I used to be pretty anti-vitamin, but once I found a prenatal that was actually good quality, I was hooked. I just ordered chewables for the toddler and men’s for hubby, all Source of Life brand, since that’s the prenatal that I had good luck with. I just ordered 30 days’ worth for hubby since I’m not sure if he’ll actually take them, though he says he will.

When I took a nutrition course in college, my teacher had stuff that she had to teach, but you could tell she didn’t believe it. She didn’t believe in the food pyramid, but had to teach it. She also had to teach that vitamins are vitamins, it doesn’t make a difference if they’re natural or not. But in my experience, that simply isn’t true. I took a Walmart prenatal when I was pregnant with my first, and I took a nap With my second I took a good quality prenatal, made from real food, and I only needed a nap once a week. I continued taking them with breastfeeding, and I haven’t taken a nap except for maybe three times in the past 6 months. I really think that a good quality vitamin, unless you have super excellent eating habits, is essential. I’m curious to see what my hubby thinks when he tries his.

The vitamin I take is Source of Life Prenatal, and all the vitimins in it are naturally derived, not made in a laboratory.  If you look at the label, you recognize the ingredients.  I also take cod liver oil, again, a natural source of vitamins A & D.  I have used the kids fruit punch flavored cod liver oil before, but now I take the salty fermented cod liver oil because it’s GAPS friendly. My kids don’t mind the salty CLO, which I find amusing.  I have to chase mine with cold water.

Just based on how I feel when taking different supplements, I do think that vitamins derived from nature are highly superior and easier for your body to use than ones made in a lab.  When I started taking the good prentatals (link below) during my second pregnancy, the first trimester ‘sleepies’ and morning sickness immediately went away.  This surprised me, and makes me wonder if morning sickness and the tiredness associated with early pregnancy could be due to a nutrient deficiency? I’ve only had this experience one time, so I can’t say anything for sure.  I’ll have to see what happens with future pregnancies.

Links below of what we’ve used and are happy with

Edited Aug 09: Hubby really didn’t like his. Said they left a weird aftertaste and nasty burps. I didn’t blame him for not wanting to finish the bottle, so he’s currently not taking anything. Anyone know of any men’s vitamins that don’t leave an icky taste?

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  1. AlwaysNatural says

    No, a vitamin is not a vitamin if it’s synthetic. Synthetic vitamins are created in a lab with petro chemicals and the body does not recognize it as a nutrient. The definition of Pharmacopia in greek means sorcery, witchcraft. Whole food comes from the earth and was put here by God to heal our bodies. Eat whole foods, not genetically modified organisms (GMO), take only whole food supplements not anything synthetic and get your sunshine for your vitamin D because you have to make it in your skin. Look up all your health concerns on natural remedy sites like n a t u r a l n e w s . c o m and you will see the truth.

  2. says

    I agree! I’m not a supplement person either. I just don’t believe that synthetic forms of vitamins and minerals can replace the real thing. I’m spending the next 6 months preparing my body for pregnancy. Next on my list is to find a natural prenatal. I’m currently researching Mega Food but will also look into the one you’ve had success with.

    A deficiency in vitamin b6 is linked with morning sickness so you’re on the right track there! :)

  3. says

    So glad I found this! I was looking for a more natural prenatal as part of my never-ending TTC journey and wasn’t sure where to look. Imagine my happiness when I randomly found your blog today and saw this article. 9-month-morning-sickness runs in my family so I’m hoping it will help when I finally get pregnant.

  4. Cara says

    That’s great Cherish! If you’re TTC, I’d recommend taking the prenatal then too~ you need good nutrient stores to get pregnant and for those really important first few weeks!

    • cris says

      hi cara! do these vitamins have any soy, sugar, fillers, gums or other ‘junk’ that u know of? i cant tell from the amazon label. …im close to buying!

      • Cara says

        They have rice in them, but I don’t think any other fillers, I think amazon used to list the ingredients if you want to look

  5. Heidi says

    I just ordered Source of Life Prenatal and it says to take 2 a day, which seems like a lot so I thought I’d see what dose you took. Thanks!

    • Cara says

      2 is good! Some of the natural brands say 6-8 a day! I took more of the source of life ones if I was tired, I think by the end I was up to 4 a day.

  6. says

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