30 Days on GAPS Intro Handbook

What Can I Eat Now? 30 Days of recipes and tips for the GAPS™ Intro Diet

{for the Full GAPS Grain Free Meal Plan, not the Intro Diet, click here}

What Can I Eat Now? A 30 Day GAPS™ Intro Meal Plan is available in the finished format now! Our family has found so much help by using the GAPS diet to heal and seal the gut lining that I wanted to make a helpful meal plan for anyone who is overwhelmed with the GAPS Intro and needed a little more hand holding to get started.

This digital guide is 57 pages, and includes recipes for 30 days on the GAPS intro, a table of contents and index, helpful tips, a checklist of what to include each day, and many full color photographs of the intro food.  This is a digital book available for immediate download.

How this e-book can help you:

  • Remember all the components of the GAPS diet– from rotating detox baths to gradually increasing juicing, to slowly introducing new foods.
  • Use the symptom chart included to see correlations between introducing foods and symptoms that come up.
  • Tips to guide you through getting started– I’m a mom who once was completely overwhelmed at all this too! It’s taken me a year, but I feel that GAPS is easily incorporated into our lives now I share all I can with you to help you as well.
  • A daily reminder of what’s next on the GAPS journey without having to re-read through the GAPS book to find specifics for that day.
  • Recipes that are simple and easy to prepare for even the most beginning cook, yet can be dressed up easily by those with more cooking experience.
  • A table of contents and index so you can easily find what you’re looking for
  • Formatted so that it can be printed and spiral bound or hole punched and put in a binder. I hope to have an in-print version eventually, but I haven’t been able to do that. If you have Kinkos or a similar shop print it for you in black and white and spiral bind it, it only costs about $8 and you can keep the file on your computer for reference too (please only do this for personal use)

Want to check it out before buying? Click Here for a sample for What Can I Eat Now- 30 Days on the GAPS Introduction Diet.


10/3/2011 If you had trouble checking out, it should be fixed now! If not, please email me the error code you’re getting cara at healthhomeandhappiness.com.   Thank you!

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You will also want to purchase a copy of the Gut and Psychology Syndrome book, it can be found here.

Why is the Introduction Diet so Important?

The GAPS Introduction diet is specifically designed to efficiently heal the GI tract.  Healing the gut often reduces food allergies, gives dramatic improvement in behavior due to the gut-brain connection, and helps rid the body of yeast overgrowth.  In our family my daughter absolutely thrives on the GAPS intro, and really so do I. We saw our dairy allergy disappear, hyperactivity stop, attention span lengthen, and blood sugar (and associated mood swings) stabilize.

Different people react to the die off from the diet differently, but in our family we’ve always maintained great energy levels.  I love being on the GAPS intro, it’s a challenge at first to alter what you eat that much, but once we got the hang of it we found that it’s actually a very simple diet to stick with!  With nourishing broths, soups, hearty meat dishes, and in-season veggies, it’s a very well rounded diet for how restrictive it seems at first!

Even if you don’t use my e-book I would encourage you to give the GAPS intro a try!

The e-book is designed for families or individuals who are overwhelmed with the entire concept of the diet, want to be told step-by-step what to do, and value having all the information all in one place (everything from homemade deodorant to fish stock and kimchi recipes to cod liver oil and stock pot recommendations!).  If you are the type of person who enjoys planning things out, forging your own path, and coming up with your own recipes, this e-book may not be be necessary.  In any case, check out the sample and see what you think.

Not quite ready to jump into the GAPS Intro Diet but still want to start healing your gut? Grain Free Meal Plans is a GAPS compliant menu resource put out by me that covers recipes and meal ideas for 3 meals a day, 7 days a week (plus snacks!) each month.

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I am paying Dr. Natasha a royalty for each copy sold, which in turn she is donating to the Weston A Price Foundation! Thank you for your support.

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  1. Charlotte says

    Hi Cara, this sounds a great resource, thanks for doing this. I was just looking at the sample and noticed it is not that specific about how the recipes are served, ie on day 5 there are 4 recipes, but no suggestions on what meals they will be served at or how to best serve them up to make 3 complete meals per day plus snacks (as you do in the meal planners). Is this info in the complete book or is that just not the format you chose for this book?

    • Cara says

      Hi Charlotte,

      Thanks so much for your question- questions like these help me to know what you guys need to know :) The format of this book is to just include a variety of recipes. I’m not sure if you’ve been on GAPS intro before, but it consists mostly of soups and cooked vegetables, so there aren’t many things that are specific to one particular meal. Also, people on GAPS Intro sometimes eat an enormous amount, so it would be hard to describe what a typical meal would look like.

      My goal with the Intro book is to help give people ideas for shopping and cooking so that there still is variety in the fairly limited allowed foods.

      I hope that helps, and please keep the questions coming :)

  2. Rebecca says

    Thank you. I was now able to purchase successfully.
    I have a question. I have been on Intro for about 3 months (with some cheats), what do you suggest for someone like me who does not yet tolerate nuts and nut products including coconut? I am finding eating meat and veggies a bit tiring.

    • Cara says

      Glad you were able to purchase finally! I’m not a doctor or able to give medical advice, but I’d really try to concentrate on the soups and broths to heal your gut lining so that hopefully soon you could tolerate more foods! Hopefully the intro book will give you plenty of ideas in the meantime though.

  3. Tammy says

    LOVE THE BOOK! Thank you for putting it together.
    I do have a question about preparing the vegetables ahead of time. You didn’t mention anything about blanching them. Is this step *not* necessary before freezing? If so, it’d certainly save even more time :).

    • Cara says

      So glad you find it helpful! The only veggie I blanch is broccoli, and only if I’m preparing it more than a month in advance. It starts tasting really strong if I don’t, but everything else has been fine in my experience :) Thanks for asking, I’ll note that in the finished copy!

  4. Katie says


    I have read the GAPS book and saw Dr. Natasha at the WAPF last Nov. During the Q and A someone had mentioned a health issue (fibroids) and she said it sounded like a candida problem. I am prediabetic with horrible candida problems and I’m not sure which path to take as the anticandida diets seem to eliminate even more than GAPS. Do you think GAPS is appropriate to treat candida issues? I know I need to go grain free and dairy free (except cultured), but I’m not sure about the juicing, fruit, and honey. I know you aren’t a dr. :), just looking for an experienced opinion. Also, do you recommend amounts of supplements (Like CLO and Biokult) to take at each phase in the book? I see lots of conflicting info about this too.

    I’m so ready to heal and looking forward to your book. Thanks.

    • Cara says

      Hi Katie, How cool to have seen Dr. Natasha at the WAPF conference! :) I’m recommending CLO at the stage that allows fermented fish, but I wouldn’t start biokult until after the intro, but that’s just me+. For my family, I have done well getting rid of yeast on full GAPS (no more yeast infections for me!) but my daughter needs a more strict protocol as we just figured out the last time we went through intro. She doesn’t do well with any fruit at all (she gets really ADDish) but does fine that I can tell with the juicing. I suspect it’s really up to the individual!

    • Dr Tanya says

      Hi Katie,
      to answer your question- you need to incorporate both-GAPS and candida diet. GAPS will definitely help you to control the yeast overgrowth but anti-candida diet will be able to bring it to a min level in your body. You need to eliminate all sugar including fruits from your diet, all beans, all dairy products (no kefir or yogurt allowed!). try to drink 1-2 cups of red clover tea daily (increase to up to 4). I wouldn’t recommend ANY fermenting products until you are able to control the overgrowth (which would take about 1-2 years). I would introduce Biokult after you are done with the 3 month anti-candida treatment (you need to see your N.D. for specific herbal supplementation). Please read Ann Boroch’s book on candida. Juicing is OK (NO fruit), NO honey, NO dry fruit, NO coffee and tea, alcohol, etc. You need to do a stool test to find out what specific pathogens you have. The best thing for your would be to follow a modified GAPS diet that will address your needs.
      Dr Tanya

      • Bethany says

        Dr. Tanya and Cara,

        I ran across this most interesting post and your response to Katie speaks to me as well. I have been struggling with health issues for many years now and believe them to be caused by a damaged digestive system and Candida. I have an 11 month old daughter whom is relying upon me to be as healthy as I can be. Can either of you offer any suggestions of someone or somewhere I can get help? I feel a little overwhelmed with the added concern of nursing my daughter and making sure that she is getting the nutrients she needs to grow and stay healthy as well as resolve some of the problems from pregnancy (I am still having some edema in my legs).

        Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated and welcomed!!!

        Thank you!

  5. Ziek says

    Hi Cara, My daughter is 4 days into the diet and we sure could use some inspiration and information on the intro. I have bought your eBook and am currently downloading it. I have a cable internet line (100 Mbps)and it has been downloading for more than a half hour and indicating about 10% progress. Does this sound right to you? Has something gone wrong? I don’t know if I should cancel it out and try again or what. Please advise. Thanks, Ziek.

  6. Ziek says

    Thanks Cara, Finally! I got it to open. Thanks so much! I’m wondering… you mention stevia in the nystatin… do you recommend stevia in general in the beginning stages? My daughter won’t drink the tea without some sweetening in it and I’m worried about honey b/c of the candida. I don’t see anything about stevia in any of the books so far.

    • Cara says

      Hi again, I used stevia for my daughter in intro, it’s not recommended, but I would rather have her go through intro with stevia than honey and she wasn’t drinking anything without one or the other.

  7. Tabitha says

    I just purchased your 30 days Intro diet cookbook. Bless you!!!! This is so overwhelming. I do have one question (right now any way, lol). Can I cook each stage in one day at the beginning of the week? So I can reheat all 5 days? How did you keep your cabbage, etc pressed down in jar to ferment? See I did have another question.

    • Cara says

      Hi Tabitha, cooking: Sure, you can cook ahead. I’d add the garlic and olive oil prior to serving, though that’s pretty easy to do. Cabbage- I cover with a little salt water if necessary :) So glad you find the book helpful!

  8. Nia says

    HI Cara, Just purchased and read your book and it seems like the answer to my prayers, thanks! Have been on GAPS intro for a bit over a week now and totally bewildered by a lot of it, so your book will really be useful in keeping me on track. Three questions though, if you don’t mind. 1, I started GAPS mainly to cure my dairy/lactose intolerance, which I believe is a problem you have had also. I started introducing joghurt, like NCM suggests in her book, but seem to be bloating more. Should I interpret that as die-off or a sign of my body not being ready for any form of dairy yet? When did you introduce joghurt and what do you recommend in such cases? 2, I timed this diet really badly, as it’s summer and lots of fruits in our garden, which I would give anything to be able to eat. How quickly do you think I could get to that stage and how much of a no-no would it be to introduce raw fruit early in intro? 3, Could one get away with shop-bought organic vegetable juices, organic sauerkraut juice and organic fermented vegetables? I have a lot from before and it seems such a shame to throw it all away … Thanks a million, Nia

    • Cara says

      Hi Nia, I’m so glad you find the book helpful!

      Dairy, I personally would wait at least a month if you’ve previously had problems with dairy. You’ll see that I only included ghee in the e-book, so the many people with dairy sensitivities could have a good break and healing before proceeding.
      Store bought juice- I would skip it, I believe in the GAPS book Dr NCM recommends drinking the juice immediately after juicing it. Maybe you could put it away until later in the diet?
      Fruits: you might be able to move through quickly to the fruit stage, I think it would depend on whether you struggle with candida or not. My daughter really does better off fruit, and I want her to heal, so I try as much as I can to keep her off. On the other hand, I have great success with GAPS even with the raw fruit, so it will depend on you and only you :) You could also dry and freeze the fresh fruit for later use :)
      If your cultured veggies from the store contain active live cultures, they likely are okay. I know the Bubbies brand is good.

  9. Kim says

    Thank you so much for doing this! I was just telling my husband tonight that I wish someone would just tell me what to do, and it would be so much easier. I am 2/3 done with the book, and cannot wait to read it all and heal my family!

  10. Kim says

    As I was reading through the book, I am wondering if there are any snack recommendations for the intro. If my kids are hungry between meals, do I offer them broth? That would make them so sad. I know there are no processed foods, but can they have granny smith apple slices in the intro? Just wondering what to give them when they ask… because I know they will. Thanks!

    • Cara says

      Hi Kim, we just use soup and veggies and meat as snacks, they can have apple slices at the end stage when raw fruit is allowed. To get the best benefits from all the work and expense of the diet, I would recommend sticking to the stages as Dr NCM wrote them :) My children like meatballs and salted boiled carrots as snacks especially.

  11. Sonia says

    Hi Cara,
    Tried purchasing the 30 day Intro book. It says 15004 error. Let me know what I can do.

    • Cara says

      I looked up that error and it looks like it corresponds to the CVV code on the credit card (the extra number on the back of the card) does that sound like something it could be? Maybe you could try again and see if it worked the second time.

    • Cara says

      Hi Belinda, I am going to work on that this summer, but in the meantime if you have a place like Office Depot print it in black and white (to save money, color costs a LOT more) and bind it for you that could be an option. I think it costs about $8 when I checked. You can email them the file that you download, and if you need a note due to it being copyrighted material, just send me an email and I”m happy to give you permission to have them print/bind it for personal use.

  12. Belinda says

    I have a question. How accommodating is GAPS for going on 1 week trips? I am not sure if i should wait to start until after the summer, but then i will be starting university full time.

    • Cara says

      I think it could be fairly doable if you had a kitchenette (sink, and at least a place to plug in a crockpot and maybe an electric burner). Really most of the food is pretty basic, but it wouldn’t be able to be purchased at restaurants. Hope that helps!

  13. Jane Casey says

    HI Cara,
    I am a mother of 12-year old twin boys’ who have recovered from Autism. I made a promise to myself that when my kids recovered that I would help anyone who needed help. The first several years are so hard and when my boys’ were diagnosed gluten free products came from Israel or Canada. There was Body Ecology Diet but no GAPS diet or any information about the gut and the brain. Now sadly fast forward and the Autism numbers keep rising but we know so much more about recovery and the gut. And then you wrote this amazing book!

    I love your ebook and menu planning! You are going to help SO many people!

    I would love to send you a copy of my book: Eat It And Beat It: Getting Over Autism. In the event that anything in the book may help your daughter.

    I have sent 5 friends to your link. I can connect you with the woman who runs Autism One. http://www.autismone.org I am sure you could put a link on her site and get on the radio show as well.

    The information you have is TOO good to pass up. It needs to get out to as many people as possible! Send me an email with your address so I can send you a book.

  14. says

    Hi! I am just wondering if I need to read GAPS before purchasing this eBook? Or should I just purchase your Grain Free Menu Plan? I am looking for ideas and recipes for my multiple allergy children. Besides needing to go grain free, they also need to be dairy, egg, soy and chicken free! :( WE are doing ok with lunch and dinners. Boring but ok :) It is the breakfasts and snacks that we are having trouble with.


    • Cara says

      Hi Serene, you’d want to do intro, and yes, the GAPS book really is essential for understanding the diet :) The GFMP includes quite a few eggs, so you might want to run through the intro first and see if you can clear up some allergies!

  15. says

    Hi Cara – I purchased the Intro book while it was still “in-process” a few weeks ago – or months LOL! – I think under my husband’s e-mail (beginning with mevanst…). I don’t think we’ve received the completed copy, as I believe you were going to send that? If you did, I missed it. Could I get that sent again? To my e-mail would be fabulous. Thanks so much!

  16. Dave says

    Hi Cara,

    Thanks for making this book. This will be a big help to me starting the GAPS diet. One question. I’m unable to click on the links in the pdf. For example, page 7 with suggestions for purchasing kitchen equipment. Any thoughts?

    • Cara says

      I emailed you- there was a version I accidentally had up for a couple days that didn’t have clickable links, if anyone else has this issue please email me cara at healthhomeandhappiness.com and I’ll send you the fixed version. Sorry for all the technical issues, I do better with food than technology ;)

  17. Tanya Ferguson says

    Hi Cara,

    Thanks so much for putting this together and helping families with their healing journeys! I recently bought your Into ebook and am wondering if you have a shopping list prepared for this. I know that you do shopping lists for the monthly menus on the full GAPS diet but I didn’t see one in the Intro ebook. If you do have one, would you be willing to email it to me. I am planning on shopping this week so that I can start the diet next week. I was planning on reading through it and creating a shopping list from that but if you already have one then there is no point in me reinventing the wheel!

    • Cara says

      So glad it’s helpful Tanya! I don’t have a shopping list just because every family is so different with how fast they can go through the diet and how much they eat. I would buy twice as much meat as you think you’ll need in the beginning, and be open to making adjustments :)

      • Tanya says

        Hi Cara,

        I bought the book, opened the link, saved it to my computer and when I went to open it a few days later it didnt work. I think it was a problem with the way I saved it. But of course the link you sent to download the book has expired so I can’t resave the book. Can you please send me the link or a copy of the book again? Thanks, Tanya

    • Cara says

      Hi Shirley, I emailed you- I think I see now that you were looking for the intro handbook and accidentally purchased the full GAPS menu. Just email me back to make sure I understand correctly and I’ll clear it all up :)

  18. says


    You might look into Lulu.com or other similar self-publishing sites. You copy/paste or upload your text, do some simple formatting, and they take care of printing, binding, and shipping. You set the price and they send you your portion of the proceeds.


    • Cara says

      Thanks Emily, I have looked into them- it’s just really expensive for the readers! Especially to print in color, though I could give options for either. I also need to write out the links I’ve included rather than having the text hyperlinked like it is in the e-book.

  19. Brianna Hall says

    Hi Cara,
    I am trying to download the intro-diet. It is taking a very long time with no progress indicated. It looks like others have had the same issue. Can you email me with further instructions on how to download the book. Thank you so much :)

  20. Brianna Hall says

    Hi Cara,
    Nevermind…I was able to download it by selecting “open” versus “save”.

    I have another question for you, though. I am wondering what is the best way to control ketosis with non-fruit foods. My son has the same issue with fruit as your daughter…even blueberries throw him off. Can you point me in the direction of some easy snack ideas that do not include fruit, but would manage his tendency towards ketosis. When starting the SCD diet he had major ketosis, hypoglycemia, and die-off. I’m hoping to do make the GAPS intro a little easier on him.

    Thanks so much!!

    • Cara says

      I talked about it in the book- but I ended up going down on carbs pretty slowly and that helped. And once they’re in ketosis I keep them that way so we don’t have to re go through it, that helps the most. For us, my little one can do fruit once in a while and her behaviors come back, but her body adjusts well to going back to low carb vs if she’s eating lots of carbs every day it’s hard to come off again. Hope this makes sense- trying to type while the kids are up ;)

  21. Kay says

    I’d love this book — I’m trying to heal my son’s food intolerances (and clear up his constipation problem, hopefully) and need some inspiration!

  22. Debbie says

    Hi I’m so looking forward to your book I am on intro right now and running out of ideas :) The purchase went through however the download has not… it’s stuck at about 10% ish for the past hour? Could you help me out? I’m anxious to take a look at my purchase lol

    • Debbie says

      oh I got it I just had to cancel the download I had going from directly after my purchase, to my email, follow the same link to the download and it only took about 30 seconds :) Thank you so much it looks wonderful! I appreciate all the time and effort you put into making this :)

  23. Alishia says

    Hi :-)

    First, I want to thank you for your site! It has a wealth of knowledge that I have just began to dive into. The 30 day intro menu option is encouraging and I am seriously thinking of purchasing this. I would like to give you a bit of background and, I do have a few questions before though…

    I have been suffering from IBD and Endometriosis for over a year now. I have been Gluten and Dairy free for almost 6 months. I started to feel quite a bit better eliminating Gluten and Dairy from my diet after about 3 months. Now, almost to my 6th month, I am feeling allot of pain, cramping, low energy, spacey, depression, among other not so pretty symptoms. It feels like a relapse or a really bad flare-up again! I am tired of going to Dr’s and just being prescribed a pill that only bandages what is going on inside me! I have always been more Holistic in my approach to life and so I have been doing allot of research on natural ways to heal. I came across both the SCD and GAPS diets and, I am a bit confused as to what the differences between them are. Can you explain this possibly, as well as recommend which diet would suit my needs more? Also, would you suggest purchasing one of the diets books – before even starting your 30 day intro diet menu?

    Thank you!

    • Cara says

      Hi Alishia, the GAPS diet is based on SCD, that’s why there are so many similarities. GAPS intro goes pretty low carb and includes lots of bone broth and I find it better for getting the yeast and sealing the gut than SCD’s intro. That’s just my opinion- we’ve done both (I’m doing this primarily for my daughter who has autism) and I find that GAPS works quickly and it’s very noticeable. You can see more info on the GAPS intro here and the SCD intro here.

      And yes, you would absolutely want to purchase the GAPS book before buying my menu- that book is essential :) the menu isn’t- it’s just a time saver ;)

  24. Joy says

    Hi Cara,

    I purchased this e-book earlier this week and it’s super helpful. Thank you for writing it! I have a question about yogurt. You have a recipe in the back of the book for 24 hr. yogurt but I don’t remember seeing yogurt as I looked through the stages. Is it something we can have during the intro and if so when would you suggest introducing it? As far as I know we don’t have any issues with dairy and we use raw milk so I’d like to be able to introduce it as soon as possible so I don’t lose my raw milk source – I can just turn it into yogurt! Sorry if you covered this somewhere in the book. We are hoping to begin GAPS on Monday about 2 weeks before we planned thanks to your book it seems a bit more doable!


    • Cara says

      Hi Joy, I’m so glad you found it helpful! I talked more about dairy the page before the yogurt recipe, including which pages to read about it in the GAPS book (because sometimes things like that are hard to find in the GAPS book!). So check page 54 of the intro e-book :)

  25. Nancy says

    What a great resource. I am starting over again with the intro after 6 months and your ideas and recipes will be so helpful. Every morning I drink a cup of filtered water with fresh lemon juice. What do you mean when you say “allow it to rest”. Do you mean let the water sit before you drink it or do you mean after you drink it don’t eat for awhile? I am sure this is probably clear to most, but could you clarify it for me.

    • Cara says

      Hi Nancy, I just drink it first thing, as I’m making breakfast or whatever, and give it a few minutes to ‘rest’ before eating- I believe that’s the wording in the GAPS book.

  26. Nancy McAuliffe says

    One other question. When can you use coconut oil? Is it at the same
    time you can use the other healthy fats?

  27. Taneil Lawton says

    On Day 11 it has Summer Squash Intro Pancakes. It says to blend squash, walnuts and eggs until smooth. Two questions, do you cook the squash first so that it is soft? Also the recipe does not indicate how many walnuts to use. Could I use Sunflower Seeds instead?


  28. Lisa says

    I am on day two of intro and feel like I am dying. I have fatigue, body aches, nausea and a headache… my kids feel similarly. Any advice on getting through the die off?

    • Cara Faus says

      Lisa, sorry you’re having trouble! Were you on full GAPS first? You may want to try that, then work your way back down to the beginning of intro (starting with stage 6, moving down). Epsom salt baths should help, but don’t help everyone.

  29. Heidi Clarke says

    Hi Cara, I am writing you with tears in my eyes as I come to terms with what our family has to deal with. Our son Chandler is 16 and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. In addition he has been battling a fissure that causes bowel movements to be extremely painful and bleeding with bowel movements as well. I do have a dear friend who is trying to get me to follow the gaps diet with Chandler, but it is overwhelming and scary to me as I am not a great cook and he is 16 and wants to be “normal”. I know that Gaps has been successful with the autistic population, but I need to wrap my hands around the fact that it will really help his Crohn’s. He has had two recent flare ups, one last night that ended in an emergency room visit with morphine to ease the pain. I am really in a bad place right now and would be grateful for any knowledge you have to offer. I feel scared and overwhelmed with where to start! – Thanks – Heidi

    • says

      Heidi– my daughter has ulcerative colitis, diagnosed in middle school, and feels the same way: she just wants ot be normal. But the SCD, and then GAPS (we started with the SCD because it’s all ther ewas then) have really helped. I’ll be honest, it’s not easy with a teen at all, but it will pay off if he can understand how much better life will be. My daughter had multiple blood transfusions and many medications before the diet, and none of this improved her quality of life (or mine!) The mess for Crohns and colitis are horrid, and most people are looking at surgery and a high cancer risk in the future. That should be motivation enough, right? Help him to understand that this diet means a healthy future for him. Hang in there! You can help him heal, really. (my daughter is now 20, in college, and fairly normal. She is taking LDN, and biokult, and eats a modified version of the diet. She does eat things off the diet, but she now understands what affects her and why, so she is in charge.)

      • says

        Mmm, so many typos! Sorry, but I meant “meds” not “mess”

        And, as hard as it is to let the kid be “in charge”, you can’t force a teen, or sit on them, or even really bribe them, the way one might with a younger kid. You have to engage his cooperation.

  30. says

    If I’m newly pregnant, should I hold off on Intro and go right to the full diet? I don’t know if die off and the restrictive nature of intro sounds like a good idea when I’m already gonna be dealing with morning sickness and fatigue. I need all the energy I can get right now (with two other kids to care for). Also, I wanna make sure the baby gets everything he/she needs. Thoughts?

  31. Traci Bowman says

    ok so..i’m going through all this material. I’m on information overload since finding out I have hashimotos and should go grain free, dairy free and I’ve known for quite a while I should avoid all sugar…i have terrible reactions to it and it is just getting worse…but i crave it sooo very badly…so that probably means i have Candida problems…right? Anyways, i’m wondering if i should download your 30 days of intro recipes or do the grain free ones…i’m just confused and so tired or reading and trying to make sense of everything…I was just thinking the other day…i wish I had someone to just tell me what to do, have a list of foods, when to eat them….blah, blah, blah…..hahaha and then I run across you. A God send…now I just need you to tell me which one to do..or is it the same, just a year long version? I’ve probably read my answer here somewhere but it’s not staying in my brain….*sigh* I so want a candy bar or a pop tart right now and I know i shouldn’t have it or both…lol I have to heal. Please send me in the right direction…..what is the difference between them?? the 30 day thing and the grain free one?? Sorry this is so long…I seem to like to ramble……

    • Cara says

      Hi Traci, you can start with either one, though the recurring Grain Free Meal Plans will be easier for you to ease into. If you’re *done* with your health problems and want the most intense healing, you’d want to start with the 30 day intro diet/handbook on this page.

  32. Traci Bowman says

    Oh Cara, I’m not done with my health problems…i’m just starting! Yikes!!! But I do want the most healing. I’ve been sick for a long time and been undiagnosed….for over 10-15 years. I want a life….I’m by myself with no one else to cook for. I just don’t want to go into it and not be able to do it…but either one I will probably think that way. lol I suppose If I don’t do well on the intro I can just order the other one…..
    thanks a bunch!

  33. Traci Bowman says

    I went to order the 30 day one and it mentions a discount code. Did i miss something? haha I told you all this reading, my mind is going to mush! I can’t wait for my brain to stop hurting and being foggy!

  34. Carolyn Hui says

    Hi, I just purchased the 30 day intro guide. I read that you mix in stevia with your daughter’s medication, however, the “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” web site lists stevia as “illegal” on the GAPS diet. It says its molecular structure resembles a steroid, and I also read somewhere that commercial stevia usually contains xylitol, which is an indigestible sugar. Have you found it to be okay for your family? I use stevia a lot, so I was really disappointed to see it on the “illegal” list.

    • Cara says

      I think stevia is allowed in supplements… I do use stevia during intro, just because she won’t drink water without it and I know she reacts to honey

  35. Ruth says

    Hi, Cara,
    When I try clicking the link to see a sample of the intro diet, I get a little Adobe message saying the file has been damaged and cannot be recovered. It doesn’t matter which link I try to use. Is there any other way I could see what the meal plan looks like before purchasing?
    Thank you.

  36. Brooke says

    I’m prepping my squash like the ebook says. When you say “scoop out the pulp … to save for adding to soups” do you mean that I should separate out the seeds and save that stringy stuff in the bulb? Or do you mean that after cutting the top into “fries” that I should scoop the flesh out of the bulb to save for soups?

    • Cara says

      Ah, I need to look at that again. Use the bulb to add to soups, discard the pulp in the middle of the bulb. Sorry about the confusion!

      • Brooke says

        I went back to the kitchen after typing that and figured that I should use a little common sense and do just like you said – discard the pulp and chop the bulb. It does say “chop to save for soups”, but a mention about discarding the pulp would help people like me who sometimes forget to engage their common sense.

  37. Brooke says

    Is it normal for diarrhea to show up after the first day of intro? I thought that was something that happened before and that would resolve by doing intro. Is it a symptom of die-off?

  38. Kayla says

    Hi Cara, I have been trying to purchase the ebook for the past couple of days and have been given error messages. The first was something about “unavailable” and the one I got today said something about the account being restricted.

  39. Alissa says

    Hi! Thank you for this e-book it makes everything much more doable! I just purchased your e-book yesterday… and I am not finding it on my computer, I’m afraid I may not have saved it. Is there a way I can get access to it again, or could you e-mail it to me?

  40. Wendy Weaver says

    I don’t know much about GAPS- but I love “Nourishing Traditions”. We have a friend who is severely sick, about 60 yrs. old, and has such bad stomach pain and heaving, can’t even work, but just lays down- quite unusual for him. He’s had all the Dr’s tests- endoscopy, colonoscopy, etc. No evidence of anything, but no clue what to do. He can hardly keep anything down but the broths his wife makes him. All along I suspect yeast, but then I see yeast everywhere! I’d love to have something solid to offer his wife. Where do I start? Thank you for your time and consideration.

  41. says

    My adult son has been struggling with psoriasis this entire year for the first time in his life. I think the worst part is the depression that has come as a result of the psoriasis. I so want to be able to help. Do you think the GAPS Diet would be a benefit to him?

    God’s peace,

  42. Taresa says

    I just wanted to encourage those who are wanting to try the intro. If you have no familiarity with GAPS, it can sound overwhelming, but Cara’s book is totally worth the cost. I just went a week at a time, read what was needed that week, went shopping, then did the prep. It realistically is about a day’s worth of work for me (shop Fri afternoon/cook half of Sat) but it is worth it to have all the food ready to go. The food is actually pretty good, I think the fats from the broths add flavor. Although it seemed like it would be bland, I found I actually like a lot of the food! Shocker! I did about 2 1/2 weeks very strict Intro, then have been cheating a little and can tell the symptoms (skin itching) are back. I prepped everything this weekend and hope to start strict again tomorrow. I know that’s not ideal, but it’s what I can do! It did help me identify a problem with walnuts because you introduce just one food at a time. Anyway, I think the biggest learning curve is making those crazy broths. I am getting used to just having a crock pot simmering away many days and drinking lots of broth and actually like it. My advice to people: treat this as a project, buy the book, put the time into the prep and learning all this stuff as you go. Cut out other activities for a while. It’s worth a shot for your/your child’s health!

  43. Amy says

    Hi Cara,
    I purchased your what can I eat now ebook and I love it. I have put off starting my family on GAPS for a year because I have been so intimmidated by it. Your book has given me the confidence I need to get things moving. However I have a few questions… First how many people are these recipes intended to feed? There are only three of us I am a smaller woman and I have 2 little girls who both just had birthdays ages 4 and 2. The 2 yr old can eat, but my 4yr old is the one I really struggle with. She was born completely blind in her left eye but has some vision in her right. She has always struggled sensory wise and had come around to many textures but it is so hard for me to get her to eat. With this the doctors have mentioned adhd and autism though I know the 2 are often misdiagnosed for each other. We have been on a 90% traditional diet following NT for the past year the other ten% is when they visit their grandmother or are with their dad. I wholeheartedly believe GAPS can help my daughter with her eating issues. Which brings up my second concern, I am worried what if she doesnt eat these foods. I have not been able to get her to eat any fermented foods. We do all of our meats & poultry pastured, all organic fruits and veggies. We soak and sprout eveything we can, and I have been grinding my own grain(which is clearly on hold). We don’t ever eat out. My girls are not big on soups I make thick rich stews about once or twice a week but I literally have to hand feed both of them in order to get them to eat it. Any idea’s on this? My 2yr old also suffers from eczema. She developed it late in infancy and over the past – months it went from always being barely there to where she now notices it and it has spread from just her legs to her arms as well. I’m sorry for rambling, I am just very anxious to get started in healing my girls. I am just worried and overwhelmed. I am more confident now that I have your book. I’m just hoping as a mom and someone who has much experience with GAPS you may be able to offer me words of wisdom.
    Thank you for all you do and God bless you!!!

    • Cara says

      Hi Amy, the recipes generally serve 4, often with leftovers. You can kind of play it by ear and see how much you need.

      For her not eating foods, you may want to just see how she does after being on GAPS even without the ferments for a few days. A little girl I knew who was really picky started eating tons of Bubbies pickles after a week on GAPS.

  44. Suvi says

    Hi Cara, thank you so much for this. I have a few questions. 1) I tried to buy the ebook but got an error saying that there was an error with the merchant configuration. Please let me know how I can buy the ebook.
    2) I’ve reached this point because I think I have a severe issue with my gut flora, candida etc. How long have you found it takes on average to get the gut to a heathy stage? What tests can I do to measure where I am now and to see if if my gut’s improving?
    Also, I’m vegetarian. Do you have any experience with vegetarians who have done the diet?

    Thank you so much for doing this and guiding so may of us who are just beginning this slightly anxiety ridden journey!

  45. Cece says

    Thank you for putting together a food plan for a newbie like myself. I am interested in getting one for our family. My question is my son is allergic to eggs, and I know GAP diets incorporate a lot of eggs. What should I do? he’s currently already on Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Egg free diet but his behavioral and body symptoms aren’t improving much. Thus I’d like to try the GAPS diet. My suspicion is that my son has candida problem indicated by loose stools, itchiness, crave for sweet stuff. I recently started on good probiotics for him and he’s experiencing die-off symptoms which include extreme behavior. As tough as it is now, I know that the pathogens are being killed each day. When I began to feel despair, I learned about GAPS by Dr. Natasha Campbell and led me to your site.

    Looking forward to learning more through your book.

  46. Krysten says

    HI Cara,

    I just purchased your book – thank you!

    I have a couple questions, I’m hoping you can help me with.

    My son is very active in sports and I want to make sure he’s getting enough carbs/electrolytes, etc… what do you recommend for this? Is doing the Gaps Intro recommended for a 8 year old that play sports? I don’t think he has any allergies, possibly just senstivies. He has a bit of an attention issue and a little excema.

    Also, what do you recoomend I pack my boys for lunches and snack during school? Do most people typically just do soups? My husband is worried that they won’t be getting enough food.

    I really appreciate your help!!

    • Cara says

      Hi Krysten, if your boys don’t have major issues (like autism) they might move through intro pretty quickly. Even ‘healthy’ people typically have some die off reactions and some lethargy at least for a few day son intro, so I would plan to start it when you have a break between sports for a week or so. Yes, soups for snacks, but hopefully you can get through intro quickly because ‘full GAPS’ (what the meal plans have) has lots of other more conventional option for snacks.

      Intro is fairly low carb, you may want to modify it to have honey in it (in some parts of the book Dr Natasha says you can have honey in your tea or butter mixed with honey during intro, but many of us who are doing this for things like autism or severe health problems found that it actually did need to be low carb to get healing)

  47. Alice says

    Hi Cara,
    I was told about the GAPS diet by a friend. My husband has been tested by an allergy dr and is allergic to dogs, cats, tress, pollen, etc. Since we can’t live in a bubble, he takes allergy meds daily. He cannot go without them. My 2 kids, ages 3 and 5 , take allergy meds daily. It is the only way I can prevent them from continuously having ear, nose, and eye infections. I assumed they have the same allergies as their father, although they have never been tested. (Primary care dr agreed and prescribed Zyrtec.) I am trying to avoid racking up more costly medical bills that we can’t pay. So, I am seriously considering starting them all on the GAPS diet. Is this an effective way to locate food allergies if they are the real culprits?

    • Cara says

      Hi Alice, yes, I think so.I had chronic sinus infections and seasonal allergies from dairy until I did GAPS intro, and now I can have dairy with no problem.

  48. Alice says

    Just thought I would add that the allergy dr told me everyone has to be off Zyrtec for several days in order for the testing to be effective. Yet every time I made an appointment, they were sick with infections before we could ever come in. It was sort of a catch 22, so I gave up and have been giving them the meds daily for over 2 years. I hate meds, and am wanting to take another stab at things :)

  49. Kimberly Olson says

    I’m thinking of starting the GAPS diet for myself as well as for my 4 year old but not sure where to start with my son. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  50. Diane says


    Thanks for all the great advice!! I am going to start gaps intro in next two weeks. I have Hashimotos and am hypothyroid. There is a lot of medical advice that warns Hashi /hypo folks to not consume brassicas due to their goitrogenic properties. The intro diet is chock full of cabbage, broccoli etc.. So I’m wondering how best to approach this issue with the Intro diet. Any insights or anecdotes you could share would be helpful .thanks, Diane

  51. Natalie says

    Hi Cara,

    I have a daughter that is showing signs of Aspergus. Can you tell me if this diet will benefit her, and if so what meals do I start her on? I’m finding it all quite overwhelming when reading the information.


  52. sara says

    I am going to start the intro for my children and I soon. I bought the ebook for the 30 days intro as well as the GAPS guide and a cookbook. I have sources for grassfed, etc already as we have been eating this way, although I am concerned about potential allergies for my children. Should I do the allergy tests in the intro for them? I am also concerned that they will not eat the limited foods in the intro, nor am I sure they really need it that long as my third is a WAP, but my oldest two have only become WAP over time at 2 yrs of age and from 20 weeks gestation, respectively. I worry about energy for my oldest as he is a competitive swimmer (age 9) and do not want his training to suffer. I would appreciate any feedback on these questions and thank you for your time in advanced.

  53. Wendy says

    Thank you for this wonderful resource, Cara! I just purchased this book, and will be borrowing the GAPS handbook from the library. I hope to follow GAPS so my family can eat more healthily and to get rid of my 10-month-old’s eczema. For my little guy who is breastfed, should I keep him (and me) on stage 1 foods until his eczema disappears? Should I expect a detox phase where his eczema will worsen? Thank you for your help.

    • Rachel says

      We did not need to stay in stage one to see huge improvements. My dd who is 15 has has eczema since birth finally has almost no eczema. Basically her entire calf on both legs were full of eczema. We are now in stage 5 with no eggs still and she is still struggling with some on her scalp and being tired as am I. The problem with a little one is they can’t tell you that they hurt or don’t feel right so I would add new foods very carefully. By the way we started GAPS in January 2013 with intro using this cookbook. We did get stuck in stage 2 and 3 for a while but once we discovered eggs were an issue we were able to move forward without them. We are going to be trying duck eggs this week hopefully. Hope it helps your little guy!

  54. Rachel says

    This helped me so much. I was so confused on how to start GAPS and we just followed the daily meal plans. We are feeling so much better now and are transitioning into full GAPS now. Are your other cookbooks for GAPS or are the grain free?

  55. Carolyn says

    Hi cara,

    Can you address impact on pregnancy and breastfeeding and GAPS? I’d like to start it for my family but I’m nursing and intend to have another baby as well. I know you’re not a doctor but any experience with either?

  56. Agnes says

    Are there any egg-free recipe for toddler in your book? My 1 year old daughter who suffers from severe eczema is tested allergy to egg. But i have already started her with the GAPS diet. She refuse to drink the soup or eat the meat. Plus, she is not good at chewing food yet. All she wants is just her formula goats milk. She rather starve than eating those food we offer.

  57. says

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  58. lindsey says

    Hi Cara,

    I just found your site and am so thankful for what you’ve provided. I’m going to start the intro diet after Thanksgiving and you’ve given me so many great recipe ideas! I’ll plan on buying your e-book as well as the sample was filled with such great stuff. I do have a question though… I originally found that I have fructose malabsorption/intolerance as all the foods listed as “do not eat” seemed to cause me a great amount of discomfort. I’m now realizing that I’ve developed the FM/I is probably resulting from leaky gut, which has motivated me to start GAPS. Long story short, a lot of the recommended foods in GAP are foods that I struggle to digest. Do you see this going away after the intro and just avoiding the veggies that bother me, do you believe leaky gut and FM/I go hand-in-hand? I know it’s hard to answer but you seem to quite the GAPS warrior and was hoping you could shine some light on this for me, please?

    Thank you!


  59. Kim says

    I was just reading through your Grain Free meal plans. I am considering the GAPS meal plan and was wondering how many people the meal plans feed. I am single and they seem like each day is a lot to prepare for just me. I am so pleased to have a very comprehensive plan that I could follow. Thanks for making this possible.
    Thanks for the help, Kim

  60. P r says

    On the prepare ahead you talk about freezing things. You don’t mention specifically freezing the squash and leeks. Can they be frozen? Thx so much

  61. Nina says

    I read that the food should not be microwaved. But, how will I heat it or keep it warm if I am working in an office that only has microwaves? I work 13 or 14 hour days and do not have access to a stove until I get home. Please share your experience and advice with this.

    • Cara says

      I use thermoses :) I don’t think microwaving it would be completely catastrophic if it’s your only option though.

  62. Susan says

    Hi Cara.

    I am going to purchase your ebook today. Have been trying to work myself up to doing the intro diet but keep missing aspects and really could use your direction in the book. A question for you…over the past four years since my daughter was born, I have a whole host of developing health issues that continue to worsen, despite the fact that I’ve been a very whole food person for 15 years. List includes: joint twisting in fingertips, severe osteoporosis of spine, muscle loss, dupuytren’s on palms of hands, lower back aches, weight loss, anxiety, gum/bone loss in mouth, lots of cavities…anyway, all my medical tests from most doctors show me to be basically normal but I am clearly struggling with something systemic. Have you heard of GAPS helping someone in my situation?

    Thanks, Susan

    • Cara says

      Hi Susan, I do think GAPS could help that. Sometimes routine antibiotics in childbirth (if you didn’t home birth) and then the lack of sleep from having a newborn can trigger a lot of autoimmune stuff that was building up anyway. I hope you find the help you need!

  63. Dana Jones says

    Hi Cara,,, so new to this but I thought the intro stage was broth only.. little veges in it.. I added cauliflower and I got so bloated.. so Im guessing I cant have that.. then I got really frustrated because I went four days with broth only and no veges.. your intro book has cooked meals. maybe im confused… I get really bloated and now my stomach just feels heavy and hurts… I did eat watermelon and it was ok and popcorn and it was ok… probably not the best… I really need to be strick with it,, I am a diabetic and my sugars were dropping.. had to have glucotabs to bring it up.. that did not upset my stomach.. I am enjoying that I am realizing the things I can and cant eat.. can you please help me with the broth only and for how long… do we put veges in it and what ones… artichokes really upset my stomach too… thank so much.. Dana

  64. Dana Jones says

    Sorry,,, one more question… do you know of a therapeutic enzyme.. I do NOT digest my food at all…thanks..

  65. Megan Proudfoot says

    Hi! We bought the 30 days on intro diet ebook, and I couldn’t download it smartphone. When I tried to find it in my email to download it to my laptop, it was gone ;0, Not sure if it accidentally got deleted or what, but could you email me the file again please? We started on the Full Gaps diet a few weeks ago, and are planning on starting the intro in a week.

  66. julia says

    hi cara !! thank you so deeply for this 30-day guide; it’s helped me immensely with actually implementing the GAPS program in my busy life.

    I do have a question – the first nut that you introduce is walnuts. is that for a particular reason? i happen to have raw almonds in my house, which i was going to use for soaking when we first introduce nuts; is there any reason that i should use walnuts instead of almonds?

    again, thank you for all you’ve done for the GAPS community.

    love & light,

  67. Aaron says

    Hi I’m happy to find another website as a resource. My question is on grass fed meat I can’t afford it. I can probably do organic produce. So my question is will my gut be able to heal without grass fed meat? I have yet to find information on this matter. Thank you for your time.

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