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{I’m switching up the format of the Grain Free Meal Plans and this is from the old website, so it’s new to the blog but some of you may have seen it before :) }

I know how it can be- up above my daughter is cleaning up the shredded coconut she got into as I was standing less than three feet away making macaroons. During this same time, my son turned my brussels sprouts on ‘high’ (whoever put the knobs to the stove in the front did not have small children).  For both incidents I was standing right there! 

Sometimes life with little ones is overwhelming, throw in some special needs and/or a busy schedule, teething babies, out of town visitors, navigating a special diet, and you wonder how you’re going to cope!

Here are some things I do when life gets a little busy. Not necessarily green, not always ideal, but they get us through rough patches with priorities in tact (health and happiness are our priorities)

1.  Disposable products. If the dishwasher acts up, anyone in the house is sick (and thus making more laundry or not sleeping well), or anything else out of the ordinary happens, one of the first switches I make is to go to paper plates, cups, napkins, paper towels, and so on.  I either buy these at Costco or order from  Alice.com.

I won’t lie- I gave up on cloth diapering when both my babies turned a year and it got more messy.  I buy Seventh Generation which isn’t chlorine bleached for the same price as Huggies from Amazon.  Other disposable products come and go with my stress level

2.  Order online.  As I said above, I order online quite a bit.   Amazon has nearly everything Target does- usually in bulk.  If offered, use the Subscribe and Save option for a discount; just cancel it after you make your order if you don’t want to continue.  Amazon Prime gets your order to your doorstep in just a couple days, free shipping after paying the yearly fee.  Alice.com has smaller quantities with free shipping.  See my Where To Buypage for food that can be ordered online.

3.  Audiobooks: I didn’t like audiobooks before, but now I get any book I can in audio version.  I can easily listen to a book in a week while doing laundry and dishes. Print books often sit unread for months.

4.  Hire help strategically. When my children were littler I often had a young ‘mother’s helper’ come over and play with the kids for a few hours on the weekends and school breaks.  It’s a win-win; the kids have tons of fun, the young girl gets experience with childcare and a little cash, and I get to plow through chores without interruption but I’m still there if needed.

Also because my daughter gets overstimulated by being in most grocery stores, I have a trusted adult friend come over to play with her while my son and I go out and do errands. We get our errands one, and he gets some 1:1 time with mom.   Because she’s an adult she obviously needs to earn more than a 12-year-old, so I try to use this time to do things that I couldn’t do while the 12-year-old is playing with my children.

When looking to hire a mother’s helper I recommend looking for someone who naturally loves being around children.  The girls who come to my house aren’t motivated by money; they enjoy being around my kids anyway and would always ask to hold the baby, push the stroller, or play peek a boo when they were around my kids in other settings.


When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking: Traditional Foods in a Hurry

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  1. For years my husband wanted a propane stove so when we were getting our kitchen built we went to look at them. They ALL have knobs on the front and it was the one thing I hated about them. I asked why, when it was an obvious safety hazard and the employee told me that putting your arm over the open flame of a propane stove to turn on an additional burner would also be a safety hazard. We still got one but I was really neurotic about it until my youngest got past the age where I had to be concerned.

  2. Thanks for the practical encouragement. I can’t imagine doing the GAPS diet and also have little ones. We have an older daughter still at home who helps with the cooking and household stuff and it still feels like we are in the kitchen quite a bit.

  3. Meredith says:

    Your words today remind me that maybe I need to ask for some help. I homeschool my second grader, have a five-year-old with autism, a two year old who needs ATTENTION NOW PLEASE!, and a teething 8 month old. All boys! And we cloth diaper and are starting on GAPS intro for my autistic son. It’s true what people say when they see me: I have my hands full.

    I think a mother’s helper sounds grand. Now, to find time to figure that out! :)

  4. This is is a great post! Yes, my house is like that a lot with a 3 and 5 year old. Actually, things like this happen almost every day if I think about it! I just take a deep breath and do my best to let go.
    We are gluten free and do a lot of GAPS cooking at home. Its taken time but I have gotten used to it now.
    I love the parts you mentioned about being flexible such as using paper plates when there’s someone sick at home. Sometimes, we are all sick at home! I will remember that tip!!! I had a Mother’s helper when my second child was born and it was such a gift! She helped so much! I just budgeted in other areas because it was worth every penny and she loved both of my children and they loved her! All of you Moms out there doing amazing things for your family, it is all worth it!!!!!! You are doing an amazing job, keep it up! You are already seeing the blessings, they look at you every day with unconditional love, your children!!!

  5. I am so overwhelmed! I have an autoimmune disease called Hoshimotos. Everything I have read keeps driving me to diets like Gaps. I love food and love to cook. I feel like I have to learn how to cook again. Cooking tasty foods has always come natural to me. But, a lot of these ingredience I have never heard of. I am not big on buying food over the internet. I live in Phoenix, AZ. We have several types of so called health food stores. Can these products be fould locally? Going a little crazy here. Not sure where to begain this process.

  6. By the way, did I mention I work full time. Raise a 12 yr old and my husband and help out occasionally with our 2 grandchildren.

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