Make Almond flour (meal) in the food processor


Just to see, I tried making almond flour in my Kitchen Aid brand food processor.  I buy blanched almond flour from Honeyville, but the fine texture is not always needed.

The dark, on the top, is the almond ‘flour’ (it’s more a cornmeal texture) that I made in my food processor with the standard metal knife blade, the bottom lighter flour (because it’s been in my freezer) is what my friend and I made in her Vitamix.  I honestly am pretty pleased with my food-processor for making this almond flour.  With the Vitamix we had to process the almonds at just the right speed, about one cup at a time. In my food processor I filled the bowl about 2/3 full and just let it whir for a few minutes.  My food processor almond flour is a little more coarse than what the Vitamix did, but it worked for us.
My food processor didn’t make almond butter out of just the almonds (the Vitamix can), so I added about a tablespoon of coconut oil.  It did make a ‘crunchy’ almond butter that we love with the coconut oil.  About one tablespoon to 4 cups of almonds.  We used the soaked then dehydrated almonds that I did a few weeks back.
No doubt the Vitamix would make better smoothies, but I’m just fine with sticking with my food processor now. That seems almost like blasphemy with home cooks; I hear about how much everyone loves their Vitamix all the time.  Am I the only one who thinks that maybe a Vitamix isn’t worth the price? Or do you love yours to death?
More food processor food (not to be confused with processed food ~grin~):
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  1. I agree totally with you! I just used my blender and it was fine. next time I will try the food processor. I may blanch my own almonds first for a little finer flour. though. I am looking forward to baking again!! With this flour and zylitol, there isn’t anything I can’t make! Cranberry bread here I come!!!

  2. Ok, so as I’m reading through your recipies I say to myself “Hey, why can’t I just make almond flour in my Vitamix” BUT now that I see this I’m wondering how you prevent almond butter. Is the almond flour usually clumpy and moist? Maybe I’ll buy some almond flour so I have something to go off of.
    A word about my Vitamix (since you asked;-) I do really love my Vitamix, but I think you have to use it often to really make it worth the investment. I bought the flour canister thingy for mine and I make all our flour in it BUT I’m not convinced this is the best way to make flour. I would still love the Jupiter mill for that, but you can’t have everything and this was our compromise. If I use the Vitamix three times a day I’m pretty happy with that, sometimes we only use it for our kefir smoothies though. I don’t have a food processor, when we got the Vitamix I got rid of a lot of other appliances, it felt good. Don’t know if that answers your question, its different for everyone I guess. For me it was worth it.

  3. I have a question that is similar to Holly…

    When you mix the almonds in your Food processor… how does it get to be the consistency of almond flour… and not almond butter?

    Thanks for all of your great recipes!!

  4. I’ll comment on your question about the VitaMix. I LOVE mine! Not only does it make wonderful smoothies, it comes with an excellent warranty. I went through blender after blender until I purchased the VitaMix. My ambitious teenagers have put it to the test and actually managed to blow out the motor twice over the course of the ten years I’ve owned it. VitaMix repaired it for free once and sent me the parts with instructions to repair it the second time. It’s pretty difficult to blow the motor on this machine, but it’s good to know that VitaMix will stand behind their product should it happen. Plus now you can get a machine that fits under the cabinets to sit on the counter.

  5. Janelle says:

    Thank you for posting what we can do with regular equipment, I can not afford a vitamix and probably won’t be able to, but want to do some healthy things, so I’m going to try this today…thanks!!

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