Savory Yogurt- Exercise Your Taste Buds


I’ve started experimenting with different flavor combinations, my favorite lately being savory additions to yogurt. ¬†In America we try to make everything sweet or salty, and end up missing out on other wonderful flavors that deserve attention- like the sourness in many traditionally prepared foods. ¬†Adding avocado and a few dried strawberries to a breakfast bowl of yogurt is a refreshing change – the buttery avocado, sweet-sour-chewy strawberries, and tart creamy yogurt all work beautifully together.


Homemade yogurt

Do our babies naturally have a taste for sour foods?

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  1. I never thought to put avocado in mine, might have to try that. My favorite savory yogurt is Tzatziki sauce, so good with grilled meats.

  2. Interesting additions to your yogurt! I may have to try that too :-) As for your question about a babies natural tastes.. I think they naturally have tastebuds for sweet… as their mama’s breast milk is sweet :-)

  3. I’ll have to look up Tzatziki sauce! I really think I love avocado in everything :)

  4. tzatziki is plain yogurt with diced cucumber, crushed mint, & some salt. it’s super yummy!!

  5. We love to add herbs to our yogurt, and we use the herbed yogurt for dipping veggies, chips and crackers, on sandwiches (especially if we strain the yogurt). We probably eat more herbed yogurt than fruited right now, but of course, that changes.

  6. We love avocado and lemon in yogurt…lassi anyone?? :)


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