczema, weight issues, digestive issues etc. I think GAPS is just what we need! October seems like the perfect time to start.

  96. I want to sign up for the challenge because I want to have more children :) at least we’re hoping it will help me get healthy enough to try again. I have lupus and with my first (and only) child I had a lot of health complications at delivery that led the docs to advise me not to have more children. At 25 and with one child I’m not satisfied with that advice. If God will bless me with more, then I want to be as healthy as I can be.

  97. I signed up because I’ve been thinking this is what my family needs for quite a while now. However, I have been too afraid to start. This is perfect to really get me going. My husband even whole heartedly agreed to do it. I was really expecting resistance there. Our 17 yo son is the only resister, and he probably needs it the most. He has a dairy allergy, eczema, and severe, chronic sinus congestion. I am hypothyroid and have digestion issues and various aches and pains. Hubby is diabetic and has chronic back pain. We are all over weight. I have been running into GAPS diet for months now. This is just the push I needed to finally get started.


  98. My daughter started having joint pain 4 years ago. From there we began the whirlwind in the medical world of going from doctor to doctor with no help. We travelled all over the U.S. trying to get some relief for her. Just last year a local natural doctor pinpointed some food allergies that seem to trigger the joint pain. I have two other children with health issues and we would greatly benefit from your wisdom of the Gap diet. THANKS!

  99. I’ve lost weight a year ago after instituting a GAPS/Paleo type diet. I need to gain weight. Is it possible to maintain/gain weight while doing the GAPS Intro?

  100. Jennifer B. says:

    I’ve been wanting to start GAPS for awhile now, but nervous about starting out. I am making stock in preparation, but this would be a big help. Finally convinced my husband to do this with me and our 3 kids.

  101. We’ve been thinking about trying out GAPS for a while, but the thought of jumping in has been a bit overwhelming! I signed my husband up for the emails too so hopefully we will both be inspired and make it happen!

  102. Hello,

    I’ve been doing the Nourishing Gourmet’s 10 day protein and produce challenge and the reduction in my sugar cravings has made it seem possible to attempt the GAPS diet. I have depression with anxiety, a number of food allergies and abdominal bloating so would love to be able to do more to heal these conditions. Best of luck to everyone giving it a go.

  103. i’ve been having all kinds of increasingly whacked out problems and i swear that they are all digestion related. then a friend told me about gaps, i read the book, and it it all resonated with me – totally made sense. i started the intro in july for a month and felt great – i wanted to extend the intro as long as possible and was in intro phase 2 when i had to stop. i’ve been in misery ever since but i’m holding off so that my husband, son, and i can do this together. this is the perfect time. i can see the digestive problems that i have starting at a younger age in my son. and my husband is a total sugar-holic. yup – this will be good.

  104. I have been on a journey toward reclaiming my health for the last few years. I have been gluten free for 2 years now and have had periods without dairy and/or grains, legumes and caffeine but I they always seem to sneak back in. I suspect Candida and Leaky gut as my digestion continues to be a challenge. While not severe it is present in my life on a regular basis. The GAP diet has always intrigued me and seems like a great way for me to finally heal my gut. I am in the midst of finishing my second nutrition program and I want to focus my work on digestive health, so getting my digestive health in order will allow me to better support my clients. I look forward to learning more! Blessings!

  105. I definitely need to do a reset, I’m sure my body is filled with toxic materials. I didn’t have eczema when I lived in the UK, but in the US I have it. Just too much damage in the food supply.

  106. I am so thankful and excited about this challenge!!!! I have been trying to better my journey of stewardship of all God has given me. Taking care of my home (cleaning and organizing…YUCK), homeschooling 3 kids(CRAZINESS), budgeting,feeding my family healthy whole foods(seems impossible $$$). The list goes on and on. But I tend to become overwhelmed when faced with challenges. I set out on the task of trying to make a meal plan a few months back. But shortly after getting started(and feeling like I was getting somewhere). I found out that my youngest daughter has several food allergies and sensitives. So all that I had worked on was no good! It stopped me dead in my tracks!! I am taking part of a Meal Planning Challenge in hopes it will encourage to press on. But I find that I am just so overwhelmed and really don’t know where to start because of my daughter’s allergies. Friends on that Challenge suggested the GAPS diet to me. After reading some about it, I felt even more overwhelmed. And very unsure where to begin.I believe it will greatly benefit my daughter’s allergies and her learning disabilities. But not only her,all of my family who have different digestion issues and learning difficulties. So I really hope this will encourage me!!!!

  107. I want to start the GAPS intro to help our whole family.I have digestive issues with lactose intolerance and gluten sensitivity. My daighter has eczema that I can not seem to get rid of and also some digestive issues. My son is a complete ball of emotions that I suspect may be helped with this diet. My husband needs this to help heal a few minor health issues and to see if the diet would help his blood pressure (I don’t think that this is one of the ailments that the diet is supposed to help, but I am willing to give it a try!). I have been putting this off for over a year, but you are right, October would be a good month to try the diet! Thank you for doing this for us all!

  108. My family wants to do this diet for all of us. My husband, to try and help his concentration problems he’s had since childhood. Me, for my energy and emotional stability, and my children to heal their guts from antibiotics use in infancy and head off any problems they have received from us.

  109. This is very exciting! Lord willing, this will prove beneficial to our family. The reason we would like to consider this is to benefit the health of our family.

  110. I’ve been doing GAPS for about a month now, and I’m ready to try the Intro diet. This challenge comes at a good time!

  111. My husband and I are on the GAPS intro for the second time (though we did a very short burst of intro this spring); we started mid-August. So even though I’ll have been on intro for a month and a half when you start the challenge, I can still learn and grow along with you. Thank you for doing this! I have autoimmune diseases that I want to stop in their tracks, and I know gut healing is an integral part of doing that. Blessings to you!

  112. Ooh, I really want that ebook! We just did intro a couple months ago and probably went through it too fast. I would like to do it again sometime, just not this soon. Great challenge, I hope lots and lots participate!

  113. Have seen muny improvement to symptoms of urticaria (skin itching), frequent sicknesses, ear infections, acne and tiredness from cutting gluten and other triggers and GAPS really seemed to help. Would like to do Intro again now that I know what’s going on and do it very seriously to try to heal some more.

  114. Our family has been on full GAPS since May 1st and have seen lots of improvement (husband lost 25 pounds, no more joint pain or stomach pain, to name many; my son with Down Syndrome and Autism has made many gains: reduced his constant humming noises, increased eye contact and beginning to vocalize). We had planned to do Intro. this summer, but to be frank, the idea just terrified me! I was so happy that we got our son on GAPS after his addiction to baguettes, rice cakes, cereal and milk, that the thought of him refusing soups three times a day and battling with him was just too much to handle!

    So yes, I have had a fear of Intro. Starting with a group of like-minded friends is just what we need. Better start making my sauerkraut!

  115. Excited to start October 1st and have other people to start with! Was the only post on starting about making saurkraut? Just want to make sure I don’t miss anything! Thanks:)

  116. Hi Cara,

    Would you recommend ordering the Gut and Psychology Syndrome book before starting this introduction? I was looking for a link from your site so you could get a little comission from it, but could not find one. Also, would you recommend ording the Gaps Guide still if we purchased the updated GAPS book and your intro ebook? I just want to make wise use of our limited funds and I really appreciate your help. I am so excited to do this diet!

  117. I signed up a couple of days ago … are there any emails that I have missed?

  118. Rachel Adina Impala says:

    Perfect timing for this. I am sick of being sick and although I have been doing SCD/full GAPS for a while I have never been able to get through the intro for a variety of reasons. Any support for this will be appreciated.

  119. Looking forward to joining all of you. I am going to do the GAPS Intro while the rest of the family is on full GAPS. After I get a handle on what to cook for intro for 3 teeens and a husband, I will put the family on intro and fianlly all of us on full GAPS. I’ve been doing the Standard Process Detox for the past 3 weeks and this is going to help me move into GAPS Intro very well. I’ve already lost 16 pounds and my craving for sweets is gone.

  120. I am preparing to start GAPs diet. I have gut flora imbalance. In fact, I believe the whole family to have as well. I am still getting information and the books for info.

  121. Hi Cara,

    I have been trying to heal my gut for 25 years! Though I am a very happy and mostly energetic person I was not always this way. I went through 5 years of bulemia and about 13 of anorexia (in the early 1980’s-90’s I was a trophy wife and didn’t know it) and I had CFS and clinical depression for 25 years so naturally my gut is thrashed. (Now that my husband left I have no more depression! lol.)Seriously I’ve used essential oils, Chinese herbs, flower essenses, you name it (I still use them) but I realized that after these last 9 months on WAPrice eating I still have malabsorption/ I added C.L.Oil, kefired milk, bone broth and it threw my body into a whorl for the last 10 days. So now I must face having to start at the beginning, again. I am committed and looking forward to it though it is not the best timing for me (I am going on a missionary trip for the last week of Oct) and I appreciate being able to do it along with your “gang” here, I really appreciate it. Thank you very much for sharing this life-enriching information.

  122. Is it too late to join the challenge? I have been trying to get started on the intro for way too long but run into one obstacle after another mostly just from pure ignorance! I need someone to “hold my hand” while I get going. I have been reading the Gut and Psychology Syndrome book and am about half way finished, have been making and drinking broth for several months but have not been able to get over the hurdle of just plunging in all the way!

  123. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button!

    I’d definitely donate to this excellent blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for bookmarking
    and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to brand new updates and will talk about
    this blog with my Facebook group. Talk soon!


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