One Week Soup Challenge! Starting November 5th


This is going to be a ‘meet you where you are’ challenge with the goal of working up to either GAPS or the GAPS Intro. Some of you may choose to go gluten free and incorporate soup once a day into your meals, some may start intro, some may switch to full GAPS and drink the recommended mug of salted broth with every meal.

But for a week we are all going to be intentionally challenging ourselves to make some healthy changes that we need to make! It was November of 2009 that we started GAPS, and it was a huge undertaking but so worthwhile for us!

What we’re doing this week:

This past June I transitioned my little one off of GAPS, so we’re going to go back through a ‘mini intro’  during this week to make sure she is actually still does not need to be on GAPS.  I’m going to have the three of us eating dairy free soups, though we’ll add eggs too since we’ve never had a problem with eggs. We will be dairy free for the week since that’s been an issue in the past, and will go low carb (no fruit or honey) since that also has been an issue in the past.

Sometimes symptoms (hyperactivity, brain fog, sleep issues, etc) can creep up on us and we don’t realize that they are there until they’re gone- or until they come back after re-starting our regular eating habits.

If you’d like help tracking your progress, here’s a chart (PDF) where you can make some notes (for whatever reason I couldn’t get the vertical lines but it can still work)

If you sign up for the GAPS Intro Challenge today you’ll receive corresponding emails explaining the GAPS Intro diet and helping encourage you through it- sign up today for the ‘start date’ of Nov 5th,

or just follow along here at the blog :) I’ll post how I’ve been  making chicken stock lately, and a few soup recipes as well.


Are you going to join us?

Leave a comment below saying what your goal is for the Soup Week Challenge, and then check back in each day to report your progress!

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  1. Faye says

    My goal had been to start GAPS intro that week but due to circumstances beyond my control that has to wait a couple of weeks so now my goal is to have soup once a day and stop the processed junk to get me set for starting GAPS intro two weeks later. It’s taken a while to get started on GAPS (was excited when I first saw this would go with me starting GAPS intro and so annoyed things have happened to stop that) so I’m hoping that gradually starting this way will help so much! Thankyou for doing this, it’s great!


  2. Andrea says

    I went on full GAPS with my two girls (3 and 1 now). I never did intro due to nursing. I think we should have done mode adjusting as we went along, but I gave up about 11 months in frustrated. Now a few months later, I know we need to do something. I am starting again this week, but a mini intro might be extra helpful. Thank you.

  3. says

    My teenage son is about 10 months into full GAPS — healing his gut from ulcerative colitis/crohns. It’s been hard, but I’ve been so impressed with his tenacity with the diet, so wanting to never be in the ill place he was a year ago! But, I’ve also been overwhelmed many times with the cooking/preparations to keep him well fed as well as tend to the needs of the rest of my family.

    So, this soup challenge sounds like something just right for all of us — to eat like my healing son. We all need to be on a journey toward greater gut health! I look forward to your posts. Thanks, Cara!

  4. Joy says

    My goal is to add soup and keep away from the grains more than I have been. I really need to do the full GAPS, but right now budget doesn’t allow it since I am talking nine of us including some terns.

  5. Andrea says

    My husband has been having some serious stomach problems lately. He’s dead set against seeing a doctor and has FINALLY after 6 months of showing him articles and testimonials about gaps, decided to try it. I’m looking forward to getting my healthy man back! (We both do realize this will take time. No magic pill effects expected here.)

  6. Becky says

    I’m joining you! My goal is to ease into full GAPS as much as possible (there are some things I can’t eat on it, due to sensitivity/allergy, that I think will probably clear up on intro- which I can’t do just yet since my almost 5 month old is exclusively nursing- he is sensitive too). Intro will have to wait a few months, I guess. But, I do want to get in the habit of drinking stock, and adding fermented veggies, so that when I CAN do intro, it won’t be such a huge change. I want to eliminate grains and starchy foods, and hope I see some healing from that alone (well, with the stock and fermented veggies, of course).

  7. says

    We are doing Intro for 2 weeks to get rid of the junk in our system after a 8 day vacation that saw us eating out all the time :( Allso, we are battling a nasty cough and cold. Dd and I did Intro back in September 2011. But now the whole faily sans dh will be put on it.

  8. Lw says

    We’ve been GAPS for over a year now but I didn’t do much broth or soup during the summer. It’s time to get back into the routine.


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