Grain Free Berry Scones made with Almond Flour


grain free scones

These scones are a fantastic way to use garden fresh berries.  Other flavors, especially herbs, can be used straight from the garden as well.  The fruit can be varied, but make sure it’s soft, grate or finely chop hard fruit like apple before stirring in or the finished scone will fall apart.  We like to limit the amount of almond flour baked goods that we eat to 1-2 a week, and these scones make the cut quite often!

Almond flour, though GAPS legal and more nutrient dense than white flour, can too often displace the healthy fats, meats, fish, vegetables, and broth that are needed for healing on GAPS. A nice compromise is to have each family member drink a cup of hot or cold broth before eating their baked good.


Almond-berry Scones

2.5 cups of almond flour (where to buy)
1/2 tsp sea salt (where to buy)
2 eggs
4 tablespoons honey or other natural sweetener or 4 dates, pureed (where to buy)
1/3 cup melted butter or ghee (where to buy)
1/2 cup fresh or frozen berries

Preheat oven to 350. Grease a baking sheet with butter or coconut oil.
In a medium bowl, mix together dry ingredients.
In a separate bowl, whisk eggs until combined. Add melted butter, and honey.
Combine wet and dry ingredients.
Fold in berries.
Drop ¼ cup of dough onto the baking sheet, shape into triangle shapes.
Bake 15 minutes.

Disclosure: I wrote this post while participating in the Sowing Millions Project by Real Food Media on behalf of Seeds of Change. I received product and exclusive content to facilitate my post. However, my thoughts and opinions are my own and not of those of Real Food Media or Seeds of Change. Visit them on Facebook and share about your garden!

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About Cara

Cara is the main author here at Health Home and Happiness. She loves the health and energy that eating well and playing well provides and has a goal to share what she's learned with as many families interested in making healthy changes as possible.

She helps other families achieve health in simple steps with the GAPS Starter Package, The Empowered Mother Pregnancy Resource, and helps them stock their freezer for busy days with Grain-Free Freezer Cooking Guide.


  1. Alexis via Facebook says:

    These look delicious!!!

  2. Amber via Facebook says:

    Thank you! My daughter, who is recently become gf, has been wanting scones and now we are going to try these today! They look delish!

  3. Bram-Stacy via Facebook says:

    I am going to try those out this afternoon! I do have one question if you, or anyone else here, could answer it : what is the difference between the GAPS diet and the SCD diet?

  4. These look so good! How many does it make?

    • I always forget to put that! It makes about 6 decent sized scones, but they could be made smaller or bigger- just adjust the baking time.

      • Is that 15-minute baking time correct? I made 8 scones out of a batch and baked them for closer to 45 minutes. (They were yummy, thanks for the recipe!)

  5. The GAPS diet uses a specific detoxification protocol along with everything on SCD. The introduction diets are different as well, we’ve had better success with the GAPS intro if that helps :)

  6. almond flour is different than almond meal??

    • Almond flour is a little less course. I’ve heard of people using a mortar and pestle to pound almond meal into smaller ‘flour’ before though :)

  7. These look so delectable Cara! I’ll adjust to veganize it for me. Do you think fresh strawberries will hold too much moisture and make the scones soggy? I’ve not used almond flour by itself yet. I felt it might be too heavy (and I have a funky oven).

  8. Melissa Marie says:

    For the person asking about dried berries.. Just Tomatoes makes a wide variety of freeze dried fruits and veggies.. which helps them keep their flavor and nutrients better than dehydrated ones..

  9. Cara, have you had any luck making these with coconut flour?
    We have tree nut allergies.


    • I have been substituting homemade pumpkin seed flour for almond flour and it works great. One for one replacement. It’s also lower in oxalates.

  10. Could I use oat flour instead of almond floour?

  11. I’ve made these scones a few times. My boyfriend and I are on the gaps diet and I needed a good moist treat for us.

    They are amazing and people I work with gobble them right up when I bring them around. I use closer to a whole cup of fruit though. Enjoyyyyyyyyyyy

  12. I just made these and they are amazing, we missed the texture of baked goods.

    Also, this is so simple. It takes minutes. Unlike some of the other recipes I have seen for scones.

  13. I just made these and they are amazing, we missed the texture of baked goods.
    Also, this is so simple. It takes minutes. Unlike some of the other recipes I have seen for scones.

  14. These look wonderful! Will these work with ground up, soaked and dehydrated almonds? Also is Honeyville almond flour GAPS legal? Thanks for all your recipes!

  15. Should there be a raising agent (eg Bicarb soda) in this recipe?

  16. Hi! Just starting gaps..and need some treats for my little guy. My question is if I use frozen strawberries, should i thaw them first before mixing them with the other ingredients? Thanks for all your recipes!

  17. these look DELISH!!
    thank you SO very much!
    – tanya

  18. I was wondering how these were able to rise and look like an actual scone? i just made them and they came out pretty flat and not crumbly like the ones above. Any suggestions?

  19. I made these this morning for breakfast and they were amazing!! We’ve been on the GAPS diet for about 5 weeks. We bought your ebook, and did the 30 day challenge. Thanks for all the work you’ve done, and shared to help others along with healing. Your website is a valuable resource to me!!!

  20. Stephanie says:

    Our family has a tradition of having homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast on birthday days in my family. I’ve gone gluten free in the past couple months, so they were out for my birthday back in July. My hubby’s birthday is today, and I didn’t want to miss out on the fun of a yummy, sweet breakfast treat, so I made these for me and cinnamon rolls for everyone else. These were fantastic! Just what my sweet tooth needed. Thanks so much!!

  21. I made these today with blackberries and they were delicious. The only change I made was to double the berries, for added flavor. They taste especially good eaten warm, with coconut oil spread in the middle. Yum!

  22. Marhea Monson says:

    I wasn’t able to view the newsletter do you have it available in a Word document or PDF?

  23. Hi! I made these yesterday and they were delicious, but once all ingredients were in, the dough became a bit crumbly and difficult to shape into triangles, so I will add in some water next time. Also, make sure the scones are completely cool on the baking sheet before removing them! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    • Danielle says:

      We found the same thing we had to add 2 cups of water!! They are in the oven now hope they turn out properly!

  24. My family loves these scones. Thank you for this recipe!!

  25. Greenmana says:

    I made these today with frozen local organic blueberries. I wanted a little extra punch, so I grated in the zest from half a lemon and a little bit of frozen ginger. They were a big hit with my GAPSters, and even my non-GAPS mother ate every last morsel from her plate. Thank you for the recipe!!

  26. The first time I made these I didn’t have enough almond flour so I substituted 1/2 cup coconut flour. They turned out fantastic and my son loved them. The second time I followed the recipe exactly and they did not turn out at all, flat, under cooked. Had to throw them out. We are at high altitude which does make a difference in regular baking. If they don’t turn out for you try substituting 1/2 cup coconut flour so it is 2 C almond, 1/2 C coconut. Then they are super yummy, my son’s favorite snack, breakfast, and dessert.

  27. new GAPSer says:

    Hi there,
    I tried your recipe with coconut flour as we only have almond meal and not the flour here.
    They turned out horrible. Dry and crumbly.

    Not sure what went wrong, Maybe it was the coconut flour substitution.
    I am new to the GAPS diet and really want to be able to have some yummy treats stilL! haha
    will keep trying,
    Thanks anyway!

    • Yeah, you really can’t replace almond flour with coconut flour. Coconut flour absorbs all the moisture out of things, so you’d have to use much less of it.

  28. At what temperature do you bake these????? It is not listed. :D

  29. We can’t do almond flour regularly. Can these be made with a gluten free flour and have similar results. I tasted a friend’s batch and they were AMAZING. She even subbed flax for the egg.

  30. Wow, this post is nice, my younger sister is analyzing these things,
    so I am going to inform her.

  31. Fiorella says:

    I made these and they were AWESOME!!! This is the first almond flour baked good that really was just like it’s non paleo version. Thank you so much! Quick question, if I wanted to do the savory version using rosemary or other herbs, about how much would you add? (I’d probably be using dry herbs realistically.) I’m not a baker so I just have no idea. Thanks again!

  32. Your scones look so good! I will share the recipe on my FB page and Pinterest. YUM!

  33. I just made these, but they all spread into one :(. What did I do wrong?

  34. Can you sub the butter for coconut oil?

  35. I just pulled my first batch out of the oven and they look nothing like this photo. They are flat, spread out and very dense. Has anyone else had this outcome? They taste ok, but they don’t look anything like this photo.

  36. In the oven now. I only had 1 cup of almond flour so I halved and added 1/4 cup tapioca flour to make up the balance as well as a pinch of baking powder. This adjustment suits our family but as always, your mileage may vary :)

  37. Ashley R N says:

    We all LOVED these!! Even my non-paleo/GAPS hubby who never likes anything grain-free. I will be tripling this in the future to have on hand in the freezer!

  38. I just made these and they were delicious
    I changed the flour ratio using 1.5 cups almond flour +1/2 cup of Coconut flour + 1/2 cup of Tapioca flour + 1/2 tsp aluminum free baking powder and used re-hydrated cranberries
    I couldn’t get them into a nice shape as the dough was a bit sticky but they were loved by all

    Thanks for the great recipe

  39. Jacqueline says:

    Made these today, amazing! Best recipe I have found, came out nice and moist. thank you!!

  40. Is there a way to make these nut free? Maybe sunflower seed flour or coconut flour?

  41. Monique says:

    Made these yesterday and turned out great! Family loved them. I was wondering if they are carb free and any idea how many calories. Trying not to eat all six 😀


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