Homemade Lactofermented Ginger Ale


Ginger Ale from a can isn’t something beneficial for anyone to drink (corn syrup, artificial flavoring, not to mention aluminum or plastic leaching out from most commercial containers).  But homemade ‘soda’ or Ginger Ale is a healthy treat, rich with probiotics that help your digestion and help you to absorb the most from your food. Ginger is a natural antiinflammitory and a tried and true remedy for upset tummies.

Want to get started making your own homemade healthy sodas? See my Resource Page!

From Nourishing Traditions, but in true-to-me form modified to suit the ingredients I had on hand. Sugar rather than rapadura, lemon juice rather than lime juice, and cut the recipe in half because I didn’t have enough lemon juice or ginger.

Ginger Ale Recipe and Instructions

1/2 cup peeled and chopped or grated ginger
2 tablespoons whey
1 teaspoon sea salt
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup lemon juice

Put in a jar, fill to within one inch of the top with filtered water. Shake to mix. Allow to sit out to lactoferment for 3 days, transfered to the fridge. She says it’s best sipped in small quantities at room temperature rather than being chilled.

Tried it a few days later. Ahem, I think it’s alcoholic. Didn’t give it to my girlie girl. A little strong to drink straight, so I watered it down, I want to try it with sparkling water as recommended. It’s good, not the cornsyrupy sweet of commercial ginger ale, but it’s good.


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  1. shannon says:

    Hi. Just curious if you ever tried this with the sparkling water. Thanks. Shannon

    • I haven’t- I don’t think I’ve ever bought sparkling water, though it is something I should do for fun! :)

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