Wednesday- Beans and Rice


We were supposed to have the rest of the tortilla chips with it, but someone who happens to be over 6 feet tall ate them. I had a big pack of tortillas, flour, but it’s all okay. I fried them in some butter to make chips for hubby. Toddler and I ate the beans and rice without chips, since that’s good enough for us.

Rice: 1 cup jasmine rice, 2 cups water, 1/3 cup salsa. I used the salsa that came with the enchiladas from Costco that my parents brought over for dinner last Wednesday and we didn’t use. I’d use brown rice, but the same someone who ate the tortilla chips does not prefer brown rice. When this ginormous pack of white is used up I’ll start experimenting on wearing him down.

Beans: Soaked one pound of black beans all day Tuesday with a little vinegar. Was surprised when the water turned magenta! Rinsed with clear water Tuesday evening, cooked on low all night. Wednesday morning (Wednesday is our ‘Beans and Rice’ day) I drained the beans and mashed them up in the crock pot. Added a cube of butter, a generous amount of sea salt, and home made chicken broth as liquid. Back on low, stirring every few hours, until they were a good consistency, then I added a little more water and put on ‘keep warm’. The leftovers will be packaged for the next 2 weeks’ Wednesdays.

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