Giveaway: Herbal Nurturing- a book full of herbal remedies for your family!


Herbal Nurturing from Frugal Granola I have been throughly enjoying the book Herbal Nurturing by Michelle of Frugal Granola! There was such a need for a simple herbal remedy book like this that doesn’t call for complicated recipes or expensive ingredients. When I received my e-book, I printed it out right away, punched holes in it, and gave it a place right in my ‘home management’ binder.

I love how the recipes are laid out, with information about the remedy, suggestions for substitutions and additions, directions, and contraindications all right on the page. Michele really did a fantastic job at being thorough yet not overwhelming with the information.

homemade lozenges Homemade lozenges (think natural healing hard candy for sore throats) were one of the first things I made out of the e-book. So fun, and they turned out perfectly.

Herbal ingredients Using beautiful fragrant natural herbs is so gratifying! And because the ingredients are nontoxic, it’s a joy to include the children.


Michele has generously offered to give away 2 copies of Herbal Nurturing to the readers here!

There are multiple ways to enter. Leave a comment for each way you enter. In one week I will close the comments, pick TWO winners by using a random number generator, and contact them by email that they have won. A copy of the E-book Herbal Nurturing will be emailed to each winner.

We have winners!


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I subscribed to your site via Facebook and sent to several of my friends. I was already a fan of Health Home and Happiness. I love home-made cures. I think it is important to teach my young kids that we can heal ourselves using items that are safe and most often that we can eat and not rely on allopathic drugs. My 16 year old already prefers taking homeopathic remedies for his ailments and my just turned 6 year old loves to make things. She would absolutely love making the throat losenges as she enjoys brewing a fresh pot of tea for her cough, sore throat or to help her sleep. Being able to incorporate the recipes from Herbal Nurturing would benefit my family greatly. Thanks for having this giveaway!

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This looks wonderful!

1. Go over and check out a sample recipe, and tell me what you liked about it in the comments.
2. Tell me if you’ve ever made your own herbal remedy, what you did, and how it worked.
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  1. I only saw one sample recipe – but in looking at the table of contents, I’m really interested in the headache cures. I just bought some tylenol for my kiddo and was sickened by how much crud was in it.

  2. The Mama’s Passion bath salts look neat!

  3. I also subscribe to your site!

  4. I subscribed to Frugal Granola via email.

  5. Bathing in rosebuds sounds heavenly at the moment.

  6. Danielle Hunt says:

    I subscribed to your site via Facebook and sent to several of my friends. I was already a fan of Health Home and Happiness.

    I love home-made cures. I think it is important to teach my young kids that we can heal ourselves using items that are safe and most often that we can eat and not rely on allopathic drugs. My 16 year old already prefers taking homeopathic remedies for his ailments and my just turned 6 year old loves to make things. She would absolutely love making the throat losenges as she enjoys brewing a fresh pot of tea for her cough, sore throat or to help her sleep. Being able to incorporate the recipes from Herbal Nurturing would benefit my family greatly. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  7. This looks wonderful!

  8. I checked it out and am just about to make the calendula salve. looks awesome!

  9. I subscribed to Frugal Granola via email.

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  11. I make my own elderberry tincture using 100 proof vodka and organic elderberries. I use this recipe

    It works great and has really helped with our immune system. I was getting tired of paying 15 at the store for a teeny bottle/ I now have enough to last for several months at a time.
    When well,we take a maintenance dose of 7 days on 2 days off , a tablespoon. When sick, you can take this every few hours to have it in your system, generally I take a couple teaspoons when fighting something or sick.

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  16. I shared this with my friends :)

  17. How intersting! Would love to read through that! so many different things, but I too would be interested in the headache remedies as I suffer from them all too frequently

  18. In the sample recipe, I love the “Learning at Home” section where she gives ideas for implementing teaching ideas.

  19. I love making remedies. Last year I made a black walnut hull tincture for the first time because a friend had a black walnut tree in her yard. I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, though! I’m going to be using it for a yeast cleanse since black walnut is so anti-fungal.

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  22. Love the way they incorporate a childs’ activity into the making of the salve! I follow you daily and share you with friends! Have a very blessed day!

  23. ChristineB says:

    I love your blog, whether I win a copy or not :) You give such great recipes and tips. Totally inspiring :D

  24. Andrea Barr says:

    Ooo I want this. It would help me get a kick start with my herbal medicine chest1

  25. Andrea Barr says:

    I like Frugal Granola on facebook.

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    I am on frugal granola’s mailing list.

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    I am subscribed to Health Home & Happiness!

  29. Ahh, I love the Bath salt idea! :) I’ve been wanting to get into bath salts the last several months already.

  30. I made my first salve a month or so ago. I loved the satisfaction it gave me so much that I told my hubby I want to start making all of my own salves, etc. :)
    The salve is working very well for anything I have used it for so far. I told my hubby that we could start using this instead of Bag Balm on the cows teats. I love the idea of using natural stuff & being self-sufficiant.
    I think I had gotten the recipe off of your blog.
    It was made of coconut oil, beeswax, & essential oil. I shared the recipe with some friends who are enjoying the salve very much. One young girl is finding that this works better then anything they have ever bought to heal scars & scrapes from playing sports. :)
    Thank you for sharing & God bless.

  31. My little girl loves to help me in the kitchen and would love to work with me to make healing salve! She is already so nurturing and this would really help.

  32. I already subscribe to Health, Home and Happiness!

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  34. I shared this giveaway with five friends through email!

  35. I’m already a subscriber to your blog.

  36. I like that the recipes don’t have a long list of crazy ingredients and her tips at the end are very helpful. I’m very interested in finding out more about the headache gel.

  37. I already subscribe to frugal granola.

  38. I already subscribe to health, Home, and Happiness!

  39. I have had some success in making a few simple home remedies and am looking forward to trying more. I’d especially be interested in making the salve. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of this.

  40. I’m so excited to read this book!
    If you haven’t heard of it already, “The Birth House” is a wonderful novel full of natural remedies.

  41. Lindsey Fosdick says:

    Homemade calendula salve would save me a lot of money. I Subscribe and follow health home and happiness and frugal granola.

  42. I checked out the people’s paste – loved how simple it looked!

  43. I subscribe to this blog

  44. We regularly make our own immune booster by mixing fresh raw garlic with raw honey and extra virgin coconut oil. Sometimes I add cinnamon, too. My kids eat this by the spoonful and say it’s their favorite medicine! Perfect for fighting colds or mystery illnesses.

  45. Cough syrup:

    1 – Cook 50 grams of thyme for 5 minutes in about 300 grams of water.
    2 – Put it through a sieve to remove the branches and leaves.
    3 – Boil it with 500 grams of cane sugar until it becomes a thick syrup.

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  48. I absolutely want to try the People’s Paste. It sounds like something we would use often. I much prefer using herbal products and if I can make my own, then all the better!

  49. The People’s Paste sounds interesting to me! There’s always some scrapes and scratches in our house, and that would be nice to try.

  50. I’ve tried the honey/cinnamon mixture for curing a cold/sore throat and in my estimation it reduced both much quicker than normal!! I’ve been recommending it to everyone. It’s 1 tsp. of honey mixed with 1/4 tsp. of cinnamon. Excellent!

  51. Amber Canaan says:

    Liked them on facebook

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    subscribed via email

  53. Amber Canaan says:

    The people’s paste sounds like something I need to make and keep around! I love the idea of these recipes. I need to win this ebook!

  54. I like the Mama’s Bath salts recipe because I bet it smells amazing!

  55. I’ve made different kinds of teas, and I really like ginger tea for nausea.

  56. I’m subscribed to Health Home and Happiness via email.

  57. What appeals to me most about the recipes is they only use a couple of ingredients. Each recipe seems very doable.

  58. I subscribe to Health, Home and Happiness via email.

  59. I like the “simple” part, being able to make something with stuff I have here. Saw a recipe for chapstick I would love to try :-)

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  63. Jennifer L. says:

    I love the sample recipes from the book. I grow my own calendula now and make calendula oil for various skin ailments. I’d like to try her salve recipe. I’ve made all kinds of teas, bath salts, soaps, and herbal remedies. I like it that my daughter knows exactly what goes into the stuff we put on her skin. Great blog! I’ve enjoyed browsing a bit this afternoon :-).

  64. I subscribe to your blog

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  66. I like the Mama’s bath salts

  67. This sounds like a great book! I am now following you on FB!

  68. Wow didn’t know that raw honey aids tissue repair (People’s Paste.)

  69. I subscribe to your blog.

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  71. This summer, I discovered tinctures! Our pantry area is filled with my little jars of elderberries in various vodka and brandy combinations. This week, I started a cinnamon tincture.

    Unfortunately for us, we were able to put your cinnamon + honey to use. The good news is that I think it did the trick! Thanks for sharing this remedy.

  72. I subscribe to you via e-mail and have now subscribed to Frugal Granola

  73. Leah Alexander says:

    I am super curious about what People’s Paste is!

  74. Leah Alexander says:

    I’ve made a number of herbal tea remedies over time, and in general I find them helpful. I have never tried to treat a specific illness before with a remedy- I think the biggest issue I tried to work with was lack of sleep, and I made a tea that included valerian root. It tasted awful, but did the trick!

  75. Leah Alexander says:

    I subscribe to Health Home and Happiness by email!

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  78. I really would like to try the Peoples’ paste. It looks very simple and USEFUL. I’m a klutz, so I’m always getting banged up and scraped up. I have a toddler that is a “no fear adrenaline junkie” (lol), and a husband that works on airplanes who is constantly cutting up his hands. This salve would get a lot of use around here!

  79. I don’t know if you would consider this an hearbal remedy, but its the main “natural medicine” I have used: If any of us are starting to feel/act sick, runny nose, whatever, I mix 1 spoonful of raw honey with 1 clove of garlic (1/2 clove for my son) minced up. I do this 2x a day for 2-3 days, and have never had it not work! There have been maybe 2 instances I’ve had o use it aan extra day or so, but mostly, just 2-3.

  80. Kelle White says:

    I subscribed via email!

  81. I checked out the sample recipes and the mama’s passion bath salts sounds really interesting and easy to make! I also checked out the table of contents and i’m very interested in the sinus steam – i’m battling a bug and my sinuses are clogged!
    thanks for offering this contest.

  82. lisa marie says:

    This looks much simpler than the books currently on my shelf- a good thing! Going to get this one!

  83. lisa marie says:

    Also subscribing to you, thanks!

  84. Mama’s Passion Bath Salt recipe sounds wonderfully relaxing – just what a busy mom needs!

  85. I subscribed to Frugal Granola by email.

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  87. Love the calendula and people’s paste…I want to be more self sufficient….I think living in this times it is good to have as much knowledge as possible and it really could help others. I folow you on FB, get the newsletter for you and frugal granola and am sharing….

  88. I could really use a bath w/ Mama’s Passion bath!

  89. I subscribed to Home, Health, Happiness. So glad I stumbled on your site.

  90. We’ve been making echinachae tea lately. It seems to be speeding our recovery from colds &/or preventing us from catching them. With some local honey–can’t go wrong!

  91. I looked at the calendula salve and would love to use that on my baby this winter as she starts to teeth.

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  97. i simply would like to learn more of natural remedies :)

  98. already liked your facebook page ;)

  99. subscribed via email as well! :)

  100. I am subscribed to Health Home and Happiness and just subscribed to Frugal Granola. I think the People’s Paste recipe is neat because it is multipurpose. I have made a cough remedy out of honey and ginger powder, and it seemed to work at least at first.

  101. I like the bath salts recipe. Thank you!

  102. I made a bee sting paste with clay and essential oils. We keep bees and it is handy. Thanks!

  103. Subscribed to Health, home,and happiness.

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  105. People’s Paste looks like something we’d definitely make and use here. With nine children – eight of which are boys, we are constantly “doctoring” scrapes/cuts/etc.

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  114. I love the recipe for people paste.

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  116. I use coconut oil when I have a sore throat. I add it to my hot ginger tea, or just take it by the spoonful. It totally takes away the pain :)

  117. I signed up for Frugal Granola email.

  118. I liked the People’s Paste sample recipe. What a great idea! And I love that it uses myrrh.

  119. I studied music in college and any time I had a cold and needed to sing, I’d suck on kfc packets of honey (back when they were real honey). It soothed my throat without drying my vocal cords out and worked like magic right before going on stage.

  120. I like that most of the recipes use a small number of ingredients and that many of the ingredients are in several recipes so that they are doing double duty as part of the pantry

  121. We have done garlic oil for ears which we have had good success with. We have taken garlic chopped with honey which we have also had good success with. Finally we have made a “tea” with thyme, lemon, honey, ginger and chili which worked great for quick relief from a sore throat. Of course just hot water has helped me tremendously with a sore throat before too. Of course the final one which can’t be discounted is good ol’ chicken broth which we made like crazy last year and kept us well all winter :)

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  124. Melissa W. says:

    I looked at the Calendula Salve recipe. I like that it has so many uses. I have 4 kids, so this would be very good to have.

  125. Melissa W. says:

    The only thing I’ve made is a sore throat drink. Warm water, honey, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper and maybe some salt. My son thought it tasted like apple cider. Maybe I added too much honey…

  126. Melissa W. says:

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  130. Thank you for this opportunity! I have been slowly changing our lifestyle to a more healthy one and this book would be a great start on replacing the “medicine” cabinet with the “natural healing” cabinet! :-) God bless! Lisa