Seventh Generations Diapers to clear up diaper rash


My kids are pretty sensitive to synthetics. All those cute fuzzy fleecie hats, PJs, pants that they make for newborns? They all gave my babies red rashes. Sam is more sensitive than Hannah was, I even had to cover his carseat straps with cotton (they’re nylon, a synthetic material) so he didn’t get a rash. God-given natural fibers are the way to go with my kids (and me too! that’s why I started making and using these- because of the itch factor).

With Hannah, I was able to use cloth prefolds or fitteds with a PUL (plastic) cover, or All In Ones that I made (also with the PUL outer), but this boy gets a rash even from that. So we use cotton prefolds and wool ‘soaker’ covers with him to keep rash away. If you’re new and looking for a good diaper store, Green Mountain Diapers is my favorite place to order cloth diapers now, we have 12 infant prefolds and 24 premium CPFs.

When life happens, I put him in disposables, generally about once a week. By the end of the day he’d have a rash. I’m not thrilled with Huggies diapers anyway because of the gel, but he would pee right out of Tushies that are gel free, so we were just using Huggies. I finally glanced at the box and noticed that they added petroleum ‘for skin protection’. Gross. And the same stuff that polyester is made of, so most likely that’s what was causing the rash. So we tried Seventh Generation from the health food store and no rash. Wahoo. He also is prone to eczema (that is caused by dairy in my diet), I wonder if there’s a correlation?

With my first, her little bum was only in cloth until she was a year and a half and we moved, then she was in Tushies sometimes. But with this one, I give myself permission to put him in disposables once life gets the best of me. It’s more of a cost factor than anything- if I need to put off laundry and use a couple 31-cent diapers in the process, it’s less expensive than ordering pizza for dinner. And sometimes something’s gotta give!

Costs: In looking at Amazon’s Seventh Generation Diaper prices size 3 diapers are 31.7 cents, but then go down to 26.9 cents with their 15% off ‘Subscribe and Save’ discount. is 31.4 cents a diaper, and the health food store is some crazy-high price that I paid just because I wasn’t sure they’d work and I didn’t want to be stuck with a case of diapers that didn’t work. Amazon doesn’t look like it has Tushies, but is where I had gotten them before, and they are 34.8 cents for a ‘medium’ that is comparable to Seventh Generation 3s I think.

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  1. crystal caccamo says:

    have you tried bambo disposables? they are sold on amazon. they are made in the netherlands. thye have no chlorine or “junk” bc the UK doesnt permit it although the us does. i believe they are aven compostable but not sure on that one. i DO know that they work phenomenal. we have used them on flights and on some nights. BAMBO….BAMBO….BAMBO., best rashes (my son has sensitive skin too), no leaks at all for us and my son is a heavy pee pee boy. perhaps include those in your article to spread the word after trying them out and being in love like us!

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