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We have been enjoying nutrient-packed smoothies nearly every afternoon this summer.  While fruit is good and healthy and sweet, what makes my smoothies really nutrient dense and filling is the kefir or yogurt (probiotics, protein, calcium), egg yolks (essential fatty acids, protein), and coconut oil (medium chain fatty acids, gives good sensation of satiety).  These are all rich and creamy enough to be called milkshakes, yum!

All my smoothie recipes use bananas to sweeten; this works the best if bananas are really ripe with lots of spots before freezing.  Check the reduced for quick sale area of your produce section – you might be able to find them already ripe and ready for the freezer, and with their price discounted!  Don’t be afraid to buy all the reduced priced bananas- the shop owner will be thankful. They reduced the price because they do want to get rid of them!

Unless otherwise noted, just combine everything in the blender all at once and blend.  These are just starting points; adjust to your family’s tastes and preferences!

I add ice to my more rich smoothies to lighten them up a bit. This is just personal preference.

Kefir-Cocoa-Almond Butter

Kefir Cocoa Almond Butter Smoothie

This smoothie is very filling, I’ll add in nutbutters when I’m using a smoothie as a meal.  The banana makes it sweet, the cocoa indulgent.

Strawberry Banana Ice Cream Smoothie

The egg yolks really make the smoothie taste like ice cream.  If you’re using good pastured eggs with bright orange yolks, it will turn the smoothie peach-colored. If members of your family are squeamish about knowing there are raw egg yolks in the smoothie, you could just call it a ‘peach smoothie’ after the color, you know… ;)

Strawberry Banana

  • 1-1/2 cups kefir or yogurt (Buy Kefir or Yogurt here)
  • 1/2 cup strawberries, frozen
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 2-3 egg yolks (raw) from pastured chickens

Piña Colada

Blend the kefir or yogurt together with the coconut oil first, this helps prevent ‘coconut oil balls’ from forming.  Add everything else and enjoy!

Plain Banana

This is what we have most days. Again, if we’re squeamish about the raw egg yolk, just emphasize that it’s banana. Bananas are yellow.

Blend the coconut oil and yogurt first to prevent clumping.

Want to make yogurt or kefir? Find what you need to get started here.

Part of Wheatless Wednesday and Real Food Wednesday and WFMW

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Cara is the main author here at Health Home and Happiness. She loves the health and energy that eating well and playing well provides and has a goal to share what she's learned with as many families interested in making healthy changes as possible.

She helps other families achieve health in simple steps with the GAPS Starter Package, The Empowered Mother Pregnancy Resource, and helps them stock their freezer for busy days with Grain-Free Freezer Cooking Guide.


  1. What do you do with the egg whites from all your yolks and why don’t you use them in the smoothie? THANKS!

    • I usually make meringues. I don’t use them in the smoothie because it looks like you get the most benefit from eating raw yolks; and that egg whites might be better digested if they’re cooked.

  2. Hello Cara, i’ve never thought of adding raw egg yolks to smoothies, please tell me more, is this something you’ve learned from somebody else or read from a great book? I’d like to hear more. thanks so much for sharing.


    • I’ve read about it in various nutrition books; the link ‘egg yolks’ way up at the top of the post has some of the same information that I’ve learned. I did this a lot when I was pregnant, as a way to get protein in when I didn’t feel like eating meat or scrambled eggs again.

  3. Thanks so much Cara, I appreciate your response.

    blessings ! Carmen

  4. Hi Cara,
    I made a smoothie this morning using egg yolks as well. My eldest wasn’t impressed but when i told him that this would make him grow biiig and taaall he ate the lot and loved it! Had to make a second smoothie for myself. I used a quarter water melon pits included, sour cream, buttermilk, 2 yolks, coconut oil and a drop of vanilla. It tasted wonderful and left me feeling full all morning! So thanks for your suggestions!

    • So glad it’s working well for you! I had to get over it myself, it was weird to eat raw egg yolks after being indoctrinated that *raw eggs are poison* my whole life :D

  5. Cara – awesome idea! Never thought to add ice to my smoothies so they aren’t so heavy! Duh! Thanks for the idea!

    Would love it if you would consider sharing this blog or another post at Monday Mania. Hope to see you there!

  6. Jennifer L. says:

    Hi Cara,

    Just want to say thanks so much for mentioning that you ate raw eggs in your smoothies while pregnant. I have been doing my best to follow WAPF dietary guidelines since before my second pregnancy (now pregnant with baby #3 :) ) but I have never gotten used to the idea of eating eggs raw. I guess I’ve never known anyone to actually do it. You have given me courage! I’m going to read up on the egg article link and go for it with one of your recipes. It’s amazing what years of “raw eggs are bad for you” brainwashing can do!!!


    • Congratulations! Yes, I know it’s hard to break the brainwashing. In the book Gut and Psychology Syndrome, Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride also talks about the benefits of raw egg yolks; that they’re really great source of nutrients that absorb into the body quickly.

  7. inspired me to try egg yoke in ours!

  8. hope the egg yolk isnt raw…dont think i could do that one

  9. I am in the gathering information stage of my Gaps Diet journey. I am very excited to have found this blog. I’m still very nervous about the safety of raw eggs and fermented veggies. Is there a risk in eating these foods? Did you mind at first or just jump right in. Not sure if I will ever be able to eat these things.

  10. I make kefir smoothies almost every day. My husband and I have them as dessert and we make kefir pops for the kids. The perfect summer treat!

  11. Andrea via Facebook says:

    Do the probiotics die when you freeze the kefir?

  12. Andrea via Facebook says:

    Does freezing the kefir kill the probiotics?

  13. Alexis via Facebook says:

    Great idea to freeze leftovers in popsicle molds! :-)

  14. I think some of them do, but some stay too

  15. i dont know if im right bout the probiotics dying when frozen but here is my take on it and this is why i dont make kefir ice cream or frozen pops….when you use it to make foods or soak etc its left out at room temp…then after a few days its put in the fridge to slow it down right??? so my idea is that it wouldnt survive the freezer if it slows down in the fridge…im noooo expert but thats how i see it…please correct me if im wrong cuz id really love to know as well so i can feel comfy eatin more foods

  16. That reminded me of something- i do keep yogurt in ice cube trays to start my next batch, so yes, they do survive they just dont’ multiply :)

  17. thanks :)

  18. Love the smoothie ideas, I hadn’t heard about the egg yolk trick! Here are some of my favorite recipes:

  19. Your smoothies look great but what if you can’t have dairy? What can you substitute in place of the keifer, etc.? Thanks.

  20. Do you give recipes for meringues anywhere on this site? I am making your smoothies and have lots of egg whites!

  21. I just started the full GAPS diet and heard that combining fruit with other ingredients or meals is not recommended because it is hard to digest, but I really want to try smoothies. Do you think this is safe on the full GAPS diet? I am getting mixed answers and don’t know what to do!

  22. danielle says:

    ok i get my eggs from pasture raised chickens at a local farm and the yolks are definitely not that orange…they actually look the same yellow color as store bought organic yolks…whats up with that??

    • Angela Gonzalez says:

      Pasture-raised eggs have very orange yolks from eating insects while scratching through the weeds and other greenery in the pasture. If your egg yolks are not orange then the chickens are not eating bugs. This can happen if the birds have “over-grazed” an area or no insects are available due to cold weather. Talk with your egg supplier to make a visit and see where the chickens live and eat during the day.

  23. Wendy Haslam says:

    So many theories. Practically I find eating fruit on top of a heavy meal definiteley does not work for me, nothing digests. The theory for that is that enzymes for the different food types do not get produced all at once or they do not work well together . What do I know.


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