Homemade Onion Soup


The first time I made this soup I was surprised at how rich it tasted.    Onion soup, not from a mix, is made simply with few ingredients.  It is well liked by everyone and because it’s made with inexpensive ingredients, it’s easy on the budget as well. I hadn’t thought to make onion soup until I had a Costco-sized bag of onions, a bunch of chicken stock, and a snowy day at home, but now we make it regularly.

It’s easy, all I do is chop up two or three onions, caramelize in coconut oil, add about a quart of chicken stock, the same amount of water, and sea salt to taste.

Chopped onions. I keep a few in the fridge because then they don’t make me cry as I cut them.  And I’m using a bread knife here. No cooking secret there- I was running low on clean knives.

Melted about a tablespoon of coconut oil in the bottom of the pan (I love this little pan, a 1 quart calphalon that I got for our wedding) and added the onions, covering and stirring every once in a while.  Medium heat.

After about 45 minutes I added broth and sea salt, cooked til boiling.

Added some green beans too, since I had some in my freezer.  Blended with my immersion blender (just a cheap one from Target) for the kids- they drink theirs out of sippy cups (they love soup).

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  1. I love onion soup. My husband makes it sometimes and its so delicious. I like the green bean idea!

  2. Looks good! My hubby isn’t a soup person either but he likes onion soup.

  3. Just wondering because I am new to all of this…are green beans allowed in stage one of the gaps intro diet? I want to do gaps, but I am struggling with what vegetables I can use on intro because I am dealing with yeast overgrowth, which means I can’t use squash or carrots. I don’t know if I could survive that long with only broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini. Just trying to learn if there are other veggies I can use besides these so I can have a little variety. :) Thank You!


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