Menu Plan- Maker’s Diet


This is ‘The Maker’s Diet Phase 3′ since that’s the phase you’re supposed to stay on. Mostly. I’ll note any exceptions.

Breakfasts: We mostly always do soaked whole wheat bread, toasted with organic peanut butter. And coffee with coconut milk for me.

Lunch: Leftovers if there are any (!) and egg salad on soaked wheat bread (above)

Snacks: Fruit, organic tortilla chips from Costco, crispy almonds. Afternoon Iced Mocha (dairy free) for me most days during nap time.

Dinners are what I really plan, we follow the same plan each week but add a little variety within that plan.

Monday: Chicken and rice. Barbiqued chicken thighs this week, marinated in olive oil, orange juice, and apple cider vinegar. Jasmine rice since we’re still using that up! Broccoli too, steamed with the rice.

Tuesday: Tuesday is pizza night. Going out on a limb and trying soaked wheat for the toddler’s and my pizza. Regular white pizza dough for hubby’s.

Wednesday: Beans and Rice. And salsa and avocado and tortilla chips.

Thursday: Breakfast for Dinner, we’ll do whole wheat waffles again, with scrambled free range eggs and turkey sausage

Friday: Pizza again. Easy french bread pizza to give mom the night off.

Saturday: Burgers on the BBQ, homemade fries, green salad. We hope to have friends over this afternoon, so we’ll move dinner up to coordinate with everyone’s nap and bedtime schedules :)

This is a part of menu plan Monday

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