Nap Substitute: Homemade Iced Coffee


Some afternoons I want a nap, but it’s not often in the plans. So caffeine, although I’d love to get rid of the habit, will work wonderfully.

How to make homemade iced coffee

Leftover coffee frozen in cubes (1 tray), honey (3 tablespoons), whole milk (to desired consistency- 1-1/2 cups or so), and cocoa powder (to taste- 2 tablespoons or so) and all blended up.

The leftovers of the ‘milkshake’ got frozen into cubes again, then those were added to another day’s cool coffee. In my favorite cup ever from Cabela’s.

Smoothies- uncaffeinated blended goodness :)

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  1. Cheeseslave says

    Looks yummy!

    You could do the same thing w/ an herbal coffee alternative — and no caffeine.

    Caffeine is so bad for your adrenal glands. I've been off coffee for 10 days now and it's been easy. I'm taking 1000 mg of DLPA (an amino acid) in the morning and 1000 again at lunch. It's been working like a charm! If you want to learn more about amino acids, check out Julia Ross's book "The Mood Cure"

  2. Rachel says

    Kind of funny- we've had leftover coffee the last couple days so I froze it in ice cube trays… and then you posted :-) Shouldn't you add some coconut something? ;-)

  3. Cara @ Health Home and Happiness says

    Ann Marie, I know I should stop with the caffeine, maybe this spring… I did stop with my 2nd pregnancy, it gave me the jitters then, but I started back up. Going to check out that book.

    Yes, let's add coconut too! :)

  4. Cheeseslave says

    Cara – I've been eating traditional foods for 2.5 years now and I just managed to give up coffee. I tried two years ago but I picked it back up. So don't feel bad! It takes time.

  5. Cara @ Health Home and Happiness says

    That's awesome that you found something that works! I just really like the caffeine boost :) And I'm being kind of stubborn about it :oP

  6. Eyrie says

    Thanks Cara! I put one together with cubes of Teechino (coffee alt) and used stevia powder and coffee mate for the hazelnut flavor. I'd love to find something else to add flavor since I'd rather have hazelnut than cocoa. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks :D

  7. Cara @ Health Home and Happiness says

    Hmm, coffee mate sub- I know there's such thing as almond extract, wonder if there's hazelnut extract? That and a little cream or coconut milk if you're dairy free?

    Great idea with the stevia and coffee substitute!

  8. Duane says

    mmmm. i'm totally freezing my coffee right now to try this. :D But I'm all out of milk, so I'm going to add vanilla ice cream instead.

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