Orange Juice Millet Porridge


Millet Porridge made with OJ

Healthy Hearty Tasty OJ Millet Porridge

I heard about this millet porridge when I was a nanny, and updated it to make it more digestible (and it is!) by soaking overnight with a dab of whey.  In Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon recommends soaking all grains overnight in whey or an acetic medium to ferment them a bit. This breaks down the hard to digest portions of the grain which gives you better nutrition and is easier on the digestive system. The soaking also makes cooked hot porridge a very fast food- it only has to be heated up in the morning, no mixing, measuring, or long cooking required!

Fresh (or I’ve also been known to use frozen from concentrate) orange juice makes a citrusy twist on this hearty breakfast.  It’s adds a lovely variety to weekday meals, and is fast and budget friendly as well.

Hot Porridge Directions:

Overnight soak:
3/4 cup millet (I bought mine in bulk, organic)
1-1/2 cups filtered water
1 tablespoon whey (or skip if you don’t have it)
2 tablespoons OJ concentrate.

I turned it on medium-low and cooked covered about 15 minutes, until throughly heated. Added a good amount of butter or ghee and this porridge is also lovely served with a drizzle of maple syrup and/or some sprouted roasted pumpkin seeds.

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